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  • Relative Strangers (2006)
  • PG-13
    86 min | Comedy
Relative Strangers (2006)
86 min | Comedy

A hip, well-dressed yuppie tracks down his biological parents, only to find that they live in a trailer park.
Greg Glienna (screenplay) (story) | Peter Stass (screenplay)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
May 1, 2006 (United States)


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46 cast members
Name Known for
Danny DeVito
Frank Menure Frank Menure   See fewer
Kathy Bates
Agnes Menure Agnes Menure   See fewer
Ron Livingston
Dr. Richard Clayton Dr. Richard Clayton   See fewer
Neve Campbell
Ellen Minnola Ellen Minnola   See fewer
Beverly D'Angelo
Angela Minnola Angela Minnola   See fewer
Bob Odenkirk
Mitch Clayton Mitch Clayton   See fewer
Edward Herrmann
Doug Clayton Doug Clayton   See fewer
Christine Baranski
Arleen Clayton Arleen Clayton   See fewer
Martin Mull
Jeffry Morton Jeffry Morton   See fewer
Michael McKean
Ken Hyman Ken Hyman   See fewer
M.C. Gainey
Spicer Spicer   See fewer
Star Jones
Holly Davis Holly Davis   See fewer
Ed Begley Jr.
Mr. Manoire Mr. Manoire   See fewer
Debbi Morgan
Mrs. Manoire Mrs. Manoire   See fewer
Pete Schwaba
Meat Delivery Man Meat Delivery Man   See fewer
Jimmy Pardo
Angry Driver Angry Driver   See fewer
Rose Abdoo
Frustrated Housewife Frustrated Housewife   See fewer
Terry Cooley
Prison Inmate Prison Inmate   See fewer
Connie Sawyer
Old Lady Old Lady   See fewer
William Dennis Hurley
Angry Bookstore Guy Angry Bookstore Guy   See fewer
Tracey Walter
Toupee Salesman Toupee Salesman   See fewer
Jeffrey James Shoe
Carnival Guy (as Jeff Shoe) Carnival Guy (as Jeff Shoe)   See fewer
Christa Campbell
Carnival Girl Carnival Girl   See fewer
Sam Rubin
TV Anchorman TV Anchorman   See fewer
Anna Davidson
Opera Singer Opera Singer   See fewer
Mary Ruth Clarke
Cafe Passerby Cafe Passerby   See fewer
Robert Harvey
Tailor (as Bob Harvey) Tailor (as Bob Harvey)   See fewer
Joe Goddard
Pastor Pastor   See fewer
Kipleigh Brown
Big Guy's Girl (scenes deleted) Big Guy's Girl (scenes deleted)   See fewer
Dave Bautista
Wrestler (uncredited) Wrestler (uncredited)   See fewer
Wendy Braun
Actress (uncredited) Actress (uncredited)   See fewer
Jordan Brower
Prisoner (uncredited) Prisoner (uncredited)   See fewer
Jon Donahue
Additional voices (uncredited) Additional voices (uncredited)   See fewer
Sean Dorgan
Friend of Richard Clayton (uncredited) Friend of Richard Clayton (uncredited)   See fewer
Maryeve Dufault
The Bride's maid (uncredited) The Bride's maid (uncredited)   See fewer
Chad Greene
Chad Greene, Gallery artist (uncredited) Chad Greene, Gallery artist (uncredited)   See fewer
Priscilla Leona Horne
Carnival Manager (uncredited) Carnival Manager (uncredited)   See fewer
Stefan Kalinka
Waiter (uncredited) Waiter (uncredited)   See fewer
Kaidy Kuna
Waiter (uncredited) Waiter (uncredited)   See fewer
Paul Levesque
Wrestler (uncredited) Wrestler (uncredited)   See fewer
John O'Rourke
Dan Fletcher -Reporter (uncredited) Dan Fletcher -Reporter (uncredited)   See fewer
Emo Philips
Guest at Hoedown (uncredited) Guest at Hoedown (uncredited)   See fewer
Tom Poole
Shaker Heights Cousin (uncredited) Shaker Heights Cousin (uncredited)   See fewer
Matt Shea
Friend Of Richard (uncredited) Friend Of Richard (uncredited)   See fewer
Paul Tuminaro
Sean M. Dorgan (uncredited) Sean M. Dorgan (uncredited)   See fewer
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