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  • 5-25-77 (2008)
  • 132 min | Comedy, Drama
5-25-77 (2008)
132 min | Comedy, Drama

Alienated film-maker hopeful Pat Johnson's epic story of growing up in rural Illinois, falling in love and becoming the first fan of the movie that changed everything.
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Patrick Read Johnson (written by)
David Blood (co-cinematographer) | Ken Seng (co-cinematographer)
Alain Clark Blair (as Alain K. Blair) | Alex Creager | Kat Thomas
Casting Directors
Production Designer
Dawn R. Ferry (as Dawn Ferry)
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Updated Mar 30, 2006

Release date
May 25, 2007 (United States)


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65 cast members
Name Known for
John Francis Daley
Pat Johnson Pat Johnson   See fewer
Austin Pendleton
Herb Lightman Herb Lightman   See fewer
Kevin Rosendo
Guy in line Guy in line   See fewer
Colleen Camp
Janet Johnson Janet Johnson   See fewer
Neil Flynn
Dr. Callahan Dr. Callahan   See fewer
Emmi Chen
Linda Linda   See fewer
Katie Jeep
Robin Braden Robin Braden   See fewer
Gwen Kmiec
Jody Johnson Jody Johnson   See fewer
Mark Lorenz
Donny (as Mark Buenning) Donny (as Mark Buenning)   See fewer
Eddie Kunz
Jeff Greene Jeff Greene   See fewer
Eric Miles
Jay Johnson Jay Johnson   See fewer
Tim Beringer
Eric Johnson Eric Johnson   See fewer
Yasmin Golan
Anne Armstrong Anne Armstrong   See fewer
Michael Pawlak
Douglas Trumbull Douglas Trumbull   See fewer
Kevin J. Stephens
Steven Spielberg Steven Spielberg   See fewer
Courtney Bean
Ticket Girl Ticket Girl   See fewer
Darlene Benigno
Theatre Patron Theatre Patron   See fewer
Zach Criswell
Student Student   See fewer
Tony Farella
Teacher Teacher   See fewer
Sean Gillette
Theater Audience Extra Theater Audience Extra   See fewer
J. Spencer Greene
Atrocious Lounge Comic Atrocious Lounge Comic   See fewer
Kevin Scott Greer
Tony (Body Double) Tony (Body Double)   See fewer
Nicholas Joseph Harden
Pete Green (as Nick Harden) Pete Green (as Nick Harden)   See fewer
Rick Ingalsbe
ILM and Future General Model Maker ILM and Future General Model Maker   See fewer
Theophilus Jamal
ILM employee ILM employee   See fewer
Coady Johnson
Pat Johnson (age 12) Pat Johnson (age 12)   See fewer
Merrick Johnson
Pat Johnson (age 8) Pat Johnson (age 8)   See fewer
Patrick Read Johnson
Dr. Johnson Dr. Johnson   See fewer
Gunner Jones
Gail dart Gail dart   See fewer
Caitlin Kennedy
Rock Chick Rock Chick   See fewer
Al Leinonen
Bud Holmes Bud Holmes   See fewer
Adam Leiphart
Hula Guy Hula Guy   See fewer
Jocelyn Levin
Future General Receptionist Future General Receptionist   See fewer
Paul Mifflin
Airplane passenger Airplane passenger   See fewer
Alyssa N. Miles
Cheerleader (as Alyssa Miles) Cheerleader (as Alyssa Miles)   See fewer
Diane Perry
Theatre Patron Theatre Patron   See fewer
Sam Raysby
Sheriff Sheriff   See fewer
David Shin
Greg jein (as Dave Shin) Greg jein (as Dave Shin)   See fewer
Dan Tomei
High School Teacher High School Teacher   See fewer
Matt Ukena
ILM employee / X-wing maker ILM employee / X-wing maker   See fewer
Michael K. Washko
ILM Model builder ILM Model builder   See fewer
Brooke Wilhelm
Linda (body double) Linda (body double)   See fewer
James Zahn
Student Student   See fewer
Allison Belmont
Movie Patron (uncredited) Movie Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Rich Denikas
Extra (uncredited) Extra (uncredited)   See fewer
Nathan Geist
Angry Movie Patron #4 / Star Wars Fan (uncredited) Angry Movie Patron #4 / Star Wars Fan (uncredited)   See fewer
Derek F. Mahr
1968 Extra (uncredited) 1968 Extra (uncredited)   See fewer
Jon Marshall
Background (uncredited) Background (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael P. Noens
Jock (uncredited) Jock (uncredited)   See fewer
Ron Valdez
Highschool Student / Movie Patron (uncredited) Highschool Student / Movie Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Darryl Villacorta
Restaurant Patron (uncredited) Restaurant Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Jaclyn Watt
Extra (uncredited) Extra (uncredited)   See fewer
Jocelyn Wesler
Student (uncredited) Student (uncredited)   See fewer
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