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  • Hostel (2005)
  • R
    94 min | Horror
Hostel (2005)
94 min | Horror

Three backpackers head to a Slovak city that promises to meet their hedonistic expectations, with no idea of the hell that awaits them.
Eli Roth (written by)
Nathan Barr (music by)
Casting Director
Kelly Wagner (casting by) (as Kelly Martin Wagner)
Production Designer
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Release date
Jan 6, 2006 (United States)


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65 cast members
Name Known for
Jay Hernandez
Paxton Paxton   See fewer
Jan Vlasák
The Dutch Businessman The Dutch Businessman   See fewer
Jana Kaderabkova
Svetlana Svetlana   See fewer
Lubomír Bukový
Alex (as Lubomir Bukovy) Alex (as Lubomir Bukovy)   See fewer
Rick Hoffman
The American Client The American Client   See fewer
Petr Janis
The German Surgeon The German Surgeon   See fewer
Takashi Miike
Takashi Miike Takashi Miike   See fewer
Patrik Zigo
Bubble Gum Gang Leader (as Zigo Patrik) Bubble Gum Gang Leader (as Zigo Patrik)   See fewer
Milda Jedi Havlas
Desk Clerk Jedi Desk Clerk Jedi   See fewer
Martin Kubacák
The Scarred Cab Driver The Scarred Cab Driver   See fewer
Miroslav Táborský
The Friendly Police Officer The Friendly Police Officer   See fewer
Paula Wild
Monique Monique   See fewer
Barbora Oboznenková
Disco Girl Disco Girl   See fewer
Daniel Frisch
Fanny Pack Man Fanny Pack Man   See fewer
Radomil Uhlir
The Stoned Manager The Stoned Manager   See fewer
Jan Spanbauer
Jacket Man Jacket Man   See fewer
Mirek Navratil
Dutch Bouncer Dutch Bouncer   See fewer
Katerina Vomelova
Dominique Dominique   See fewer
Lubos Vinicky
Angry Dutch Elf Angry Dutch Elf   See fewer
Petr Sedlácek
The Toothless Cab Driver The Toothless Cab Driver   See fewer
Daniela Bakerová
Older Woman Older Woman   See fewer
Martina Kralickova
Pretty Woman Pretty Woman   See fewer
Ota Filip
Muttonchop Muttonchop   See fewer
Jakub Habarta
Slovak Bus Boy Slovak Bus Boy   See fewer
Mark Taylor
Brucey Brucey   See fewer
Roman Janecka
Bottle Thrower Bottle Thrower   See fewer
Natali Tothova
Natalya Shemp Natalya Shemp   See fewer
Sandy Style
Svetlana Shemp (as Petra Kubesova) Svetlana Shemp (as Petra Kubesova)   See fewer
David Baxa
Museum Tortury Guard (as Lord David Baxa) Museum Tortury Guard (as Lord David Baxa)   See fewer
Gabriel Roth
Sir Robert Wappus Sir Robert Wappus   See fewer
Miroslav Hanus
The Nasty Police Officer The Nasty Police Officer   See fewer
Christopher Allen Nelson
Dutch Police Officer Dutch Police Officer   See fewer
Josef Bradna
The Butcher The Butcher   See fewer
Ashley Robbins
Girl (as Jana Semradova) Girl (as Jana Semradova)   See fewer
Anita Queen
Girl (as Alena Chrastinova) Girl (as Alena Chrastinova)   See fewer
Hana Vitvarová
Girl (as Hana Vitvarova) Girl (as Hana Vitvarova)   See fewer
Mark Bakunas
Rock God Rock God   See fewer
Stephanie Bauman
Axelle's Next Victim #1 (uncredited) Axelle's Next Victim #1 (uncredited)   See fewer
Anne Bergstedt
German Disco Girl (uncredited) German Disco Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Martin Faltýn
Senior Cozzi (uncredited) Senior Cozzi (uncredited)   See fewer
Michaela Kaplanova
Todd's Hooker (uncredited) Todd's Hooker (uncredited)   See fewer
Eli Roth
American Stoner (uncredited) American Stoner (uncredited)   See fewer
Iveta Rucka
Stuart's Hooker (uncredited) Stuart's Hooker (uncredited)   See fewer
Karel Vanásek
Devilku Puppet (uncredited) Devilku Puppet (uncredited)   See fewer
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