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  • Factory Girl (2006)
  • R
    100 min | Biography, Drama
Factory Girl (2006)
100 min | Biography, Drama

Based on the rise and fall of socialite Edie Sedgwick, concentrating on her relationships with Andy Warhol and a folk singer.
Captain Mauzner (screenplay) (story) | Simon Monjack (story) | Aaron Richard Golub (story)
Production Designer
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Release date
Feb 16, 2007 (United States)


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75 cast members
Name Known for
Sienna Miller
Edie Sedgwick Edie Sedgwick   See fewer
Guy Pearce
Andy Warhol Andy Warhol   See fewer
Hayden Christensen
Musician Musician   See fewer
Jimmy Fallon
Chuck Wein Chuck Wein   See fewer
Jack Huston
Gerard Malanga Gerard Malanga   See fewer
Armin Amiri
Ondine Ondine   See fewer
Tara Summers
Brigid Polk Brigid Polk   See fewer
Mena Suvari
Richie Berlin Richie Berlin   See fewer
Shawn Hatosy
Syd Pepperman Syd Pepperman   See fewer
Beth Grant
Julia Warhol Julia Warhol   See fewer
James Naughton
Fuzzy Sedgwick Fuzzy Sedgwick   See fewer
Edward Herrmann
James Townsend James Townsend   See fewer
Illeana Douglas
Diana Vreeland Diana Vreeland   See fewer
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Ingrid Superstar Ingrid Superstar   See fewer
Don Novello
Mort Silvers Mort Silvers   See fewer
Grant James
Priest Priest   See fewer
Tarajia Morrell
Reporter At JFK Airport Reporter At JFK Airport   See fewer
Charles Ferrara
Vendor At Flea Market Vendor At Flea Market   See fewer
Johnny Whitworth
Silver George Silver George   See fewer
Brian Bell
Lou Reed Lou Reed   See fewer
Patrick Wilson
John Cale (as Pat Wilson) John Cale (as Pat Wilson)   See fewer
Michael Stephens
Sterling Morrison Sterling Morrison   See fewer
Samantha Maloney
Mo Tucker Mo Tucker   See fewer
Jeff Galpin
Horse Trainer Horse Trainer   See fewer
Robert Lasko
Frank (Cowboy Twin #1) Frank (Cowboy Twin #1)   See fewer
Richard Lasko
Leo (Cowboy Twin #2) Leo (Cowboy Twin #2)   See fewer
Deneen Tyler
Wanda (as Deneen D. Tyler) Wanda (as Deneen D. Tyler)   See fewer
Renee Vincent
Mrs. Shingle Mrs. Shingle   See fewer
Thomas Faustin Huisking
Aru (as Thomas Faustin) Aru (as Thomas Faustin)   See fewer
Kevin Lyons
Giovanni Giovanni   See fewer
Peggy Walton-Walker
Alice Sedgwick Alice Sedgwick   See fewer
Colleen Camp
Mrs. Whitley Mrs. Whitley   See fewer
Tommy Perna
Jack (Muscle Mary Bouncer) Jack (Muscle Mary Bouncer)   See fewer
Alexi Wasser
Lexa Spence Lexa Spence   See fewer
Marian Faddis
Diana Vreeland's Assistant Diana Vreeland's Assistant   See fewer
Brandon Ray Olive
Factory Freak (as Brandon Olive) Factory Freak (as Brandon Olive)   See fewer
Trace Cheramie
Gay Cowboy #1 Gay Cowboy #1   See fewer
Tim Soergel
Gay Cowboy #2 Gay Cowboy #2   See fewer
Stephen Cox
Junky (as Stephen Michael Cox) Junky (as Stephen Michael Cox)   See fewer
Kent Jude Bernard
Elmo Who Elmo Who   See fewer
Jon E. Edwards
Taxi Driver #1 Taxi Driver #1   See fewer
Trisha Meaney
Musician's Wife Musician's Wife   See fewer
Michael Hughes
Harvard Dandy Harvard Dandy   See fewer
Madeleine Poirrier
Young Edie Young Edie   See fewer
Michael Post
Taxi Driver #2 Taxi Driver #2   See fewer
Peter Barnes
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Heather Bloom
The Other Woman The Other Woman   See fewer
Morris Bart
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Jim Coope
Harvard Club Waiter Harvard Club Waiter   See fewer
Georgina Chapman
Interviewer Interviewer   See fewer
Josh Durham
Quinn's Bodyguard (uncredited) Quinn's Bodyguard (uncredited)   See fewer
Cary Elwes
Sam Green (uncredited) Sam Green (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael J. Hebert
Photographer (uncredited) Photographer (uncredited)   See fewer
George Hickenlooper
Documentarian (uncredited) Documentarian (uncredited)   See fewer
Tim Hickey
Allen Ginsberg (uncredited) Allen Ginsberg (uncredited)   See fewer
Ashley Nicole Hudson
French Audience Member (uncredited) French Audience Member (uncredited)   See fewer
Sally Kirkland
Grandma Sedgwick (uncredited) Grandma Sedgwick (uncredited)   See fewer
Gio March
S & M Guy (uncredited) S & M Guy (uncredited)   See fewer
Susan Millard
Edie Sedgewick's Psychiatrist (uncredited) Edie Sedgewick's Psychiatrist (uncredited)   See fewer
Mary-Kate Olsen
Art Gallery Patron (uncredited) Art Gallery Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Breon Pugh
Pedestrian (uncredited) Pedestrian (uncredited)   See fewer
Camille Solari
Girl (uncredited) Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Van White
Murphy (uncredited) Murphy (uncredited)   See fewer
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