The Day After Tomorrow (2004)
124 min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Jack Hall, paleoclimatologist, must make a daring trek from Washington, D.C. to New York City to reach his son, trapped in the cross-hairs of a sudden international storm which plunges the planet into a new Ice Age.
Roland Emmerich (story) (screenplay) | Jeffrey Nachmanoff (screenplay)
Production Designer
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Release date
May 28, 2004 (United States)


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105 cast members
Name Known for
Dennis Quaid
Jack Hall Jack Hall   See fewer
Jake Gyllenhaal
Sam Hall Sam Hall   See fewer
Emmy Rossum
Laura Chapman Laura Chapman   See fewer
Dash Mihok
Jason Evans Jason Evans   See fewer
Jay O. Sanders
Frank Harris Frank Harris   See fewer
Sela Ward
Dr. Lucy Hall Dr. Lucy Hall   See fewer
Arjay Smith
Brian Parks Brian Parks   See fewer
Tamlyn Tomita
Janet Tokada Janet Tokada   See fewer
Sasha Roiz
Parker Parker   See fewer
Ian Holm
Terry Rapson Terry Rapson   See fewer
Nassim Sharara
Saudi Delegate Saudi Delegate   See fewer
Carl Alacchi
Venezuelan Delegate Venezuelan Delegate   See fewer
Kenneth Welsh
Vice President Becker Vice President Becker   See fewer
Michel 'Gish' Abou-Samah
Saudi Translator (as Michael A. Samah) Saudi Translator (as Michael A. Samah)   See fewer
Glenn Plummer
Luther Luther   See fewer
Sylvain Landry
Science Officer Science Officer   See fewer
Chris Britton
Vorsteen Vorsteen   See fewer
Vlasta Vrana
Booker (MPC) Booker (MPC)   See fewer
Pauline Little
Lanson (SSL) Lanson (SSL)   See fewer
Alan Fawcett
Commander Daniels (Hurricane Hunter) Commander Daniels (Hurricane Hunter)   See fewer
Howard Bilerman
Rookie Scientist (Hurricane Hunter) Rookie Scientist (Hurricane Hunter)   See fewer
John Maclaren
Veteran Scientist (Hurricane Hunter) Veteran Scientist (Hurricane Hunter)   See fewer
Frank Schorpion
DC Fireman DC Fireman   See fewer
Rachelle Glait
Pinehurst Academy Teacher Pinehurst Academy Teacher   See fewer
Pierre Leblanc
International Reporter, New Delhi International Reporter, New Delhi   See fewer
Richard Zeman
Flight Director Flight Director   See fewer
Perry King
President Blake President Blake   See fewer
Frank Fontaine
Caddy 'Cooper' Caddy 'Cooper'   See fewer
Mimi Kuzyk
Secretary of State Secretary of State   See fewer
Al Vandecruys
Scholastic Decathlon Referee Scholastic Decathlon Referee   See fewer
Vitali Makarov
Yuri, Russian Astronaut Yuri, Russian Astronaut   See fewer
Russell Yuen
Hideki, Japanese Astronaut Hideki, Japanese Astronaut   See fewer
Tim Bagley
Tommy Tommy   See fewer
Pierre Lenoir
J.D.'s Doorman J.D.'s Doorman   See fewer
Don Kirk
Victor, J.D.'s Driver Victor, J.D.'s Driver   See fewer
Lisa Canning
L.A. Anchorwoman L.A. Anchorwoman   See fewer
Terry Rhoads
L.A. Anchorman L.A. Anchorman   See fewer
Nicolas Feller
Shop Owner Grandson Shop Owner Grandson   See fewer
J.P. Manoux
L.A. Cameraman L.A. Cameraman   See fewer
Chuck Shamata
General Pierce General Pierce   See fewer
Phillip Jarrett
Campbell Campbell   See fewer
