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  • Constantine (2005)
  • R
    121 min | Action, Fantasy, Horror
Constantine (2005)
121 min | Action, Fantasy, Horror

Supernatural exorcist and demonologist John Constantine helps a policewoman prove her sister's death was not a suicide, but something more.
Jamie Delano (comic book "Hellblazer") | Garth Ennis (comic book "Hellblazer") | Kevin Brodbin (story) (screenplay) | Frank A. Cappello (screenplay) (as Frank Cappello)
Lorenzo di Bonaventura (produced by) (as Lorenzo DiBonaventura) | Akiva Goldsman (produced by) | Benjamin Melniker (produced by) | Lauren Shuler Donner (produced by) & 2 more
Klaus Badelt (music by) | Brian Tyler (music by)
Wayne Wahrman (edited by)
Casting Director
Denise Chamian (casting by)
Production Designer
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Release date
Feb 18, 2005 (United States)


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60 cast members
Name Known for
Keanu Reeves
John Constantine John Constantine   See fewer
Rachel Weisz
Angela Dodson / Isabel Dodson Angela Dodson / Isabel Dodson   See fewer
Djimon Hounsou
Midnite Midnite   See fewer
Max Baker
Beeman Beeman   See fewer
Pruitt Taylor Vince
Father Hennessy Father Hennessy   See fewer
Gavin Rossdale
Balthazar Balthazar   See fewer
Tilda Swinton
Gabriel Gabriel   See fewer
Jesse Ramirez
Scavenger Scavenger   See fewer
José Zúñiga
Detective Weiss (as Jose Zuniga) Detective Weiss (as Jose Zuniga)   See fewer
Francis Guinan
Father Garret Father Garret   See fewer
Larry Cedar
Vermin Man Vermin Man   See fewer
April Grace
Dr. Archer Dr. Archer   See fewer
Suzanne Whang
Mother Mother   See fewer
Jhoanna Trias
Possessed Girl Possessed Girl   See fewer
Alice Lo
Old Woman Old Woman   See fewer
Nicholas Downs
Church Attendant Church Attendant   See fewer
Tanoai Reed
Midnite Bouncer Midnite Bouncer   See fewer
Quinn Buniel
10 Year-Old Constantine 10 Year-Old Constantine   See fewer
Ann Ryerson
Old Woman on Bus Old Woman on Bus   See fewer
Stephanie Fabian
Molly's Server Molly's Server   See fewer
Connor Dylan Wryn
Teenage Constantine Teenage Constantine   See fewer
Laz Alonso
Morgue Security Guard Morgue Security Guard   See fewer
Jeremy Ray Valdez
Liquor Store Clerk Nico Liquor Store Clerk Nico   See fewer
Jose Molina
Scavenger #2 Scavenger #2   See fewer
Barbara Pilavin
Old Woman on Bus (Demon) Old Woman on Bus (Demon)   See fewer
C.W. Pyun
Korean Man Korean Man   See fewer
Sharon Omi
Female Tenant Female Tenant   See fewer
Edward J. Rosen
Liquor Store Clerk Liquor Store Clerk   See fewer
John Gipson
Smoking Man Smoking Man   See fewer
Roberto Kawata
Police Officer Police Officer   See fewer
Kevin Alejandro
Border Partrol (uncredited) Border Partrol (uncredited)   See fewer
Valerie Azlynn
Angel (uncredited) Angel (uncredited)   See fewer
Victor Boneva
Locsam Ramos (uncredited) Locsam Ramos (uncredited)   See fewer
Kadrolsha Ona Carole
Angel (uncredited) Angel (uncredited)   See fewer
Eileen Dietz
Zombie (uncredited) Zombie (uncredited)   See fewer
Kevin Eckhardt
Demon (uncredited) Demon (uncredited)   See fewer
Joey Paul Gowdy
Hospital Half Breed - Demon (uncredited) Hospital Half Breed - Demon (uncredited)   See fewer
Domino Harvey
Angel in Nightclub (uncredited) Angel in Nightclub (uncredited)   See fewer
Mohammed Hassan
Club Patron (uncredited) Club Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Wesley John
Male Tenant (uncredited) Male Tenant (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael Keyes
Onlooker (uncredited) Onlooker (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael David Layne
Demon (uncredited) Demon (uncredited)   See fewer
Andres Londono
Demon - Nightclub (uncredited) Demon - Nightclub (uncredited)   See fewer
April Malina
Demon (uncredited) Demon (uncredited)   See fewer
Matthew McGrory
Demon (uncredited) Demon (uncredited)   See fewer
Billy Million
Bar Boy (uncredited) Bar Boy (uncredited)   See fewer
Michelle Monaghan
Ellie (uncredited) Ellie (uncredited)   See fewer
Abe Pagtama
Tenant (uncredited) Tenant (uncredited)   See fewer
Martin Pierron
Club Dancer (uncredited) Club Dancer (uncredited)   See fewer
Bidkar Ramos
Bidkar Ramos (uncredited) Bidkar Ramos (uncredited)   See fewer
R.A. Rondell
Man in Jeep (uncredited) Man in Jeep (uncredited)   See fewer
Erik Rusnak
Nightclub Patron (uncredited) Nightclub Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Robbin Ryan
Angel (uncredited) Angel (uncredited)   See fewer
Danny Salay
Dancer (uncredited) Dancer (uncredited)   See fewer
Mahryah Shain
Hospital Worker (uncredited) Hospital Worker (uncredited)   See fewer
Gary Sievers
Precision Driver (uncredited) Precision Driver (uncredited)   See fewer
Chad Stahelski
Demon in Hospital (uncredited) Demon in Hospital (uncredited)   See fewer
Tony Swift
Nightclub Patron (uncredited) Nightclub Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
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