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  • Nacho Libre (2006)
  • PG
    92 min | Comedy, Family, Sport
Nacho Libre (2006)
92 min | Comedy, Family, Sport

Berated all his life by those around him, a monk follows his dream and dons a mask to moonlight as a Luchador (Mexican wrestler).
Xavier Grobet (as Xavier Pérez Grobet)
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Release date
Jun 16, 2006 (United States)


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56 cast members
Name Known for
Jack Black
Nacho Nacho   See fewer
Ana de la Reguera
Sister Encarnación Sister Encarnación   See fewer
Héctor Jiménez
Esqueleto Esqueleto   See fewer
Darius Rose
Chancho (as Darius A. Rose) Chancho (as Darius A. Rose)   See fewer
Moises Arias
Juan Pablo Juan Pablo   See fewer
Carlos Maycotte
Segundo Nuñez Segundo Nuñez   See fewer
Richard Montoya
Guillermo Guillermo   See fewer
Cesar Gonzalez
Ramses (as Cesar Gonzalez 'Silver King') Ramses (as Cesar Gonzalez 'Silver King')   See fewer
Rafael Montalvo
Elderly Monk Elderly Monk   See fewer
Julio Sandoval
Snaggle Tooth Monk Snaggle Tooth Monk   See fewer
Ventura 'Tigre Hispano' Lahoz
Arena Referee #1 Arena Referee #1   See fewer
Felipe Jesus 'Terror Chino' Hernandez
Arena Referee #2 Arena Referee #2   See fewer
Enrique Muñoz
Señor Ramon Señor Ramon   See fewer
Carla Jimenez
Candidia Candidia   See fewer
Agustin 'Rigo' Rey
Galindo #1 Galindo #1   See fewer
Troy Gentile
Young Nacho Young Nacho   See fewer
Donald Chambers
Silencio Silencio   See fewer
Julio Escalero
Ramses Trainer Ramses Trainer   See fewer
Peter Stormare
Emperor Emperor   See fewer
Armando 'Mucha Crema' Gaytan
Pro (Coliseo) Announcer Pro (Coliseo) Announcer   See fewer
Rafael Gonzalez Lopez
Pro (Coliseo) Referee Pro (Coliseo) Referee   See fewer
Antonio Salazar Gomez
Ring (Arena) Announcer Ring (Arena) Announcer   See fewer
Albert M. Madrid
Paradise Paradise   See fewer
Lauro David Chartrand-Del Valle
Sage (as Lauro Chartrand) Sage (as Lauro Chartrand)   See fewer
Filiberto Estrella
Duende #1 (as Filiberto Estrella Calderon) Duende #1 (as Filiberto Estrella Calderon)   See fewer
Mascarita Dorada
Duende #2 (as Gerson Virgen Lopez) Duende #2 (as Gerson Virgen Lopez)   See fewer
Leobardo Magadan
Commentator #1 Commentator #1   See fewer
Jorge Valdés García
Commentator #2 (as Jorge Valdez Garcia) Commentator #2 (as Jorge Valdez Garcia)   See fewer
Craig Williams
El Snowflake El Snowflake   See fewer
Brett Chan
Dynasty Dynasty   See fewer
Mike Ching
El Chino El Chino   See fewer
Emiliano 'Dalia Negra' Quiroga
Carlos Rosales Carlos Rosales   See fewer
Luis Garcia Rendon
Mariachi Man Mariachi Man   See fewer
Armando Tapia
Monk #1 Monk #1   See fewer
Feliciano Ramos Mendoza
Amateur Announcer Amateur Announcer   See fewer
Iñaki Goci
El Semental (as Ignacio 'Iñaqui Goci' Gonzalez Camarena) El Semental (as Ignacio 'Iñaqui Goci' Gonzalez Camarena)   See fewer
Alfonso Ramírez
Amateur Referee (as Alfonso Ramirez 'Pompin') Amateur Referee (as Alfonso Ramirez 'Pompin')   See fewer
Miguel Angel Bonequi Trujillo
Hacienda Tough Doorman Hacienda Tough Doorman   See fewer
Aaron Yamir Ramirez Esobar
Young Street Kid Young Street Kid   See fewer
Rodolfo Garcia Merino
Motivational Coach Motivational Coach   See fewer
María González
Peasant Woman (as Maria Gonzalez) Peasant Woman (as Maria Gonzalez)   See fewer
René Campero
Wrestling Official (as Rene Campero) Wrestling Official (as Rene Campero)   See fewer
Lisa Owen
Nacho's Mother Nacho's Mother   See fewer
Cristóbal Puente
Nacho's Father (as Cristobal Puente) Nacho's Father (as Cristobal Puente)   See fewer
Joaquin Luis Jimenez
Ashen Faced Man Ashen Faced Man   See fewer
Ismael Garcia y Su Trio
Mariachi Band Mariachi Band   See fewer
Dominick Kurek
Mad Fan Mad Fan   See fewer
Chad Socolovitch
Wrestler (uncredited) Wrestler (uncredited)   See fewer
Rachel Thorp
Hero Girl (uncredited) Hero Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
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