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  • Jekyll (2007)
  • 96 min | Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Jekyll (2007)
96 min | Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

While researching a cure for cancer, DR. HENRY JEKYLL creates a computer-generated alter-ego, MR. HYDE, a creature of animal appetites and uncontrollable impulses who goes on a killing spree and ultimately tries to destroy his own creator...
Scott Zakarin (screenplay) | Robert Louis Stevenson (novel "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde")
Casting Director
Bruce H. Newberg (as Bruce Newberg)
Production Designer
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Updated Dec 15, 2004

Release date
Dec 30, 2007 (United States)


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45 cast members
Name Known for
Matt Keeslar
Dr. Henry Jekyll / Mr. Hyde Dr. Henry Jekyll / Mr. Hyde   See fewer
Alanna Ubach
Michelle Utterson Michelle Utterson   See fewer
Siena Goines
Christy Christy   See fewer
Desmond Askew
Ziggy Poole Ziggy Poole   See fewer
Abigail Spencer
Talia Carew Talia Carew   See fewer
John Rubinstein
Daniel Carew Daniel Carew   See fewer
Steve Fogel
Dr. Jonathan Flagstaff Dr. Jonathan Flagstaff   See fewer
Lisa Donahue
Lauren Lauren   See fewer
Erin Cahill
Allison Allison   See fewer
Mike Baldridge
Dr. Derik Carew Dr. Derik Carew   See fewer
Travis Aaron Wade
Matthew Carew (as Travis Aaron) Matthew Carew (as Travis Aaron)   See fewer
Chad Brokaw
Crazed Patient Crazed Patient   See fewer
Gathering Marbet
Celia Flagstaff Celia Flagstaff   See fewer
Jason Faunt
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Nicole Hayden
Co-Ed #1 (as Nikki Danielle Moore) Co-Ed #1 (as Nikki Danielle Moore)   See fewer
Amanda Noret
Co-Ed #2 (as Amanda Ware) Co-Ed #2 (as Amanda Ware)   See fewer
Steffen Schlachtenhaufen
Orderly (as Steffen Schlactenhaufen) Orderly (as Steffen Schlactenhaufen)   See fewer
Jess Harnell
Guy #1 Guy #1   See fewer
Roger Rose
Guy #2 Guy #2   See fewer
Susan Segal
Ex-Stripper Ex-Stripper   See fewer
Petra Sprecher
Christy Monster Christy Monster   See fewer
Paul Vincent
Bouncer #2 Bouncer #2   See fewer
Brian Oerly
Eager Guy (as Brian Oerlt) Eager Guy (as Brian Oerlt)   See fewer
Debi Derryberry
Cancer Patient Cancer Patient   See fewer
Michael Duisenberg
Strip Bar Patron Strip Bar Patron   See fewer
Steve Hanneman
Hospital Security Guard Hospital Security Guard   See fewer
Deena Grassia
Security Guard #1 Security Guard #1   See fewer
Guy Nardulli
Policeman Policeman   See fewer
Corina Taylor
Actress (rumored) Actress (rumored)   See fewer
Carlee Avers
Nurse (uncredited) Nurse (uncredited)   See fewer
Tina Raley Bentley
Hospital Patron (uncredited) Hospital Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Erin Elizabeth Cook
Nurse (uncredited) Nurse (uncredited)   See fewer
Chris Gann
Bouncer (uncredited) Bouncer (uncredited)   See fewer
Ron E. Harris
Dr. Rob Balintine (uncredited) Dr. Rob Balintine (uncredited)   See fewer
Elizabeth Holmen
Hospital Visitor (uncredited) Hospital Visitor (uncredited)   See fewer
Angel Lacy
Nightclub Staff (uncredited) Nightclub Staff (uncredited)   See fewer
Ian Leith
Guitarrista (uncredited) Guitarrista (uncredited)   See fewer
Gian Franco Tordi
Caterer (uncredited) Caterer (uncredited)   See fewer
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