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  • Attack on Leningrad (2009)
  • R
    110 min | Drama, War
Attack on Leningrad (2009)
110 min | Drama, War

Winter, 1941. World War II rages on as Nazi troops invade the Soviet Union and besiege the devastated city of Leningrad. Foreign journalists are quickly evacuated, but in the chaos that ensues, Kate Davies is left behind.
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Release date
Oct 18, 2011 (United States)


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92 cast members
Name Known for
Mira Sorvino
Kate Davis Kate Davis   See fewer
Armin Mueller-Stahl
Fon Leeb (as Armin Myuller Shtal) Fon Leeb (as Armin Myuller Shtal)   See fewer
Olga Sutulova
Nina Tsvetkova Nina Tsvetkova   See fewer
Gabriel Byrne
Parker (as Gebriel Birn) Parker (as Gebriel Birn)   See fewer
Mikhail Efremov
Omelchenko Omelchenko   See fewer
Aleksandr Abdulov
Chigasov Chigasov   See fewer
Vladimir Ilin
Malinin Malinin   See fewer
Alyona Stebunova
Sonya Krasko Sonya Krasko   See fewer
Sergey Koltakov
Zhdanov Zhdanov   See fewer
David Verrey
Finli (as Devid Verrey) Finli (as Devid Verrey)   See fewer
Viktor Smirnov
Tolkunov Tolkunov   See fewer
Vadim Loginov
Yura Krasko (v detstve) Yura Krasko (v detstve)   See fewer
Marat Basharov
Yura Krasko Yura Krasko   See fewer
Zhanna Nesterenko
Sima Krasko (v detstve)... (as Zhanna Kostenko) Sima Krasko (v detstve)... (as Zhanna Kostenko)   See fewer
Aleksandra Kulikova
Sima Krasko Sima Krasko   See fewer
Luiza Mosendz
Vozdvizhenskaya Vozdvizhenskaya   See fewer
Valentina Talyzina
Valentina Valentina   See fewer
Evgeniy Stychkin
Kapitsa Kapitsa   See fewer
Sergey Gorobchenko
Selivanov Selivanov   See fewer
Marina Rokina
Smirnova Smirnova   See fewer
Pavel Derevyanko
Terekhin Terekhin   See fewer
Evgeniy Sidikhin
Korneev Korneev   See fewer
Aleksandr Sirin
Mayor Osipov Mayor Osipov   See fewer
Eckehard Hoffmann
Gitler (as Ekard Khoffman) Gitler (as Ekard Khoffman)   See fewer
Alexander Beyer
Valter Khokhsdorf (as Aleksandr Baer) Valter Khokhsdorf (as Aleksandr Baer)   See fewer
Nikolay Olyalin
Grevitskiy Grevitskiy   See fewer
Helen Lindsay
Pristsilla Devis (as Khelen Lindsey) Pristsilla Devis (as Khelen Lindsey)   See fewer
Sergey Nikonenko
Kapitan-artillerist Kapitan-artillerist   See fewer
Valentin Gaft
Rezhisser Rezhisser   See fewer
Kirill Lavrov
Diktor radio Diktor radio   See fewer
Christian Berkel
Vinkelmayer (as Kristian Berkel) Vinkelmayer (as Kristian Berkel)   See fewer
Igor Lifanov
Gorkin Gorkin   See fewer
Yuri Kolokolnikov
Nemetskiy letchik (as Yuriy Kolokolnikov) Nemetskiy letchik (as Yuriy Kolokolnikov)   See fewer
Boris Smolkin
Schetovod Schetovod   See fewer
Aleksey Melikhov
Actor (as A. Melikhov) Actor (as A. Melikhov)   See fewer
Roman Ageev
Actor (as R. Ageev) Actor (as R. Ageev)   See fewer
Aleksandr Orlovskiy
Kapitan NKVD Vasilev (as A. Orlovskiy) Kapitan NKVD Vasilev (as A. Orlovskiy)   See fewer
Andrey Noskov
Actor (as A. Noskov) Actor (as A. Noskov)   See fewer
Vyacheslav Karpov
Actor (as V. Karpov) Actor (as V. Karpov)   See fewer
Ilya Mozgovoy
Actor (as I. Mozgovoy) Actor (as I. Mozgovoy)   See fewer
Aleksandr Levit
Actor (as A. Levit) Actor (as A. Levit)   See fewer
Vera Milovskaya
Actress (as V. Milovskaya) Actress (as V. Milovskaya)   See fewer
