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  • 3 Extremes II (2002)
  • R
    140 min | Horror, Mystery
3 Extremes II (2002)
140 min | Horror, Mystery

An anthology consisting of three horror shorts from different Asian directors: Memories by Kim Jee-woon, The Wheel by Nonzee Nimibutr, and Going Home by Peter Chan.
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Peter Ho-Sun Chan (as Peter Chan) (segments: Going Home) | Jee-woon Kim (segments: Memories) (as Kim Jee-woon) | Nonzee Nimibutr (segments: The Wheel)
Su Chao Bin (screenwriter) | Teddy Chan (story) (segments: Going Home) | Matt Chow (screenplay) (segments: Going Home) | Matt Chow (screenwriter) & 11 more
Yuet-Jan Hui (segments: Going Home) (as Jojo Hui) | Duangkamol Limcharoen (segments: The Wheel) | Nonzee Nimibutr (segments: The Wheel) | Jung-Wan Oh (segments: Memories) | Jojo Hui Yuet-Chun
Sung-woo Jo (segments: Going Home) | Peter Kam (segments: Going Home) | Byung-woo Lee (segments: Memories) | Sinnapa Sarasas (segments: The Wheel) & 3 more
Christopher Doyle (segments: Going Home) | Kluay Nattawut Kittikhun | Nattawut Kittikhun (segments: The Wheel) | Hong Kyung-pyo (segments: Memories) (as Peter Ho-Sun Chan)
Eric Kwong Chi-Leung | Yun-cheol Jeong (segments: Memories) | Chi-Leung Kwong (segments: Going Home) | Nonzee Nimibutr (segments: The Wheel)
Production Designers
Rach-chanon Khayannagan (segments: The Wheel) | Jung Kuho | Chung-Man Yee (segments: Going Home) (as Chung Man Yee) | Kenneth Yee
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Release date
Oct 3, 2003 (United States)


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47 cast members
Name Known for
Kim Hye-su
Wife (segment "Memories") Wife (segment "Memories")   See fewer
Jeong Bo-seok
Husband (segment "Memories") (as Bo-seok Jeong) Husband (segment "Memories") (as Bo-seok Jeong)   See fewer
Suwinit Panjamawat
Gaan (segment "The Wheel") Gaan (segment "The Wheel")   See fewer
Leon Lai
Yu (segment "Going Home") Yu (segment "Going Home")   See fewer
Eric Tsang
Wai (segment "Going Home") Wai (segment "Going Home")   See fewer
Eugenia Yuan
Hai'er (segment "Going Home") Hai'er (segment "Going Home")   See fewer
Ting-Fung Li
Cheung (segment "Going Home") Cheung (segment "Going Home")   See fewer
Jung Bo-Seog
Husband (Segment Memories) Husband (Segment Memories)   See fewer
Lee Byung-Hun
Director Director   See fewer
Kanyavae Chatiawaipreacha
Nuan (segment "The Wheel") Nuan (segment "The Wheel")   See fewer
Jeong-won Choi
Doctor (segment "Memories") (as Jung Woo Choi) Doctor (segment "Memories") (as Jung Woo Choi)   See fewer
Pornchai Chuvanon
Plew (segment "The Wheel") Plew (segment "The Wheel")   See fewer
Moon Jung Hee
{Memories} Hyun Joo Wifes Sister {Memories} Hyun Joo Wifes Sister   See fewer
Park Hee-soon
Hyun Joo's Husband (segment "Memories") (as Hee-soon Park) Hyun Joo's Husband (segment "Memories") (as Hee-soon Park)   See fewer
Kang Hye-Jung
Directors Wife Directors Wife   See fewer
Anusak Intasorn
Im (segment "The Wheel") Im (segment "The Wheel")   See fewer
Jung-Won Jang
Eun-Ji (segment "Memories") Eun-Ji (segment "Memories")   See fewer
Pattama Jangjarut
Nan (segment "The Wheel") Nan (segment "The Wheel")   See fewer
Sung-Keun Jee
Taxi Driver (segment "Memories") Taxi Driver (segment "Memories")   See fewer
Moon Jeong-Hee
Hyun-Joo (segment "Memories") (as Jung-Hee Moon) Hyun-Joo (segment "Memories") (as Jung-Hee Moon)   See fewer
Yum Jung-Ah
Actress In Vampire Role Actress In Vampire Role   See fewer
Choi Jung-Woo
Doctor (Segment Memories) Doctor (Segment Memories)   See fewer
Savika Kanchanamas
Sa-Ing (segment "The Wheel") Sa-Ing (segment "The Wheel")   See fewer
John Shum Kin-Fun
Photographer (Segment Going Home) Photographer (Segment Going Home)   See fewer
Eugenia Yuen Lai-Kai
Haier (Segment Going Home) Haier (Segment Going Home)   See fewer
Pauline Lau
Lis Maid Lis Maid   See fewer
Tsz-Wing Lau
Yu's Daughter (segment "Going Home") Yu's Daughter (segment "Going Home")   See fewer
Tony Ka Fai Leung
Li (as Tony Leung Ka-Fai) Li (as Tony Leung Ka-Fai)   See fewer
Manop Meejamarat
Cht (segment "The Wheel") Cht (segment "The Wheel")   See fewer
Tinnapob Seeweesriruth
Dang (segment "The Wheel") Dang (segment "The Wheel")   See fewer
John Sham
Photographer (segment "Going Home") Photographer (segment "Going Home")   See fewer
John Shum
Photographer Photographer   See fewer
Mai Suzuki
Young Kyoko Young Kyoko   See fewer
Yuu Suzuki
Young Shoko Young Shoko   See fewer
Meme Tian
Connie Connie   See fewer
Camy Ting
Pathologist (segment "Going Home") Pathologist (segment "Going Home")   See fewer
Tak-Ming Ting
Janitor (segment "Going Home") Janitor (segment "Going Home")   See fewer
Lee Ting-Fung
Cheung (Segment Going Home) Cheung (Segment Going Home)   See fewer
Vinn Vasinanon
Bua (segment "The Wheel") Bua (segment "The Wheel")   See fewer
Pongsanart Vinsiri
Master Tong (segment "The Wheel") Master Tong (segment "The Wheel")   See fewer
Atsuro Watabe
Yoshii / Higata Yoshii / Higata   See fewer
Heng Wong
Doctor (segment "Going Home") Doctor (segment "Going Home")   See fewer
Miriam Yeung
Mrs. Li Mrs. Li   See fewer
Eugenia Yuen
{3} Hai Er {3} Hai Er   See fewer
Komgrich Yuttiyong
Master Tao (segment "The Wheel") Master Tao (segment "The Wheel")   See fewer
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