Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star's primary photo
  • Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (2003)
  • PG-13
    98 min | Comedy
Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (2003)
98 min | Comedy

A thirty-something former child star hires a foster family to re-create the childhood he never had.
Thomas E. Ackerman (as Thomas Ackerman)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Sep 5, 2003 (United States)


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103 cast members
Name Known for
David Spade
Dickie Roberts Dickie Roberts   See fewer
Mary McCormack
Grace Finney Grace Finney   See fewer
Craig Bierko
George Finney George Finney   See fewer
Scott Terra
Sam Finney Sam Finney   See fewer
Jenna Boyd
Sally Finney Sally Finney   See fewer
John Farley
Referee Referee   See fewer
Bobby Slayton
Commentator Commentator   See fewer
Michael Buffer
Michael Buffer Michael Buffer   See fewer
Fred Wolf
Dickie's Corner Man Dickie's Corner Man   See fewer
Emmanuel Lewis
Emmanuel Lewis Emmanuel Lewis   See fewer
Joey Diaz
Emmanuel's Entourage (as Joey 'Coco' Diaz) Emmanuel's Entourage (as Joey 'Coco' Diaz)   See fewer
Kevin Grevioux
Emmanuel's Entourage Emmanuel's Entourage   See fewer
Brian Clark
Guy in Car Guy in Car   See fewer
Leif Garrett
Leif Garrett Leif Garrett   See fewer
Alan Blumenfeld
Mr. Rollins Mr. Rollins   See fewer
Jon Lovitz
Sidney Wernick Sidney Wernick   See fewer
Sasha Mitchell
Angry Driver Angry Driver   See fewer
Blair Breard
Alcoholic Speaker Alcoholic Speaker   See fewer
Tom Arnold
Tom Arnold Tom Arnold   See fewer
Kathleen Randazzo
Counselor (as Kathleen Lambert) Counselor (as Kathleen Lambert)   See fewer
Peggy Mannix
Lamaze Group Leader Lamaze Group Leader   See fewer
Barry Williams
Barry Williams Barry Williams   See fewer
Danny Bonaduce
Danny Bonaduce Danny Bonaduce   See fewer
Corey Feldman
Corey Feldman Corey Feldman   See fewer
Dustin Diamond
Dustin Diamond Dustin Diamond   See fewer
Rachel Dratch
Reiner's Secretary Reiner's Secretary   See fewer
Rob Reiner
Rob Reiner Rob Reiner   See fewer
Spencer Garrett
Publisher Publisher   See fewer
Hal Sparks
Publisher Publisher   See fewer
Rob Elk
Biker Biker   See fewer
Sad Eye Sadie Sad Eye Sadie   See fewer
Ian Gomez
Strange Man Strange Man   See fewer
Doris Roberts
Peggy Roberts Peggy Roberts   See fewer
Dick Van Patten
Dick Van Patten Dick Van Patten   See fewer
Nicholas Schwerin
Young Dickie Young Dickie   See fewer
Michelle Ruben
Ring Girl Ring Girl   See fewer
Edie McClurg
Mrs. Gertrude Mrs. Gertrude   See fewer
John Kirk
Passing Man with Camera Passing Man with Camera   See fewer
Alexander D. Slanger
Map Seller (as Alexander Slanger) Map Seller (as Alexander Slanger)   See fewer
Wyatt Smith
Boy in Crowd Boy in Crowd   See fewer
Patrick Thomas O'Brien
Mr. Gertrude Mr. Gertrude   See fewer
Colin Ryan
Gertrude Kid Gertrude Kid   See fewer
Chrystopher Ryan Johnson
Boy (as Christopher Johnson) Boy (as Christopher Johnson)   See fewer
Valerie Perri
Teacher at Microphone (as Valeri Perri-Lipson) Teacher at Microphone (as Valeri Perri-Lipson)   See fewer
Ashley Edner
