Van Wilder's primary photo
  • Van Wilder (2002)
  • R
    92 min | Comedy, Romance
Van Wilder (2002)
92 min | Comedy, Romance

The most popular kid on campus meets a beautiful journalist who makes him realize that maybe he's afraid to graduate.
Brent Goldberg (written by) | David Wagner (written by) (as David T. Wagner)
James R. Bagdonas (as James Bagdonas)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Apr 5, 2002 (United States)


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108 cast members
Name Known for
Ryan Reynolds
Van Wilder Van Wilder   See fewer
Tara Reid
Gwen Pearson Gwen Pearson   See fewer
Tim Matheson
Vance Wilder Sr. Vance Wilder Sr.   See fewer
Kal Penn
Taj Mahal Badalandabad Taj Mahal Badalandabad   See fewer
Daniel Cosgrove
Richard Bagg Richard Bagg   See fewer
Deon Richmond
Mini Cochran Mini Cochran   See fewer
Alex Burns
Gordon Gordon   See fewer
Emily Rutherfurd
Jeannie Jeannie   See fewer
Paul Gleason
Professor McDoogle Professor McDoogle   See fewer
Erik Estrada
Erik Estrada Erik Estrada   See fewer
Curtis Armstrong
Campus Cop Campus Cop   See fewer
Jason Winer
Panos Patakos Panos Patakos   See fewer
Chris Owen
Suicidal Freshman Suicidal Freshman   See fewer
Simon Helberg
Vernon Vernon   See fewer
Aaron Paul
Wasted Guy Wasted Guy   See fewer
Ivana Firestone
Naomi (as Ivana Bozilovic) Naomi (as Ivana Bozilovic)   See fewer
Kim Smith
Casey Casey   See fewer
Teresa Hill
Hot Female Doctor Hot Female Doctor   See fewer
Megan Gallagher
Holyoke Hottie Holyoke Hottie   See fewer
Jason Hopkins
Sick Boy Sick Boy   See fewer
Lydia Hull
Lindsey Lindsey   See fewer
Mark Chaet
Business Manager Business Manager   See fewer
Michael Waltman
Coach Ken Massey Coach Ken Massey   See fewer
Cynthia Fancher
Ms. Haver Ms. Haver   See fewer
Darius Miles
Darius Darius   See fewer
Lamar Odom
Coolidge Chickadee Player Coolidge Chickadee Player   See fewer
Nick Puga
Pimply Faced Freshman Pimply Faced Freshman   See fewer
Joshua Swanson
Annoyingly Peppy Freshman Annoyingly Peppy Freshman   See fewer
Jesse Capelli
Desiree (as Jenny Leone) Desiree (as Jenny Leone)   See fewer
Jeremy Phillips
Overweight Freshman Overweight Freshman   See fewer
Darcy Shean
Gwen's Mom Gwen's Mom   See fewer
Harry Danner
Dr. Beeverman Dr. Beeverman   See fewer
Tom Howard
Gwen's Dad Gwen's Dad   See fewer
John Colton
Dr. Henke Dr. Henke   See fewer
J. Patrick McCormack
Dean Mooney Dean Mooney   See fewer
Gregg Daniel
English Professor English Professor   See fewer
Lauren Birkell
Cheesy TV Announcer Cheesy TV Announcer   See fewer
Teesha Lobo
Hot Indian Girl Hot Indian Girl   See fewer
Cheryl Bricker
Mrs. Henke Mrs. Henke   See fewer
Christopher Sowers
Thin Pledge (as Chris Sowers) Thin Pledge (as Chris Sowers)   See fewer
Colin Campbell
Archive Guy Archive Guy   See fewer
Willie Latimore
Ming Impersonator Ming Impersonator   See fewer
Sean Marquette
Little Kid Little Kid   See fewer
Sterling Rice
Little Girl Little Girl   See fewer
Albert Owens
Another Doctor Another Doctor   See fewer
Anderson Goncalves
Dorky Brother Dorky Brother   See fewer
Anne Varnishung
Gorgeous Secretary Gorgeous Secretary   See fewer
Erik Aude
Martial Arts Freshman Martial Arts Freshman   See fewer
Sarah Fairfax
Mrs. Seay Mrs. Seay   See fewer
Lou Beatty Jr.
