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  • Machuca (2004)
  • Not Rated
    116 min | Biography, Drama, History
Machuca (2004)
Not Rated
116 min | Biography, Drama, History

Two 12-year-old Chilean children from different social classes become friends in 1973. They both discover each other's world as political tensions in their country increase.
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Miguel Miranda (as José Miguel Miranda) | José Miguel Tobar
M.I. Littin-Menz (as Miguel Joan Littin)
Casting Director
Production Designers
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Release date
Jan 19, 2005 (United States)


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65 cast members
Name Known for
Matías Quer
Gonzalo Infante Gonzalo Infante   See fewer
Ariel Mateluna
Pedro Machuca Pedro Machuca   See fewer
Manuela Martelli
Silvana Silvana   See fewer
Aline Küppenheim
María Luisa Infante (as Aline Kuppenheim) María Luisa Infante (as Aline Kuppenheim)   See fewer
Ernesto Malbran
Father McEnroe Father McEnroe   See fewer
Francisco Reyes
Patricio Infante Patricio Infante   See fewer
Maria Olga Matte
Miss Gilda Miss Gilda   See fewer
Luis Dubó
Ismael Machuca Ismael Machuca   See fewer
Pablo Krögh
Colonel Sotomayor Colonel Sotomayor   See fewer
Federico Luppi
Roberto Ochagavía Roberto Ochagavía   See fewer
Daniel Alcaíno
Sargento Ejército (as Daniel Alcaino) Sargento Ejército (as Daniel Alcaino)   See fewer
Jack Arama
Apoderado Apoderado   See fewer
David Arancibia
David Ahumada David Ahumada   See fewer
Cristóbal Aravena
Christián Quiróz Christián Quiróz   See fewer
Luis Bascuñán
Lisandro Toro Lisandro Toro   See fewer
Julio Briceno
Sacerdote 2 (as Julio Briceño) Sacerdote 2 (as Julio Briceño)   See fewer
Mauricio Bustos
Kiosquero Kiosquero   See fewer
Francisca Concha
Madre Robles Madre Robles   See fewer
Vladimir Dubo
José Alquelme José Alquelme   See fewer
Samuel Echeverria
Samuel Montes Samuel Montes   See fewer
Lucas Edwards
Lucas Honorato Lucas Honorato   See fewer
Benjamin Fernandez
Enrique Vicuña Enrique Vicuña   See fewer
Joaquim Fernández
Joaquin Hamilton Joaquin Hamilton   See fewer
Matias Field
Matias Wilson Matias Wilson   See fewer
Alejandro Golz
Papá Robles (as Alejandro Goic) Papá Robles (as Alejandro Goic)   See fewer
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos González Carlos González   See fewer
Samuel Guajardo
Chofer Micro Chofer Micro   See fewer
Nicolás Guiloff
Alumno Bidón Alumno Bidón   See fewer
Claudio Gutierrez
Claudio Vildósola (as Claudio Gutiérrez) Claudio Vildósola (as Claudio Gutiérrez)   See fewer
Andrea Herman
Apoderado Apoderado   See fewer
Francisca Imboden
Amiga 2 Maria Luisa Amiga 2 Maria Luisa   See fewer
Franco Jorquero
Franco Crellana Franco Crellana   See fewer
Alejandro Kellner
Alejandro Araya Alejandro Araya   See fewer
Juan Krogh
Luis Herrera (as Luan Krögh) Luis Herrera (as Luan Krögh)   See fewer
Sebastián Labarca
Sebastián Ferreira Sebastián Ferreira   See fewer
Jean Larrabure
Juan Pablo Vial Juan Pablo Vial   See fewer
Catherine Mazoyer
Profesora Nueva Profesora Nueva   See fewer
Verónica Moraga
Amiga 3 Maria Luisa Amiga 3 Maria Luisa   See fewer
Felipe Navarrete
Felipe Larroin Felipe Larroin   See fewer
Victor Hugo Ogaz
Capellón Ejército Capellón Ejército   See fewer
Moisés Olivares
Soldado Soldado   See fewer
Cristóbal Osario
Cristóbal Gómez Cristóbal Gómez   See fewer
Tomás Osorio
Tomás Gómez Tomás Gómez   See fewer
Aldo Parodi
Sastre Sastre   See fewer
Javier Quer
Javier Johnson Javier Johnson   See fewer
Eugenia Soto
Niña PC Niña PC   See fewer
Carola Sotomayor
Amiga 1 Maria Luisa Amiga 1 Maria Luisa   See fewer
Pablo Striano
Dependiente Dependiente   See fewer
Hugo Vásquez
Apoderado 1 Apoderado 1   See fewer
Miguel Villalonga
(Sacerdote 1) (Sacerdote 1)   See fewer
Stefan Von Bischoffshausen
Stefan von Huscevic Stefan von Huscevic   See fewer
Felipe Zapata
Juan Parraguez Juan Parraguez   See fewer
Eduardo Burlé
Rolando Hamilton Rolando Hamilton   See fewer
Jorge Zepeda
Chofer de Ochagavía Chofer de Ochagavía   See fewer
María Izquierdo
Actress (uncredited) Actress (uncredited)   See fewer
Kevin Krisciunas
Demonstrator (uncredited) Demonstrator (uncredited)   See fewer
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