Believe in Me (2006)
131 min | Drama, Sport

In a conservative small town, a young man's wish to coach high school basketball are tweaked by a school board decision that makes him the new coach of the girls' team.
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Robert Collector (screenplay) | Harold Keith (book "Brief Garland")
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Release date
Feb 6, 2006 (United States)


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49 cast members
Name Known for
Jeffrey Donovan
Clay Driscoll Clay Driscoll   See fewer
Samantha Mathis
Jean Driscoll Jean Driscoll   See fewer
Doris Hargrave
Miss Rogers Miss Rogers   See fewer
Bruce Dern
Ellis Brawley Ellis Brawley   See fewer
Bob Gunton
Hugh Moreland Hugh Moreland   See fewer
Michele Nordin
Helen Burnsides Helen Burnsides   See fewer
Jamie Dickerson
Liz Blair Liz Blair   See fewer
Hailey Grimes
Susan Grove Susan Grove   See fewer
Anne Judson-Yager
Ginger Selman Ginger Selman   See fewer
Alicia Lagano
Frances Bonner Frances Bonner   See fewer
Heather Matarazzo
Cindy Butts Cindy Butts   See fewer
Marta Cross
Sadie York (as Marta McGonagle) Sadie York (as Marta McGonagle)   See fewer
Kerbey Smith
Portia Stovall Portia Stovall   See fewer
Jordan Gray
Art Fletcher Art Fletcher   See fewer
Diana Taurasi
O'Keene Coach O'Keene Coach   See fewer
Arron Shiver
Johnny Price Johnny Price   See fewer
Chris Ellis
Jim Stovall Jim Stovall   See fewer
Dorsey Ray
Preacher Bonner Preacher Bonner   See fewer
Pamela Atherton
Mrs. Selman (as Pam Atherton) Mrs. Selman (as Pam Atherton)   See fewer
Diane Perella
Mrs. Grove Mrs. Grove   See fewer
Paula Criss
Mrs. Blair Mrs. Blair   See fewer
Sean Dugan
The Heckler (as Sean Thomas Dugan) The Heckler (as Sean Thomas Dugan)   See fewer
Terry Buesgens
Medfield Ref Medfield Ref   See fewer
John Norman
Pastor Pastor   See fewer
Dana Albright
Mr. Grove Mr. Grove   See fewer
James E. Holloway
Frank Thompson Frank Thompson   See fewer
Kit Gwin
Dorothy Thompson Dorothy Thompson   See fewer
Chelsea Grear
Melba Johnson Melba Johnson   See fewer
Brandi Engel
Candy Brown Candy Brown   See fewer
Jodi Kibbe
Dorothy Crossett Dorothy Crossett   See fewer
Kristin Brey
Pat Thompson (as Kristen Brye) Pat Thompson (as Kristen Brye)   See fewer
Camilla DeRamus
Mrs. Johnson (as Camilla De Ramus) Mrs. Johnson (as Camilla De Ramus)   See fewer
Kevin Wiggins
Joe Brody Joe Brody   See fewer
Ed Pennybacker
Dr. Coffee Dr. Coffee   See fewer
Robyn Reede
Lucille Shumard Lucille Shumard   See fewer
Ryil Adamson
Myerson Myerson   See fewer
Charles Sanders
Spainhower Spainhower   See fewer
Richard Stamm
George Brand George Brand   See fewer
Dan Moseley
Sheriff Blessingame Sheriff Blessingame   See fewer
Bill Harwell
Regional Announcer (voice) Regional Announcer (voice)   See fewer
E.J. Nolan
State Finals Announcer (voice) State Finals Announcer (voice)   See fewer
Corey Hodges
Waiter Waiter   See fewer
Jessica Shea Alverson
Lady Cyclone (uncredited) Lady Cyclone (uncredited)   See fewer
Mike Carlucci
(Voice) Basketball TV Announcer (uncredited) (Voice) Basketball TV Announcer (uncredited)   See fewer
Stephanie Marie Delgado
Popular Girl (uncredited) Popular Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Philip Hall
Scorekeeper (uncredited) Scorekeeper (uncredited)   See fewer
Fred Resler
School Board member (uncredited) School Board member (uncredited)   See fewer
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