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Kids for Character (1996)
Video | Family

Winner of the Parents' Choice Gold Award, uses fun-filled skits and songs to teach kids the "Six Pillars of Character", trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.
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Updated Apr 23, 1996

Release date
Apr 23, 1996 (United States)


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55 cast members
Name Known for
Tom Selleck
Self - Host Self - Host   See fewer
Corey Hayes
Michael Michael   See fewer
Jack Mountford
Patrick (as John Mountford) Patrick (as John Mountford)   See fewer
Alice Dinnean
Julie Woo Julie Woo   See fewer
Peter Linz
Skye Nakaiye (archive footage) Skye Nakaiye (archive footage)   See fewer
Noel MacNeal
Leon MacNeal Leon MacNeal   See fewer
Carmen Osbahr
Kiki Flores (archive footage) Kiki Flores (archive footage)   See fewer
Bob West
Barney (voice) Barney (voice)   See fewer
David Joyner
Barney (archive footage) Barney (archive footage)   See fewer
Julie Johnson
Baby Bop (voice) Baby Bop (voice)   See fewer
Jeff Ayers
Baby Bop Baby Bop   See fewer
Daniel DeSanto
Carlos Ramon (voice) (archive footage) Carlos Ramon (voice) (archive footage)   See fewer
Maia Filar
Phoebe Terese (voice) (archive footage) Phoebe Terese (voice) (archive footage)   See fewer
Erica Luttrell
Keesha Franklin (voice) (archive footage) Keesha Franklin (voice) (archive footage)   See fewer
Tara Meyer
Dorothy Ann Hudson (voice) (archive footage) Dorothy Ann Hudson (voice) (archive footage)   See fewer
Stuart Stone
Ralphie Tennelli (voice) (archive footage) Ralphie Tennelli (voice) (archive footage)   See fewer
Shari Lewis
Self / Lamb Chop / Charlie Horse / Hush Puppy Self / Lamb Chop / Charlie Horse / Hush Puppy   See fewer
Ron Daise
Ron Alston (archive footage) Ron Alston (archive footage)   See fewer
Natalie Daise
Natalie Alston (archive footage) Natalie Alston (archive footage)   See fewer
Simeon Othello Daise
Simeon Alston (archive footage) Simeon Alston (archive footage)   See fewer
Shaina M. Freeman
Shaina (credit only) Shaina (credit only)   See fewer
Armando Guerra
Armando (archive footage) Armando (archive footage)   See fewer
Ana Christina Randolph
Marisol (archive footage) Marisol (archive footage)   See fewer
Bryan Nguyen
Bryan (archive footage) Bryan (archive footage)   See fewer
Gordon Pinsent
King Babar (voice) (archive footage) King Babar (voice) (archive footage)   See fewer
Amos Crawley
Alexander (voice) (archive footage) Alexander (voice) (archive footage)   See fewer
Bobby Becken
Pom (voice) (archive footage) Pom (voice) (archive footage)   See fewer
George Buza
Crocodile (voice) Crocodile (voice)   See fewer
Ron Rubin
Crane (voice) Crane (voice)   See fewer
Gavin Magrath
Young Babar (voice) Young Babar (voice)   See fewer
Vanessa Baden
Vanessa Alston (archive footage) Vanessa Alston (archive footage)   See fewer
Susan Blu
Actress (voice) Actress (voice)   See fewer
James Edward Coleman II
James Alston (archive footage) James Alston (archive footage)   See fewer
Shannon Duff
Tiffany (voice) (archive footage) Tiffany (voice) (archive footage)   See fewer
Philip D. Garcia
Binyah Binyah (archive footage) Binyah Binyah (archive footage)   See fewer
Pia Manalo Hamilton
Min (archive footage) (as Pia Manalo) Min (archive footage) (as Pia Manalo)   See fewer
Lisa Jai
Wanda Li (voice) (archive footage) Wanda Li (voice) (archive footage)   See fewer
Jay López
Actor Actor   See fewer
Andre Ottley-Lorant
Tim (voice) (archive footage) Tim (voice) (archive footage)   See fewer
Stephen Ouimette
Pompadour (voice) Pompadour (voice)   See fewer
Mark Ritts
Kino (archive footage) Kino (archive footage)   See fewer
Allen Stewart-Coates
Rataxes (voice) Rataxes (voice)   See fewer
Danny Tamberelli
Arnold Perlstein (voice) Arnold Perlstein (voice)   See fewer
Wesley Taylor
Wesley Wesley   See fewer
Lily Tomlin
Ms. Valerie Frizzle (voice) (archive footage) Ms. Valerie Frizzle (voice) (archive footage)   See fewer
Chris Wiggins
Cornelius (voice) Cornelius (voice)   See fewer
Patty Wirtz
B.J. (voice) B.J. (voice)   See fewer
Jeff Brooks
B.J. (uncredited) B.J. (uncredited)   See fewer
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