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  • Trudeau (2002)
  • TV Movie | 208 min | Biography, Drama
Trudeau (2002)
TV Movie | 208 min | Biography, Drama

A biography of the famous, controversial and flamboyant Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Elliot Trudeau.
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Updated Mar 31, 2002

Release date
Mar 31, 2002 (Canada)


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77 cast members
Name Known for
Colm Feore
Pierre Elliott Trudeau Pierre Elliott Trudeau   See fewer
Polly Shannon
Margaret Trudeau Margaret Trudeau   See fewer
Don McKellar
Greenbaum Greenbaum   See fewer
Peter Outerbridge
Jim Coutts Jim Coutts   See fewer
Raymond Cloutier
Gérard Pelletier Gérard Pelletier   See fewer
Raymond Bouchard
Jean Marchand Jean Marchand   See fewer
Jean Marchand
Marc Lalonde Marc Lalonde   See fewer
R.H. Thomson
Mitchell Sharp Mitchell Sharp   See fewer
Guy Richer
Jean Chretien Jean Chretien   See fewer
Luc Proulx
Rene Levesque Rene Levesque   See fewer
Geraint Wyn Davies
Premier William G. Davis Premier William G. Davis   See fewer
Eric Peterson
Tommy Douglas Tommy Douglas   See fewer
John Neville
British High Commissioner British High Commissioner   See fewer
Jeremy Akerman
Bellman Bellman   See fewer
Yvon Aucoin
Mandarin Mandarin   See fewer
Doug Barron
Richard Hatfield Richard Hatfield   See fewer
Peter Blais
McIlwraith McIlwraith   See fewer
Robert Bockstael
Roy McMurtry Roy McMurtry   See fewer
Sara Botsford
Mrs. Kathleen Sinclair Mrs. Kathleen Sinclair   See fewer
Rick Burchill
Security Man Security Man   See fewer
Stan Carew
Mordan Mordan   See fewer
Bill Carr
Olsen Olsen   See fewer
Joe Clark
Self (archive footage) Self (archive footage)   See fewer
John Collins
Chauffeur Chauffeur   See fewer
Michael Copeman
Robert Stanfield Robert Stanfield   See fewer
Mike Crimp
Thunder Bay Official Thunder Bay Official   See fewer
Jocelyn Cunningham
Tea Lady Tea Lady   See fewer
Cynthia Dale
Opening Hostess Opening Hostess   See fewer
Aidan Devine
The Reporter (Tim Ralfe) The Reporter (Tim Ralfe)   See fewer
Richard Donat
MacDonald MacDonald   See fewer
John Dunsworth
Delegate Delegate   See fewer
Bridget Gillie
Betsy (as Stephanie Gillie) Betsy (as Stephanie Gillie)   See fewer
George Green
Stetson Stetson   See fewer
Brendan Hanrahan
Justin age 8 Justin age 8   See fewer
Devan Hanrahan
Sacha age 4 Sacha age 4   See fewer
Brian Heighton
Brian Peckford Brian Peckford   See fewer
Brett Kelly
News reporter News reporter   See fewer
Antonella LaCaprara
Mediator Mediator   See fewer
Gary Levert
Roy Romanow Roy Romanow   See fewer
Darcy Lindzon
Trudeau's Aide Trudeau's Aide   See fewer
John Maclaren
Bill Bennett Bill Bennett   See fewer
Andrew MacVicar
Mason (as Andy McVicar) Mason (as Andy McVicar)   See fewer
Peter Mansbridge
Peter Mansbridge Peter Mansbridge   See fewer
Lisa McGlone
Levesque aide Levesque aide   See fewer
David McIlwraith
Peter Loughheed Peter Loughheed   See fewer
Jean-Guy Moreau
Jean Drapeau Jean Drapeau   See fewer
Stephen Morgan
Bryce Mackasey Bryce Mackasey   See fewer
Evan Murphy
Michel age 4 Michel age 4   See fewer
Liam Murphy
Justin age 4 Justin age 4   See fewer
Knowlton Nash
Self (archive footage) Self (archive footage)   See fewer
William Parsons
Lester Pearson Lester Pearson   See fewer
Karl Pruner
John Turner John Turner   See fewer
Queen Elizabeth II
Self (archive footage) Self (archive footage)   See fewer
Tony Quinn
Bald Security Man Bald Security Man   See fewer
Gregory Richardson
Photographer Photographer   See fewer
Claudette Sapp
Housekeeper Housekeeper   See fewer
Hugh Thompson
Ron Basford Ron Basford   See fewer
Pierre Trudeau
Self (archive footage) Self (archive footage)   See fewer
Paul Welch
Cameraman Cameraman   See fewer
Ron White
Mr. James Sinclair Mr. James Sinclair   See fewer
Craig Wood
Governor General Governor General   See fewer
Don Bottomley
Lead Protester (uncredited) Lead Protester (uncredited)   See fewer
Lisa Rose Snow
Trudeau Girl (uncredited) Trudeau Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
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