Heather Bolan Heather Bolan   See fewer
Michael McDonald
Maitre D' Maitre D'   See fewer
Kevin P. Farley
Valet (as Kevin Farley) Valet (as Kevin Farley)   See fewer
Mindy Burbano
News Correspondent News Correspondent   See fewer
Jann Carl
Jann Carl Jann Carl   See fewer
Lindsey Dann
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Lisa Joyner
Lisa Joyner Lisa Joyner   See fewer
Erin Murphy
Brittany Brittany   See fewer
Willie Aames
Willie Aames Willie Aames   See fewer
Fred Berry
Fred Berry Fred Berry   See fewer
Todd Bridges
Todd Bridges Todd Bridges   See fewer
Gary Coleman
Gary Coleman Gary Coleman   See fewer
Jeff Conaway
Jeff Conaway Jeff Conaway   See fewer
Tony Dow
Tony Dow Tony Dow   See fewer
Corey Haim
Corey Haim Corey Haim   See fewer
Florence Henderson
Florence Henderson Florence Henderson   See fewer
Christopher Knight
Christopher Knight (as Chris Knight) Christopher Knight (as Chris Knight)   See fewer
Barry Livingston
Barry Livingston Barry Livingston   See fewer
Mike Lookinland
Mike Lookinland Mike Lookinland   See fewer
Maureen McCormick
Maureen McCormick Maureen McCormick   See fewer
Eddie Mekka
Eddie Mekka Eddie Mekka   See fewer
Jeremy Miller
Jeremy Miller Jeremy Miller   See fewer
Erin Moran
Erin Moran Erin Moran   See fewer
Haywood Nelson
Haywood Nelson Haywood Nelson   See fewer
Jay North
Jay North Jay North   See fewer
Ron Palillo
Ron Palillo Ron Palillo   See fewer
Butch Patrick
Butch Patrick (as Butch Patrick-Lilly) Butch Patrick (as Butch Patrick-Lilly)   See fewer
Jonathan Loughran
Jonathan Loughran Jonathan Loughran   See fewer
Peter Dante
Peter Dante Peter Dante   See fewer
Paul Petersen
Paul Petersen Paul Petersen   See fewer
Adam Rich
Adam Rich Adam Rich   See fewer
Rodney Allen Rippy
Rodney Allen Rippy Rodney Allen Rippy   See fewer
Marion Ross
Marion Ross Marion Ross   See fewer
Ernest Thomas
Ernest Thomas Ernest Thomas   See fewer
Charlene Tilton
Charlene Tilton Charlene Tilton   See fewer
Melissa Sue Anderson
Melissa Sue Anderson (archive footage) (uncredited) Melissa Sue Anderson (archive footage) (uncredited)   See fewer
Holly Beavon
Marilyn Monroe Look Alike (uncredited) Marilyn Monroe Look Alike (uncredited)   See fewer
John Eric Brown
Neighbor (uncredited) Neighbor (uncredited)   See fewer
Jeff Chase
Man in Car (uncredited) Man in Car (uncredited)   See fewer
Phil Crowley
Narrator (voice) (uncredited) Narrator (voice) (uncredited)   See fewer
Brendan Fraser
Brendan Fraser (uncredited) Brendan Fraser (uncredited)   See fewer
Anne Lockhart
Additional character voice (uncredited) Additional character voice (uncredited)   See fewer
Tricia Munford
TV Bride (uncredited) TV Bride (uncredited)   See fewer
Shannon Murphy
Spectator (uncredited) Spectator (uncredited)   See fewer
Jesse James Rutherford
5th Grade Boy (uncredited) 5th Grade Boy (uncredited)   See fewer
Afton Smith
Afton Smith (uncredited) Afton Smith (uncredited)   See fewer
David Soul
David Soul (archive footage) (uncredited) David Soul (archive footage) (uncredited)   See fewer
James Arnold Taylor
Additional Voices (uncredited) Additional Voices (uncredited)   See fewer
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