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  • Zoom (2006)
  • PG
    93 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy
Zoom (2006)
93 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

Former superhero Jack is called back to work to transform an unlikely group of ragtag kids into superheroes at a private academy.
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Peter Hewitt (directed by)
Adam Rifkin (screenplay) (screen story) | David Berenbaum (screenplay) | Jason Lethcoe (novel "Zoom's Academy")
Todd Garner (produced by) | Jennifer Todd (produced by) | Suzanne Todd (produced by)
Christophe Beck (music by)
Casting Director
John Papsidera (casting by)
Production Designer
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Release date
Aug 11, 2006 (United States)


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55 cast members
Name Known for
Tim Allen
Jack Shepard / Captain Zoom Jack Shepard / Captain Zoom   See fewer
Courteney Cox
Marsha Holloway Marsha Holloway   See fewer
Chevy Chase
Dr. Grant Dr. Grant   See fewer
Spencer Breslin
Tucker Willams / Mega-Boy Tucker Willams / Mega-Boy   See fewer
Kevin Zegers
Connor Shepard / Concussion Connor Shepard / Concussion   See fewer
Kate Mara
Summer Jones / Wonder Summer Jones / Wonder   See fewer
Michael Cassidy
Dylan West / Houdini Dylan West / Houdini   See fewer
Ryan Whitney
Cindy Collins / Princess (as Ryan Newman) Cindy Collins / Princess (as Ryan Newman)   See fewer
Rip Torn
Larraby Larraby   See fewer
Cornelia Guest
Cindy's Mom Cindy's Mom   See fewer
Ashton Moio
Halloween Bully Halloween Bully   See fewer
Tom Wilson
Dylan's Teacher Dylan's Teacher   See fewer
Ridge Canipe
Mean Bully Mean Bully   See fewer
Danny McCarthy
Meaner Bully Meaner Bully   See fewer
Jason Bailey
Mucus Boy Mucus Boy   See fewer
Jesse Bendevis
Spitball Kid Spitball Kid   See fewer
Rashad Richards
Jupiter the Gas Giant Jupiter the Gas Giant   See fewer
Chantal Cole
Speed Blinker Speed Blinker   See fewer
Steven Torres
Caliente Caliente   See fewer
Austin Torres
Muy Frio Muy Frio   See fewer
David L. Lander
Wendy's Employee Wendy's Employee   See fewer
Lauren Sanchez
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Eliana Weiss
Halloween Mom Halloween Mom   See fewer
Michael Anthony
Isolation Guard Isolation Guard   See fewer
John Watson
Guard in Lecture Hall Guard in Lecture Hall   See fewer
Jane Hajduk
Researcher Taylor Researcher Taylor   See fewer
Adam Bocknek
Researcher Adam Researcher Adam   See fewer
Darryl Flatman
Gamma Room Technician Gamma Room Technician   See fewer
Tommy Chang
Martial Arts Instructor Martial Arts Instructor   See fewer
Zoe Doyle
Researcher (as Zoe Mugford) Researcher (as Zoe Mugford)   See fewer
John De Marco
Guy at Party (as John V. De Marco) Guy at Party (as John V. De Marco)   See fewer
Lenka Matuska
Scientist Scientist   See fewer
David Farant
Scientist Scientist   See fewer
Tim Nasiopoulos
Large Agent Large Agent   See fewer
Meg Anderson
Cheerleader Cheerleader   See fewer
Deanna DeLisle
Cheerleader Cheerleader   See fewer
Kendra Rose Montagna
Cheerleader Cheerleader   See fewer
Trisha Murray
Cheerleader Cheerleader   See fewer
Aaron Abrams
Corporal Lipscombe (uncredited) Corporal Lipscombe (uncredited)   See fewer
Stacey Alfano
Stefanie (uncredited) Stefanie (uncredited)   See fewer
Nick Baga
Fat Swimmer (uncredited) Fat Swimmer (uncredited)   See fewer
Mia Bernardino
Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited) Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited)   See fewer
Alexis Bledel
Ace (uncredited) Ace (uncredited)   See fewer
Max Common
Kid (voice) (uncredited) Kid (voice) (uncredited)   See fewer
Darryl Dinn
Lab Researcher (uncredited) Lab Researcher (uncredited)   See fewer
Allison Gordon
Girl with Big Hair (uncredited) Girl with Big Hair (uncredited)   See fewer
Anant A.J. Jiemjitpolchai
Stunt (uncredited) Stunt (uncredited)   See fewer
Paul Mota
Maintenance Worker 'Willis' (uncredited) Maintenance Worker 'Willis' (uncredited)   See fewer
Sadey Paige Nifong
Kid In Pool (uncredited) Kid In Pool (uncredited)   See fewer
Andrea Savo
Carmen / Big haired Latina (uncredited) Carmen / Big haired Latina (uncredited)   See fewer
Gregory White
Guard (uncredited) Guard (uncredited)   See fewer
Neil Whitely
Researcher (uncredited) Researcher (uncredited)   See fewer
Matthew Wood
Lab Scientist (voice) (uncredited) Lab Scientist (voice) (uncredited)   See fewer
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