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  • Barbershop (2002)
  • PG-13
    102 min | Comedy, Drama
Barbershop (2002)
102 min | Comedy, Drama

A day in the life of a South Side Chicago barbershop.
Tim Story (directed by)
Mark Brown (story) (screenplay) | Don D. Scott (screenplay) | Marshall Todd (screenplay)
Mark Brown (produced by) | Robert Teitel (produced by) | George Tillman Jr. (produced by)
Terence Blanchard (music by)
Tom Priestley Jr. (as Tom Priestley)
Casting Directors
Felicia Fasano (casting by) | Mary Vernieu (casting by)
Production Designer
Roger G. Fortune (as Roger Fortune)
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Release date
Sep 13, 2002 (United States)

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68 cast members
Name Known for
Ice Cube
Calvin Palmer Calvin Palmer   See fewer
Cedric The Entertainer
Eddie (as Cedric the Entertainer) Eddie (as Cedric the Entertainer)   See fewer
Sean Patrick Thomas
Jimmy James Jimmy James   See fewer
Terri Jones Terri Jones   See fewer
Troy Garity
Isaac Rosenberg Isaac Rosenberg   See fewer
Michael Ealy
Ricky Nash Ricky Nash   See fewer
Keith David
Lester Wallace Lester Wallace   See fewer
Jazsmin Lewis
Jennifer Palmer Jennifer Palmer   See fewer
Lahmard J. Tate
Billy (as Lahmard Tate) Billy (as Lahmard Tate)   See fewer
Tom Wright
Detective Williams Detective Williams   See fewer
DeRay Davis
Hustle Guy Hustle Guy   See fewer
Sonya Eddy
Janelle Janelle   See fewer
Saralynne Crittenden
Big Mamma Big Mamma   See fewer
Marcia Wright
Angry Woman Angry Woman   See fewer
Lorenzo Clemons
Bank Manager Bank Manager   See fewer
Frank Townsend
Terri's Customer Terri's Customer   See fewer
Carl Wright
Checkers Fred Checkers Fred   See fewer
Laura E. Walls
Church Lady Church Lady   See fewer
Woody Bolar
Customer Artis Customer Artis   See fewer
Deon Cole
Customer Darrel Customer Darrel   See fewer
Marshall Titus
Customer Joe Customer Joe   See fewer
Cliff Frazier
Customer Kwame (as Clifford T. Frazier) Customer Kwame (as Clifford T. Frazier)   See fewer
J. David Shanks
Customer Lamar Customer Lamar   See fewer
Leon S. Rogers Jr.
Customer Larry Customer Larry   See fewer
Customer Lloyd Customer Lloyd   See fewer
Eric Lane
Customer Rodney Customer Rodney   See fewer
Norm Van Lier
Customer Sam Customer Sam   See fewer
Ray Thompson
Customer Tyrone Customer Tyrone   See fewer
Mark Simmons
Customer Rob Customer Rob   See fewer
Vince Green
Waiting Customer Waiting Customer   See fewer
Cassandra Lewis
Young Mom Young Mom   See fewer
Janina Gavankar
Fine Woman Fine Woman   See fewer
Jennifer Bolton Lee
Korean Woman (as Satya Lee) Korean Woman (as Satya Lee)   See fewer
Kevyn Morrow
Monk (as Kevin Morrow) Monk (as Kevin Morrow)   See fewer
Teara Hill Willborn
Little Kid Little Kid   See fewer
Ebboney Wilson
Little Kid Little Kid   See fewer
Steven Simoncic
Officer with Photo Officer with Photo   See fewer
Matt Orlando
Officer Officer   See fewer
Cynthia Maddox
Prison Guard Prison Guard   See fewer
Montina Woods
Rhonda Watts Rhonda Watts   See fewer
Llou Johnson
Salesman Salesman   See fewer
Dana Goodman
Cashier (as Dana Min Goodman) Cashier (as Dana Min Goodman)   See fewer
Pat 'Soul' Scaggs
Motel Manager Motel Manager   See fewer
Dev Kennedy
Detective Williams' Partner Detective Williams' Partner   See fewer
Malik Middleton
Construction Worker (as Malik S. Middleton) Construction Worker (as Malik S. Middleton)   See fewer
Kwame Amoaku
Stair Guy Stair Guy   See fewer
Toyiah Marquis
Samir's Wife Samir's Wife   See fewer
Cerall Duncan
Kevin's Other Woman Kevin's Other Woman   See fewer
Eddie Bo Smith Jr.
Crazy Inmate Crazy Inmate   See fewer
Maestro Harrell
Customer Tillman Customer Tillman   See fewer
Rhonda Bobo
Ricky's Girlfriend Ricky's Girlfriend   See fewer
Jalen Rose
Customer Customer   See fewer
James E. Ash
Pianist (uncredited) Pianist (uncredited)   See fewer
Julius Gregory
Client (uncredited) Client (uncredited)   See fewer
Robert Herron
Guy outside barbershop (uncredited) Guy outside barbershop (uncredited)   See fewer
Spencer Kayden
Barbershop Patron (uncredited) Barbershop Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Jason Toler
Patron in Barbershop (uncredited) Patron in Barbershop (uncredited)   See fewer
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