Ayana O'Shun
Jama (as Tetchena Bellange) Jama (as Tetchena Bellange)   See fewer
Vivian Winther
Noel, Frozen Woman Noel, Frozen Woman   See fewer
Tom Rooney
Jeremy Jeremy   See fewer
David Schaap
Financial Reporter Financial Reporter   See fewer
Nobuya Shimamoto
Japanese Policeman Japanese Policeman   See fewer
Bunrey Miyake
Japanese Shop Owner Japanese Shop Owner   See fewer
Jennifer Morehouse
French Reporter French Reporter   See fewer
Caroline Keenan
Tina (as Caroline Keenan-Wiseman) Tina (as Caroline Keenan-Wiseman)   See fewer
Aaron Lustig
Bernie Bernie   See fewer
Sam Woods
Mr. Walden Mr. Walden   See fewer
Jesus Perez
Mexican (NWS) Janitor (as Jesús 'Chuy' Pérez) Mexican (NWS) Janitor (as Jesús 'Chuy' Pérez)   See fewer
Jack Laufer
Jeff Baffin Jeff Baffin   See fewer
John Sanford Moore
New York Reporter (as John Moore) New York Reporter (as John Moore)   See fewer
William Francis McGuire
Bart Chopper Reporter Bart Chopper Reporter   See fewer
Michael McNally
Buckingham Palace Reporter Buckingham Palace Reporter   See fewer
Anne Day-Jones
Jeanette Jeanette   See fewer
Lynne De Bel
Old Frozen Woman (as Lynne Debel) Old Frozen Woman (as Lynne Debel)   See fewer
Mikio Owaki
Noodle Chef Noodle Chef   See fewer
Alvin Tam
Japanese Reporter Japanese Reporter   See fewer
Joey Elias
Library Security Guard Library Security Guard   See fewer
Ron Darling
Hawaiian News Anchor Hawaiian News Anchor   See fewer
José Ramón Rosario
Cabbie 'Crazy Weather' Cabbie 'Crazy Weather'   See fewer
Kwasi Songui
Statue of Liberty Guard Statue of Liberty Guard   See fewer
John Colton
Fox Newscaster #1 (as John C. Colton) Fox Newscaster #1 (as John C. Colton)   See fewer
Dilva Henry
Fox Newscaster #2 Fox Newscaster #2   See fewer
Mark Thompson
News Reporter News Reporter   See fewer
Wendy L. Walsh
Weather Channel Newscaster #1 Weather Channel Newscaster #1   See fewer
Mark Pfister
Weather Channel Newscaster #2 Weather Channel Newscaster #2   See fewer
Ana Garcia
Headline Reporter Headline Reporter   See fewer
Lauren Sanchez
International Newscaster International Newscaster   See fewer
Rob Fukuzaki
National Newscaster National Newscaster   See fewer
Ross King
British Reporter British Reporter   See fewer
Robert Holguin
Reporter #1 Reporter #1   See fewer
Suzanne Michaels
Reporter #2 Reporter #2   See fewer
Leyna Nguyen
Misc. Newscaster #1 Misc. Newscaster #1   See fewer
Lina Patel
Misc. Newscaster #2 Misc. Newscaster #2   See fewer
Rosey Edeh
New York Reporter New York Reporter   See fewer
Lori Graham
Grocery Store Reporter Grocery Store Reporter   See fewer
Jesse Todd
Scientist in Hallway Scientist in Hallway   See fewer
Gordon Masten
New York Bus Driver New York Bus Driver   See fewer
Matt Adler
Truck Radio Announcer Truck Radio Announcer   See fewer
Ray Légaré
Construction Man Construction Man   See fewer
Matt Holland
RAF #1 RAF #1   See fewer
Greg Kramer
RAF #2 RAF #2   See fewer
Joel McNichol
RAF #3 RAF #3   See fewer
Rick Hoffman
NY Businessman on Bus (uncredited) NY Businessman on Bus (uncredited)   See fewer
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