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  • Bastards (2006)
  • 97 min | Action, Drama, War
Bastards (2006)
97 min | Action, Drama, War

A group of Soviet juvenile prisoners is selected for a deadly operation against Nazi Germany.
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Alexander Atanesyan (as Aleksandr Atanesyan)
Alexander Atanesyan (as Aleksandr Atanesyan) | Vladimir Kunin
Alexander Atanesyan (as Aleksandr Atanesyan) | Yuriy Kushneryov | Gevorg Nersisyan (as Gevork Nersesyan)

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Release date
Feb 2, 2006 (Armenia)


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65 cast members
Name Known for
Andrey Panin
Vishnevetsky Vishnevetsky   See fewer
Andrey Krasko
Uncle Pasha Uncle Pasha   See fewer
Vladimir Andreyev
Konstantin Arkadyevich Chernov Konstantin Arkadyevich Chernov   See fewer
Vladimir Kashpur
Valentin Petrovich Tyapkin Valentin Petrovich Tyapkin   See fewer
Oleg Buganov
Prince Prince   See fewer
Aleksei Sobolev
Coachman Coachman   See fewer
Velimir Rusakov
Maestro Maestro   See fewer
Dmitriy Gorevoy
Skull (as Mitya Gorevoy) Skull (as Mitya Gorevoy)   See fewer
Semyon Sivkov
Kaluga Kaluga   See fewer
Ilya Sysoyev
Matanya Matanya   See fewer
Nikita Panov
Nikita Nikita   See fewer
Yury Soshnikov
Deputy Commander for Political Affairs Deputy Commander for Political Affairs   See fewer
Aleksandr Nikulin
Instructor (as A.Nikulin) Instructor (as A.Nikulin)   See fewer
Yuriy Sysoev
Instructor (as Yu. Sysoev) Instructor (as Yu. Sysoev)   See fewer
Aleksandr Solovyov
Instructor (as A. Solovyov) Instructor (as A. Solovyov)   See fewer
Roman Savchenko
Instructor (as R. Savchenko) Instructor (as R. Savchenko)   See fewer
Andrey Bobrov
Instructor (as A. Bobrov) Instructor (as A. Bobrov)   See fewer
Pavel Abdalov
Pilot (as P. Abdalov) Pilot (as P. Abdalov)   See fewer
Artyom Abelyan
Actor (as A. Abelyan) Actor (as A. Abelyan)   See fewer
N. Azatyan
Actor Actor   See fewer
Igor Afonin
Actor (as I. Afonin) Actor (as I. Afonin)   See fewer
Aleksandr Balabushevich
Actor (as A. Balabushevich) Actor (as A. Balabushevich)   See fewer
Dorzho Batuyev
Actor (as D. Batuyev) Actor (as D. Batuyev)   See fewer
Igor Brovin
Actor (as I. Brovin) Actor (as I. Brovin)   See fewer
Aleksandr Buyanov
Actor (as A. Buyanov) Actor (as A. Buyanov)   See fewer
Aleksandr Grishin
Actor (as A. Grishin) Actor (as A. Grishin)   See fewer
Igor Evtushenko
Actor (as I. Yevtushenko) Actor (as I. Yevtushenko)   See fewer
Aleksey Zaytsev
Actor (as A. Zaytsev) Actor (as A. Zaytsev)   See fewer
D. Zybin
Actor Actor   See fewer
Denis Karasyov
Actor (as D. Karasyov) Actor (as D. Karasyov)   See fewer
Nikolay Kochura
KGB Captain (as N. Kachura) KGB Captain (as N. Kachura)   See fewer
Aleksey Kibalko
Actor (as A. Kibalko) Actor (as A. Kibalko)   See fewer
Vadim Kolganov
Actor (as V. Kolganov) Actor (as V. Kolganov)   See fewer
Oleg Korobov
Actor (as O. Korobov) Actor (as O. Korobov)   See fewer
V. Lovtsov
Actor Actor   See fewer
Gennadiy Matveev
NKVD Officer (as Ye. Matveyev) NKVD Officer (as Ye. Matveyev)   See fewer
Gennadi Mitrofanov
Actor (as G. Mitrofanov) Actor (as G. Mitrofanov)   See fewer
Sergey Neudachin
Prison Officer (as S.Neudachin) Prison Officer (as S.Neudachin)   See fewer
Aleksandr Noskov
Actor (as A. Noskov) Actor (as A. Noskov)   See fewer
Aleksey Oblakov
Actor (as A. Oblakov) Actor (as A. Oblakov)   See fewer
Sergey Perelygin
Actor (as S. Perelygin) Actor (as S. Perelygin)   See fewer
A. Politseymako
Actor (as A. Politsemako) Actor (as A. Politsemako)   See fewer
T. Saryyev
Actor Actor   See fewer
Yevgeny Sergeyev
Actor (as Ye. Sergeyev) Actor (as Ye. Sergeyev)   See fewer
Pavel Sliva
Actor (as P. Sliva) Actor (as P. Sliva)   See fewer
Vladimir Tereshchenko
Actor (as V. Tereshchenko) Actor (as V. Tereshchenko)   See fewer
Aleksandr Shavrin
Actor (as A. Shavrin) Actor (as A. Shavrin)   See fewer
Vladimir Shulga
Actor (as V. Shulga) Actor (as V. Shulga)   See fewer
Ruslan Severin
Actor (as R.Severin) Actor (as R.Severin)   See fewer
Armen Petrossian
Instructor Instructor   See fewer
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