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  • Die Aufschneider (2007)
  • 92 min | Comedy
Die Aufschneider (2007)
92 min | Comedy

Two hospitals that lie next to each other get told that only one will be kept open. Both have a few days to prove they're the better hospital. Thus, shenanigans arise between doctors, nurses and hospital directors.
Ida Cerne (english translations) | Rainer Ewerrien | Carsten Strauch | Nina Werth
Casting Director
Production Designer

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Release date
Feb 8, 2007 (Germany)


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29 cast members
Name Known for
Carsten Strauch
Dr. Steffen Wesemann Dr. Steffen Wesemann   See fewer
Rainer Ewerrien
Dr. Klaus Kunze Dr. Klaus Kunze   See fewer
Cosma Shiva Hagen
OP-Schwester Sylvia Göbel OP-Schwester Sylvia Göbel   See fewer
Nina Kronjäger
Dr. Christiane Tietz Dr. Christiane Tietz   See fewer
Josef Ostendorf
Werner Vierkötter Werner Vierkötter   See fewer
Burghart Klaußner
Prof. Udo Keller Prof. Udo Keller   See fewer
Stipe Erceg
Dr. Frank Norbert Stein Dr. Frank Norbert Stein   See fewer
Bernd Stegemann
Hartmuth Probst Hartmuth Probst   See fewer
Torsten Ranft
Hermann Menzel Hermann Menzel   See fewer
Christoph Maria Herbst
Prof. Reinhold Radwanski Prof. Reinhold Radwanski   See fewer
Eva Weißenborn
Frau Meissner Frau Meissner   See fewer
Tim Wilde
Prof. Wiebenhartz Prof. Wiebenhartz   See fewer
Jing Zhao
Asiatische Schwester Asiatische Schwester   See fewer
Matthias Zelic
Günter Knoethel Günter Knoethel   See fewer
Torsten Hammann
Tätowierter Helfer Tätowierter Helfer   See fewer
Reinhard Maiwald
Inspektor Inspektor   See fewer
Ernst-Georg Schwill
Herr Sonthof Herr Sonthof   See fewer
Ellen Schlootz
Schwester Claudia Schwester Claudia   See fewer
Martin Horn
Gernot Hartlaub Gernot Hartlaub   See fewer
Simon Gosejohann
Lebenspartner Schwangere Lebenspartner Schwangere   See fewer
Sybille Häfele
Schwester Ilse Schwester Ilse   See fewer
Fernando Blumenthal
Transporteur Transporteur   See fewer
Catherine Stoyan
Patientin mit Reißverschluss Patientin mit Reißverschluss   See fewer
Nina Hecklau
Schwester Heike Schwester Heike   See fewer
Marc Neblung
Assistenzarzt St. Georg Assistenzarzt St. Georg   See fewer
Antje Poser
Schwangere Schwangere   See fewer
Katrin Heinke
OP-Schwester OP-Schwester   See fewer
Dietmar Horcicka
Medizinischer Begleiter Medizinischer Begleiter   See fewer
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