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  • Piel canela (2001–2001)
  • TV Series | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Piel canela (2001–2001)
TV Series | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy


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Updated Aug 5, 2001

Release date (First episode)
2001 (Chile)


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46 cast members
Name Episodes Known for
Paz Bascuñán
Marcela Moreno Marcela Moreno   See fewer
Benjamín Vicuña
Gabriel Vallejos Gabriel Vallejos   See fewer
Daniel Alcaíno
Lisandro Valdés Lisandro Valdés   See fewer
Berta Lasala
Amanda Chandía Amanda Chandía   See fewer
Solange Lackington
Charito Novoa Charito Novoa   See fewer
Willy Semler
Sergio Novoa Sergio Novoa   See fewer
Andrés Gómez
Ivo Cárdenas Ivo Cárdenas   See fewer
Gabriela Medina
Yolanda Jaña Yolanda Jaña   See fewer
Andrea Freund
Victoria Mayo Victoria Mayo   See fewer
Aldo Parodi
Demetrio 'Maestrito' Sánchez Demetrio 'Maestrito' Sánchez   See fewer
Carolina Fadic
Katina Berger Katina Berger   See fewer
Ana María Gazmuri
Oriana Marín Oriana Marín   See fewer
Gonzalo Valenzuela
Bruno Montenegro Bruno Montenegro   See fewer
Carmen Gloria Bresky
Lorena Chandía Lorena Chandía   See fewer
Pablo Díaz
Felipe 'Pipe' Novoa Felipe 'Pipe' Novoa   See fewer
Luz Croxatto
Francisca Germano Francisca Germano   See fewer
Fernando Farías
Juvenal Chandía Juvenal Chandía   See fewer
Sandra Solimano
Regina Osorio Regina Osorio   See fewer
Rebeca Ghigliotto
Sara Narváez Sara Narváez   See fewer
Sergio Urrutia
Franklin Moreno Franklin Moreno   See fewer
Remigio Remedy
José Pedro Zárate José Pedro Zárate   See fewer
Paulina Urrutia
María Conejo María Conejo   See fewer
Walter Kliche
Dueño Canal de TV Dueño Canal de TV   See fewer
Alberto Chacón
Entrenador Titanes del Ring Entrenador Titanes del Ring   See fewer
Gloria Münchmeyer
Vida Suárez Vida Suárez   See fewer
Liliana Ross
Gracia Lobos Gracia Lobos   See fewer
Rosa Ramírez
Elsa Albornoz Elsa Albornoz   See fewer
Teresita Reyes
Toya Chandía Toya Chandía   See fewer
Rodolfo Bravo
Manuel 'Manolo' Albornoz Manuel 'Manolo' Albornoz   See fewer
José Secall
Aníbal Vallejos Aníbal Vallejos   See fewer
Luz Valdivieso
Anita Moreno Anita Moreno   See fewer
César González
Rogelio Chandía Rogelio Chandía   See fewer
Nelson Villagra
Gabriel Vallejos, padre Gabriel Vallejos, padre   See fewer
Tomás Vidiella
Galo Casagrande Galo Casagrande   See fewer
Claudio Reyes
Moncho Cárdenas Moncho Cárdenas   See fewer
Paula Zúñiga
Sandra Manfredi Sandra Manfredi   See fewer
Catalina Saavedra
Talula Vargas Talula Vargas   See fewer
Jaime McManus
Mariano Miguel Mariano Miguel   See fewer
Liliana García
Actress Actress   See fewer
Cristián Campos
Patricio Espíndola Patricio Espíndola   See fewer
Nelly Meruane
Actress Actress   See fewer
Mario Soto
Chancho Chancho   See fewer
Greta Nielsen
Actress Actress   See fewer
Carlos Araya
Nando Richards Nando Richards   See fewer
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