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  • Charlie (2004)
  • R
    95 min | Action, Crime, Drama
Charlie (2004)
95 min | Action, Crime, Drama

The story of Charlie Richardson, the man who ran a brutal gang in the 1960s.
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Release date
Jul 19, 2005 (United States)


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78 cast members
Name Known for
Luke Goss
Charlie Richardson Charlie Richardson   See fewer
Steven Berkoff
Charlie Richardson Senior Charlie Richardson Senior   See fewer
Anita Dobson
Mrs. Richardson Senior Mrs. Richardson Senior   See fewer
Leslie Grantham
Richard Waldeck Richard Waldeck   See fewer
Marius Weyers
General van den Bergh General van den Bergh   See fewer
Nicole Sherwin
Jean Le Grange Jean Le Grange   See fewer
Antony Carrick
Justice Lawton Justice Lawton   See fewer
Douglas McFerran
Richard Aubury Richard Aubury   See fewer
Langley Kirkwood
Eddy Richardson Eddy Richardson   See fewer
Jeroen Kranenburg
Defence Brief Defence Brief   See fewer
Mark Arden
Cyril Green Cyril Green   See fewer
Adam Ross
Benjamin Coulston Benjamin Coulston   See fewer
AG. Longhurst
Roy Hall (as Tony Longhurst) Roy Hall (as Tony Longhurst)   See fewer
Chris Curran
Frankie Fraser Frankie Fraser   See fewer
Andrew Brent
Jack Duval Jack Duval   See fewer
Bruce Young
Lucian Harris Lucian Harris   See fewer
Grant Swanby
James Taggart James Taggart   See fewer
Tim Mahoney
Alfred Berman Alfred Berman   See fewer
Wayne Harrison
John Bradbury John Bradbury   See fewer
Lincoln Hudson
Tommy Clark Tommy Clark   See fewer
Christopher Harper
Alan Richardson Alan Richardson   See fewer
Dean McCoubrey
Prosecution Brief Prosecution Brief   See fewer
Mark Bayly
Senior Officer Senior Officer   See fewer
Graham Weir
Barrack Sergeant Barrack Sergeant   See fewer
Andrew Whaley
Air Ministry Official Air Ministry Official   See fewer
Ronald France
Uncle Jim Uncle Jim   See fewer
Brian Heydenrych
Charlie Wilson Charlie Wilson   See fewer
Paul Isham
George Cornell George Cornell   See fewer
William Richardson-Smith
Teenage Charlie Richardson Teenage Charlie Richardson   See fewer
Colin Moss
Phillip at Barracks Phillip at Barracks   See fewer
Andre Roothman
Gordon Winter Gordon Winter   See fewer
Lee Richardson
Jimmy Collins Jimmy Collins   See fewer
Alfie Furneaux
Charlie Richardson Junior Charlie Richardson Junior   See fewer
Dominic Longley
Eddy Richardson Junior Eddy Richardson Junior   See fewer
Mike Mungarvan
Senior Policeman Senior Policeman   See fewer
Mike Westcott
60's Account Manager 60's Account Manager   See fewer
Sue Mitchell
Mrs. Waldeck Mrs. Waldeck   See fewer
Stephanie Carey
Jean Goodman Jean Goodman   See fewer
Nigel Sweet
Lorry Driver Lorry Driver   See fewer
Pierre Malherbe
Police Officer #1 Police Officer #1   See fewer
Neil Jones
Police Officer #3 Police Officer #3   See fewer
Samuel Willott
Novice Policeman Novice Policeman   See fewer
Paul Harris
South African Policeman South African Policeman   See fewer
Kell Domaine
Mining Official (as Kell D'omaine) Mining Official (as Kell D'omaine)   See fewer
Mesia Gumede
Cockney Tribesman Cockney Tribesman   See fewer
Sarah Woodward
Alison - Warehouse Secretary Alison - Warehouse Secretary   See fewer
Dan Hirst
Police Motorcyclist #1 Police Motorcyclist #1   See fewer
Julian Koberman
Police Motorcyclist #2 Police Motorcyclist #2   See fewer
Stephen Kruger
Clapham Police Officer #1 Clapham Police Officer #1   See fewer
Jeff Batt
Clapham Police Officer #2 Clapham Police Officer #2   See fewer
Simon Mabija
Man Beaten Up Man Beaten Up   See fewer
Colin Chapman
Pleasure Boat Captain Pleasure Boat Captain   See fewer
Adrian Galley
Open Prison Warder Open Prison Warder   See fewer
Nicola Jackman
Female Reporter (as Nikki Jackman) Female Reporter (as Nikki Jackman)   See fewer
Tyrus Burr
Mick - Borstal Teenager Mick - Borstal Teenager   See fewer
Patsy Murray
Pub Owner Pub Owner   See fewer
Martin Petersen
Prisoner - Sheppton Mallet Prisoner - Sheppton Mallet   See fewer
James Whale
Bribed Witness Bribed Witness   See fewer
Abby Malamba
Winnie Mandela Winnie Mandela   See fewer
Johannes Slabber
James Moody James Moody   See fewer
Peter Tait
Albert Longman Albert Longman   See fewer
Steven Zimet
A.N.C. Thief A.N.C. Thief   See fewer
Dee Gillett
Woman Juror Woman Juror   See fewer
Deborah Barnard
Court Room Stenographer Court Room Stenographer   See fewer
Joanne Moolenschot
Libby - A.N.C. Libby - A.N.C.   See fewer
Dean Mitchell
Plain Clothed Policeman Plain Clothed Policeman   See fewer
Paul Nipper
Tally Man Tally Man   See fewer
Dawn Benson
Housewife Housewife   See fewer
Neil Scholtz
Ronnie Kray Ronnie Kray   See fewer
Gareth Simons
Reggie Kray Reggie Kray   See fewer
Steven Waters
Heathrow Airport Car Park Attendant Heathrow Airport Car Park Attendant   See fewer
Charmaine Hanekom
Air Hostess Air Hostess   See fewer
Cedric Zieff
Tommy Wisby Tommy Wisby   See fewer
Marius Swift
Jack 'The Hat' McVite Jack 'The Hat' McVite   See fewer
Stefano Ciman
Ian Brady Ian Brady   See fewer
Charlie Richardson
Man In Pub Man In Pub   See fewer
Jesmond Murray
Pub Customer (uncredited) Pub Customer (uncredited)   See fewer
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