Nataliya Kadochnikova
Actress (as N. Kadochnikova) Actress (as N. Kadochnikova)   See fewer
Marina Ivanova
Actress (as M. Ivanova) Actress (as M. Ivanova)   See fewer
Elena Yarema
Actress (as E. Yarema) Actress (as E. Yarema)   See fewer
Aleksandr Pavlov
Actor (as A. Pavlov) Actor (as A. Pavlov)   See fewer
Liya Kuzmina
Actress (as L. Kuzmina) Actress (as L. Kuzmina)   See fewer
Vera Bykova-Pizhel
Actress (as V. Bykova) Actress (as V. Bykova)   See fewer
Nelli Molchanova
Actress (as N. Molchanova) Actress (as N. Molchanova)   See fewer
Aleksey Osipov
Actor (as A. Osipov) Actor (as A. Osipov)   See fewer
Kseniya Buravskaya
Kler Bishop (as S. Buravskaya) Kler Bishop (as S. Buravskaya)   See fewer
Natalya Pivovarova
Actress (as N. Pivovarova) Actress (as N. Pivovarova)   See fewer
Nataliya Lomakina
Actress (as N. Lomakina) Actress (as N. Lomakina)   See fewer
Aleksey Ispolatov
Actor (as A. Ispolatov) Actor (as A. Ispolatov)   See fewer
Yuriy Teterin
Actor (as Yu. Teterin) Actor (as Yu. Teterin)   See fewer
R. Shebeko
Actor Actor   See fewer
Lidiya Dorotenko
Actress (as L. Dorotenko) Actress (as L. Dorotenko)   See fewer
Inna Slobodskaya
Actress (as I. Slobodskaya) Actress (as I. Slobodskaya)   See fewer
Tatyana Rogozina
Actress (as T. Rogozina) Actress (as T. Rogozina)   See fewer
Aleksey Fedkin
Actor (as A. Fedkin) Actor (as A. Fedkin)   See fewer
A. Baranov
Actor Actor   See fewer
Konstantin Demidov
Actor (as K. Demidov) Actor (as K. Demidov)   See fewer
Pavel Gryaznov
Actor (as P. Gryaznov) Actor (as P. Gryaznov)   See fewer
Vladimir Chernyshov
Actor (as V. Chernyshev) Actor (as V. Chernyshev)   See fewer
Aleksandr Ryazantsev
Actor (as A. Ryazantsev) Actor (as A. Ryazantsev)   See fewer
Roman Pavlushev
Actor (as R. Pavlushev) Actor (as R. Pavlushev)   See fewer
Aleksandr Eremin
Actor (as A. Eremin) Actor (as A. Eremin)   See fewer
M. Vasilev
Actor Actor   See fewer
Vladimir Maslakov
Grabitel (as V. Maslakov) Grabitel (as V. Maslakov)   See fewer
Olga Belyavskaya
Amerikanskaya korrespondentka (as O. Belyavskaya) Amerikanskaya korrespondentka (as O. Belyavskaya)   See fewer
E. Letyagina
Actress Actress   See fewer
Natalya Burmistrova
Actress (as N. Burmistrova) Actress (as N. Burmistrova)   See fewer
Sergey Kudryavtsev
Actor (as S. Kudryavtsev) Actor (as S. Kudryavtsev)   See fewer
S. Volkova
Actress Actress   See fewer
Anna Nestertsova
Marusya (as A. Nestertsova) Marusya (as A. Nestertsova)   See fewer
Yaroslav Ivanov
Actor (as Ya. Ivanov) Actor (as Ya. Ivanov)   See fewer
Vladimir Maryanov
Komandir razvedki (as V. Maryanov) Komandir razvedki (as V. Maryanov)   See fewer
V. Maslov
Actor Actor   See fewer
Olga Filimonova
Actress (as O. Filimonova) Actress (as O. Filimonova)   See fewer
Valeriya Kiselyova
Actress (as V. Kiseleva) Actress (as V. Kiseleva)   See fewer
Donatas Banionis
Toyvo (uncredited) Toyvo (uncredited)   See fewer
Yuri Kondratyuk
Nikolai Kibalchich (uncredited) Nikolai Kibalchich (uncredited)   See fewer
Aleksandr Pashutin
Tregub (uncredited) Tregub (uncredited)   See fewer
Yekaterina Rednikova
Alina, nemetskaya shpionka (uncredited) Alina, nemetskaya shpionka (uncredited)   See fewer
Natalya Terekhova
Verochka (uncredited) Verochka (uncredited)   See fewer
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