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  • Death and Texas (2004)
  • 77 min | Comedy
Death and Texas (2004)
77 min | Comedy

Football superstar "Barefoot" Bobby Briggs of the Austin Steers has been convicted of murder. Will he be allowed to play with his team on Megabowl Sunday before he is executed? That is what this mockumentary explores.
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Casting Directors
Marjorie Noble | Linda Phillips-Palo (as Linda Phillips Palo)
Production Designer

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Updated Nov 19, 2003

Release date
Mar 12, 2004 (United States)


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55 cast members
Name Known for
Charles Durning
Marshall Ledger Marshall Ledger   See fewer
Steve Harris
Barefoot Bobby Briggs Barefoot Bobby Briggs   See fewer
Corbin Bernsen
Coach Loren Stanley Coach Loren Stanley   See fewer
Jello Biafra
Prison spokesman Prison spokesman   See fewer
Susan Egan
Corrine Ballard Corrine Ballard   See fewer
Chris Ellis
Phillip Brodeur Phillip Brodeur   See fewer
Rance Howard
Circuit Court Judge Circuit Court Judge   See fewer
Michael McShane
Prison Guard Prison Guard   See fewer
Mary Kay Place
Mrs. Kim Mrs. Kim   See fewer
Joe Unger
Prison Guard Prison Guard   See fewer
Ann Weldon
Briggs, Calpurnia Briggs, Calpurnia   See fewer
Pamela Tice Chapman
Rhiannon McRae Rhiannon McRae   See fewer
Billy Ray Cyrus
Spoade Perkins Spoade Perkins   See fewer
John Fleck
J. Woodsey Niles J. Woodsey Niles   See fewer
Romany Malco
Ray Ray Ellis Ray Ray Ellis   See fewer
Grant Lee Phillips
Caleb the Sonnetteer Caleb the Sonnetteer   See fewer
National Anthem Singer National Anthem Singer   See fewer
Andy Richter
Congressman Jack Levanyt Congressman Jack Levanyt   See fewer
Angelique Ashton
Student Student   See fewer
Robert Ashwell
Football Student (as Robert Tyler) Football Student (as Robert Tyler)   See fewer
Kirsten Barrie
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Jason Byers
Bison Mascott Bison Mascott   See fewer
Bart Conner
Sportscaster Sportscaster   See fewer
Mike Donavanik
Waterboy / Protestor Waterboy / Protestor   See fewer
Kim Estes
Wal Mart Manager Wal Mart Manager   See fewer
Jeff Fischer
Football Guard Football Guard   See fewer
Cathrine Grace
Interviewee Interviewee   See fewer
Steven Hack
Construction Foreman Construction Foreman   See fewer
Karin Hallén
Global Amnesty Spokes Model Global Amnesty Spokes Model   See fewer
Drew Hancock
Jeffrey Kim Jeffrey Kim   See fewer
Liv Hansen
College Student College Student   See fewer
Sid Hillman
Boyd Brody Boyd Brody   See fewer
Judd Hollander
Man at Protest Man at Protest   See fewer
Randall Huber
Andy Rimer Andy Rimer   See fewer
Clare Jacoby
Grad Student Grad Student   See fewer
Joe Keyes
Carpenter Carpenter   See fewer
Corey Large
Prison Guard Prison Guard   See fewer
Darrell Mapson
Jimmy - prison guard Jimmy - prison guard   See fewer
Bill McAdams Jr.
Steve Delongpre Steve Delongpre   See fewer
Joan McCrea
On radio (voice) On radio (voice)   See fewer
John Mead
County prosecutor County prosecutor   See fewer
Julia Morizawa
Cheerleader Cheerleader   See fewer
Marjorie Noble
Investigative Journalist Investigative Journalist   See fewer
Pamela Jean Noble
Cheerleader #1 (as Pamela Noble) Cheerleader #1 (as Pamela Noble)   See fewer
Lee Perkins
Bob Costas Bob Costas   See fewer
Linda Phillips-Palo
Grade School Teacher Grade School Teacher   See fewer
Selma Pinkard
Protestor Protestor   See fewer
Lee Reherman
Sportscaster Sportscaster   See fewer
Richard Riehle
Prison Warden Prison Warden   See fewer
Suzanne Sena
News Anchor News Anchor   See fewer
Alan Woolf
Judge Metcalf Judge Metcalf   See fewer
Seven BryJoseph
Wide Receiver (uncredited) Wide Receiver (uncredited)   See fewer
Danilo Di Julio
RB Billy Bell #20 (uncredited) RB Billy Bell #20 (uncredited)   See fewer
Mike Kirkland
Cop (uncredited) Cop (uncredited)   See fewer
Paul Palo
Chuck (uncredited) Chuck (uncredited)   See fewer
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