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  • Evelyn (2002)
  • PG
    94 min | Drama
Evelyn (2002)
94 min | Drama

Desmond's wife leaves him and their 3 kids after Christmas 1953. As he's unemployed in Dublin, the authorities place the kids in orphanages; when he finds a job, he tries to get his kids back.
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Paul Pender (written by)
Andre Fleuren (as André Fleuren)
Casting Directors
Production Designer
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Release date
Dec 25, 2002 (United States)


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38 cast members
Name Known for
Sophie Vavasseur
Evelyn Doyle Evelyn Doyle   See fewer
Niall Beagan
Dermot Doyle Dermot Doyle   See fewer
Hugh McDonagh
Maurice Doyle (as Hugh Macdonagh) Maurice Doyle (as Hugh Macdonagh)   See fewer
Pierce Brosnan
Desmond Doyle Desmond Doyle   See fewer
Mairead Devlin
Charlotte Doyle Charlotte Doyle   See fewer
Frank Kelly
Henry Doyle Henry Doyle   See fewer
Clare Mullen
Mrs. Daisley (as Claire Mullan) Mrs. Daisley (as Claire Mullan)   See fewer
Alvaro Lucchesi
Inspector Logan Inspector Logan   See fewer
Garrett Keogh
District Judge District Judge   See fewer
Daithi O'Suilleabhain
Brother Eustace (as Daithi O'Suillebhain) Brother Eustace (as Daithi O'Suillebhain)   See fewer
Andrea Irvine
Sister Brigid Sister Brigid   See fewer
Marian Quinn
Sister Theresa Sister Theresa   See fewer
Karen Ardiff
Sister Felicity Sister Felicity   See fewer
Julianna Margulies
Bernadette Beattie Bernadette Beattie   See fewer
Bosco Hogan
Father O'Malley Father O'Malley   See fewer
Des Braiden
Fergal Fergal   See fewer
Lauren Carpenter
Annette Farrell Annette Farrell   See fewer
Stephen Rea
Michael Beattie Michael Beattie   See fewer
Hugh Grogan
Pub Musician Pub Musician   See fewer
Peter Fowl
Pub Musician Pub Musician   See fewer
Aidan Quinn
Nick Barron Nick Barron   See fewer
Gail Fitzpatrick
Miss Gilhooly Miss Gilhooly   See fewer
Pat McGrath
Gamekeeper (as Pat Mcgrath) Gamekeeper (as Pat Mcgrath)   See fewer
Mark Lambert
Minister of Education Minister of Education   See fewer
Alan Bates
Tom Connolly Tom Connolly   See fewer
Conor Evans
Justice Ferris Justice Ferris   See fewer
John Lynch
Senior Counsel Mr. Wolfe Senior Counsel Mr. Wolfe   See fewer
Eamon Rohan
Justice Hall Justice Hall   See fewer
Alan Barry
Justice McLaughlin Justice McLaughlin   See fewer
Brian McGrath
Hugh Canning (as Brian Mcgrath) Hugh Canning (as Brian Mcgrath)   See fewer
Mick Nolan
Honest Joe O'Leary Honest Joe O'Leary   See fewer
Luke Hayden
Irish Times Reporter Irish Times Reporter   See fewer
Don Foley
Justice Lynch Justice Lynch   See fewer
Bill Golding
Justice Daley Justice Daley   See fewer
Slippery Sam Slippery Sam   See fewer
Stuart Clark
Children's Court Usher (uncredited) Children's Court Usher (uncredited)   See fewer
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