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  • Hamlet_X (2003)
  • Drama, Horror, Mystery
Hamlet_X (2003)
Drama, Horror, Mystery

A great mosaic, a labyrinth of scenes, dialogue splinters, interviews, portraits of people surrounding Hamlet and wanting to be part of his story.
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Updated Jun 21, 2003

Release date
Jun 21, 2003 (Germany)


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63 cast members
Name Known for
Boris Aljinovic
Rosencrantz Rosencrantz   See fewer
Kathrin Angerer
Ophelia Ophelia   See fewer
Hendrik Arnst
Laertes #2 Laertes #2   See fewer
Bela B.
Maître des plaisirs (as Bela B. Felsenheimer) Maître des plaisirs (as Bela B. Felsenheimer)   See fewer
Rosalind Baffoe
Actress Actress   See fewer
Rufus Beck
Insurance Salesman Insurance Salesman   See fewer
Meret Becker
Hamlet Hamlet   See fewer
Alexander Beyer
Horatio Horatio   See fewer
Josef Bierbichler
William Shakespeare William Shakespeare   See fewer
Margarita Broich
Gertrude #2 Gertrude #2   See fewer
Frank Büttner
Psychologist Psychologist   See fewer
Burkhard Driest
Observer Observer   See fewer
Samuel Finzi
Lucianus Lucianus   See fewer
Peter Fitz
Claudius #2 Claudius #2   See fewer
Herbert Fritsch
Claudius #3 Claudius #3   See fewer
Corinna Harfouch
Gertrude Gertrude   See fewer
Marek Harloff
Ophelia #5 Ophelia #5   See fewer
André Hennicke
Marcellus Marcellus   See fewer
Sir Henry
Actor Actor   See fewer
Jürgen Hentsch
Player King Player King   See fewer
Philipp Hochmair
Horatio #3 Horatio #3   See fewer
Hannelore Hoger
Ophelia #7 Ophelia #7   See fewer
Jürgen Holtz
Laertes #3 Laertes #3   See fewer
Heide Kipp
Player Queen Player Queen   See fewer
Burghart Klaußner
Polonius Polonius   See fewer
Michael Klobe
Marcellus #2 Marcellus #2   See fewer
Herbert Knaup
Laertes Laertes   See fewer
Hermann Lause
Claudius #4 Claudius #4   See fewer
Susanne Lothar
Gertrud #3 Gertrud #3   See fewer
Matthias Matschke
Hamlet #7 Hamlet #7   See fewer
Klaus Mertens
Polonius #2 Polonius #2   See fewer
Markus Meyer
Hamlet #6 Hamlet #6   See fewer
Ulrich Mühe
Claudius Müller Claudius Müller   See fewer
Isabella Parkinson
Ophelia #2 Ophelia #2   See fewer
Milan Peschel
Chauffeur Chauffeur   See fewer
Lucie Pohl
Ophelia Ophelia   See fewer
Dominic Raacke
Guildenstern Guildenstern   See fewer
Torsten Ranft
Osric #2 Osric #2   See fewer
Alexander Scheer
Hamlet #3 Hamlet #3   See fewer
Christoph Schlingensief
Gynaecologist Gynaecologist   See fewer
Laura Schuhrk
Girlfriend #2 Girlfriend #2   See fewer
Bernhard Schütz
Headcook Headcook   See fewer
Isabelle Stoffel
Ophelia #3 Ophelia #3   See fewer
Anna Thalbach
Girlfriend #1 Girlfriend #1   See fewer
Thomas Thieme
Polonius #2 Polonius #2   See fewer
Laura Tonke
Ophelia #4 Ophelia #4   See fewer
Bastian Trost
Bernardo Bernardo   See fewer
Gregor Törzs
Hamlet #2 Hamlet #2   See fewer
Markus von Lingen
Laertes #4 Laertes #4   See fewer
Cordelia Wege
Ophelia #6 Ophelia #6   See fewer
Axel Werner
Horatio #2 Horatio #2   See fewer
Martin Wuttke
Claudius Claudius   See fewer
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