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  • 108 Stitches (2001)
  • Comedy, Drama, Sport
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108 Stitches (2001)
Comedy, Drama, Sport

Set in Columbia, the story revolves around the state's worst semi-professional baseball team and their pitcher Andy Martin.

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Updated Oct 31, 2001

Release date
Mar 2002 (United States)


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50 cast members
Name Known for
Robby Welles
Andy Martin Andy Martin   See fewer
Jennifer Austin
Ginny Hightower Ginny Hightower   See fewer
Rick Marzan
Leroy Jeffcoat Leroy Jeffcoat   See fewer
Jeannette Arvay
Gladys Hightower Gladys Hightower   See fewer
David Banks
Rent-A-Cop Rent-A-Cop   See fewer
Drew Bates
Tony Turbeville Tony Turbeville   See fewer
Demi Baumann
Party Girl Party Girl   See fewer
Lily Berlina
White Kitty White Kitty   See fewer
Josh Blue
Jimmy Zellman Jimmy Zellman   See fewer
Erin Cahill
Caitlin Deshields Caitlin Deshields   See fewer
Robert Cannon
Drunk Fan Drunk Fan   See fewer
Ryan Carlberg
Frank Bender Frank Bender   See fewer
Bruce Davison
Coach Scott Deshields Coach Scott Deshields   See fewer
Geoffrey Deuel
Maynard Maynard   See fewer
Nora Frankovich
Actor (voice) Actor (voice)   See fewer
Rosie Garcia
President Pratts Secretary President Pratts Secretary   See fewer
Ryan Graff
Annoyed Student Annoyed Student   See fewer
Sharif Ibrahim
Sharif Ali Sharif Ali   See fewer
Kristan Irvan
Ruth Anne Ruth Anne   See fewer
Brooke Kalama
Work It Hard Girl Work It Hard Girl   See fewer
Casey Katofsky
Richard John Thomas Johnson Richard John Thomas Johnson   See fewer
VK Lynne
Chloe Grace Chloe Grace   See fewer
Allen Maldonado
Maurice Mo Jamal Maurice Mo Jamal   See fewer
Marilyn Mathius
Mabel Higgins Mabel Higgins   See fewer
Scott McCoy
Strunk Strunk   See fewer
Adam Mcgill
Sean Milky Cronin Sean Milky Cronin   See fewer
Allison McNeely
Lurlene Breedlove Lurlene Breedlove   See fewer
Thessa Mloe
Black Kitty Black Kitty   See fewer
Chris Moir
Daniel Data Maurer Daniel Data Maurer   See fewer
Evan O'Brien
Myron Segal Myron Segal   See fewer
Dat Phan
Phan Quan Phan Quan   See fewer
Leon Joseph Pinner
Umpire (as Joe Pinner) Umpire (as Joe Pinner)   See fewer
Alysia Joy Powell
Alysia Big Mama Chance Alysia Big Mama Chance   See fewer
David Rivitz
Prison Team Shortstop Prison Team Shortstop   See fewer
Jorge Rodarte
Juan Scrap Rodriguez Juan Scrap Rodriguez   See fewer
Chloe Jo Rountree
Little Girl Little Girl   See fewer
David Rountree
Warren West Warren West   See fewer
Joe Russell
Slappy Smith Slappy Smith   See fewer
Sam Scarber
Coach Hack Jones Coach Hack Jones   See fewer
Dick Spenneberg
Ronald Rosenblatt Ronald Rosenblatt   See fewer
Kim Taff
Tour Girl Tour Girl   See fewer
Larry Thomas
Coach Kassem Bosco Coach Kassem Bosco   See fewer
Kate Vernon
President Jennine Wormer Pratt President Jennine Wormer Pratt   See fewer
Shawn Weatherly
Actress Actress   See fewer
Lloyd T. Williams
Alonzo (as Lloyd Williams) Alonzo (as Lloyd Williams)   See fewer
Michelle Deatrick
Fan / Speaking Part (uncredited) Fan / Speaking Part (uncredited)   See fewer
Steve Sabo
Cooter (uncredited) Cooter (uncredited)   See fewer
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