Brokeback Mountain (2005)
134 min | Drama, Romance

Ennis and Jack are two shepherds who develop a sexual and emotional relationship. Their relationship becomes complicated when both of them get married to their respective girlfriends.
Annie Proulx (short story) | Larry McMurtry (screenplay) | Diana Ossana (screenplay)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Jan 13, 2006 (United States)


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62 cast members
Name Known for
Heath Ledger
Ennis Del Mar Ennis Del Mar   See fewer
Jake Gyllenhaal
Jack Twist Jack Twist   See fewer
Randy Quaid
Joe Aguirre Joe Aguirre   See fewer
Valerie Planche
Waitress Waitress   See fewer
Dave Trimble
Basque (as David Trimble) Basque (as David Trimble)   See fewer
Victor Reyes
Chilean Sheepherder #1 Chilean Sheepherder #1   See fewer
Lachlan Mackintosh
Chilean Sheepherder #2 Chilean Sheepherder #2   See fewer
Larry Reese
Jolly Minister Jolly Minister   See fewer
Tom Carey
Rodeo Clown Rodeo Clown   See fewer
Dan McDougall
Bartender #1 Bartender #1   See fewer
Don Bland
Biker #1 Biker #1   See fewer
Steven Cree Molison
Biker #2 Biker #2   See fewer
Anne Hathaway
Lureen Newsome Lureen Newsome   See fewer
Duval Lang
Announcer Announcer   See fewer
Dean Barrett
Bartender #2 Bartender #2   See fewer
Hannah Stewart
Alma Jr., Age 3 Alma Jr., Age 3   See fewer
Mary Liboiron
Fayette Newsome Fayette Newsome   See fewer
Graham Beckel
L.D. Newsome L.D. Newsome   See fewer
Kade Philps
Ennis, Age 9 Ennis, Age 9   See fewer
Steffen Cole Moser
K.E. Del Mar, Age 11 K.E. Del Mar, Age 11   See fewer
Brooklynn Proulx
Jenny, Age 4 (as Brooklyn Proulx) Jenny, Age 4 (as Brooklyn Proulx)   See fewer
Keanna Dubé
Alma Jr., Age 5 Alma Jr., Age 5   See fewer
James Baker
Farmer #1 Farmer #1   See fewer
Pete Seadon
Farmer #2 Farmer #2   See fewer
Sarah Hyslop
Alma Jr., Age 9-12 Alma Jr., Age 9-12   See fewer
Jacey Kenny
Jenny, Age 7-8 Jenny, Age 7-8   See fewer
Cayla Wolever
Jenny, Age 11 Jenny, Age 11   See fewer
Cheyenne Hill
Alma Jr., Age 13 Alma Jr., Age 13   See fewer
Jake Church
Bobby, Age 10 Bobby, Age 10   See fewer
Ken Zilka
Roughneck #1 Roughneck #1   See fewer
John Tench
Roughneck #2 Roughneck #2   See fewer
Anna Faris
Lashawn Malone Lashawn Malone   See fewer
David Harbour
Randall Malone Randall Malone   See fewer
Kate Mara
Alma Jr., Age 19 Alma Jr., Age 19   See fewer
Gary Lauder
Killer Mechanic Killer Mechanic   See fewer
Christian Fraser
Grease Monkey Grease Monkey   See fewer
Cam Sutherland
Assailant Assailant   See fewer
Roberta Maxwell
Jack's Mother Jack's Mother   See fewer
Peter McRobbie
John Twist John Twist   See fewer
Dean Blanke
Spectator / Voyeur (uncredited) Spectator / Voyeur (uncredited)   See fewer
Bear (uncredited) Bear (uncredited)   See fewer
Rose Davidson
July 4th Picnic Goer (uncredited) July 4th Picnic Goer (uncredited)   See fewer
Jon-Paul Khouri
Hippy (uncredited) Hippy (uncredited)   See fewer
Mary McBride
Singer (uncredited) Singer (uncredited)   See fewer
Barb Mitchell
Western Dancer (uncredited) Western Dancer (uncredited)   See fewer
Rodrigo Prieto
Young Mexican (uncredited) Young Mexican (uncredited)   See fewer
Suki Úna Rae
Hippie Girl (uncredited) Hippie Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Neil Riddaway
Biker #3 (uncredited) Biker #3 (uncredited)   See fewer
Ken Roberts
Signal Bartender (uncredited) Signal Bartender (uncredited)   See fewer
Kailin See
Hippy Girl (uncredited) Hippy Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Richard Sherry
Rancher (uncredited) Rancher (uncredited)   See fewer
Jayson Therrien
Bar Patron (uncredited) Bar Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Woody Trend
Man in Bar (uncredited) Man in Bar (uncredited)   See fewer
Erika Walter
Waitress #2 (uncredited) Waitress #2 (uncredited)   See fewer
Tyson Wiebe
Spectator (uncredited) Spectator (uncredited)   See fewer
Nicola Wilson
Smoking Girl (uncredited) Smoking Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
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