Library Man Library Man   See fewer
Andrew Bilgore
Party Busting Cop Party Busting Cop   See fewer
Alexia Chiaromonte
Stunning Co-Ed Freshman Stunning Co-Ed Freshman   See fewer
Brent Goldberg
Freshman Interviewee 1 Freshman Interviewee 1   See fewer
David Wagner
Freshman Interviewee 2 Freshman Interviewee 2   See fewer
Chad Evans
Stoner Freshman Stoner Freshman   See fewer
Brandon Kessel
College Kid College Kid   See fewer
Ryan Carlberg
Worried Preppy Freshman Worried Preppy Freshman   See fewer
Matt Newton
Male Sophomore (as Matthew Newton) Male Sophomore (as Matthew Newton)   See fewer
Edie McClurg
Campus Tour Guide Campus Tour Guide   See fewer
Joyce Brothers
Dr. Joyce Brothers (as Dr. Joyce Brothers) Dr. Joyce Brothers (as Dr. Joyce Brothers)   See fewer
Shaina Fewell
Hot Senior Hot Senior   See fewer
Megan Litwin
Hotter Friend Hotter Friend   See fewer
Sarah Paul
Terri Terri   See fewer
Sirin Suprasert
Suk Mee Suk Mee   See fewer
Mark Alfa
Tranny Stripper (uncredited) Tranny Stripper (uncredited)   See fewer
Megan Baker
Student (uncredited) Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Dan Beck
Lamda Geek (uncredited) Lamda Geek (uncredited)   See fewer
Walt Becker
Fireman (uncredited) Fireman (uncredited)   See fewer
Jason Berry
Frat Boy (uncredited) Frat Boy (uncredited)   See fewer
Victoria Blackburn
Van's Friend (uncredited) Van's Friend (uncredited)   See fewer
Sean Brennan
Shoeshine DIK (uncredited) Shoeshine DIK (uncredited)   See fewer
Chad Brokaw
DIK Brother (uncredited) DIK Brother (uncredited)   See fewer
Scott Cappelli
Rollerskater (uncredited) Rollerskater (uncredited)   See fewer
Ryan Allen Carrillo
Roller Skater (uncredited) Roller Skater (uncredited)   See fewer
Heather Charles
Luau Girl (uncredited) Luau Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Tom Everett Scott
Elliot Grebb (uncredited) Elliot Grebb (uncredited)   See fewer
Soren Fulton
10-Year-Old Boy (uncredited) 10-Year-Old Boy (uncredited)   See fewer
Reid Godshaw
Drunk Boy (uncredited) Drunk Boy (uncredited)   See fewer
Marc S. Gordon
Student Leader (uncredited) Student Leader (uncredited)   See fewer
Sean Gordon
Rollerskater (uncredited) Rollerskater (uncredited)   See fewer
Christopher D. Grace
Drunken Frat Guy (uncredited) Drunken Frat Guy (uncredited)   See fewer
Kelly Hayes
Luau Party Guy (uncredited) Luau Party Guy (uncredited)   See fewer
Jesse Heiman
Student on Couch (uncredited) Student on Couch (uncredited)   See fewer
Christie McNew
College Student (uncredited) College Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Summer Moore
Pajama Party-Goer (uncredited) Pajama Party-Goer (uncredited)   See fewer
Bonnie Morgan
Twisted Auditioner (uncredited) Twisted Auditioner (uncredited)   See fewer
Justin Neill
Frat Guy (uncredited) Frat Guy (uncredited)   See fewer
Alex Nesic
ROTC Student (uncredited) ROTC Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Daniel Oestreich
Naked Runner (uncredited) Naked Runner (uncredited)   See fewer
Louis E. Rosas
Drag Queen (uncredited) Drag Queen (uncredited)   See fewer
Steffen Schlachtenhaufen
Student Bartender (uncredited) Student Bartender (uncredited)   See fewer
Jennifer Schlueter
Student (uncredited) Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Skyler Stone
Test Taker (uncredited) Test Taker (uncredited)   See fewer
Charlie Talbert
Stomach Guy (uncredited) Stomach Guy (uncredited)   See fewer
Billy Taylor
Student (uncredited) Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Nathan Todaro
Skating Rink Geek (uncredited) Skating Rink Geek (uncredited)   See fewer
Cassie Townsend
Student (uncredited) Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Greta Valenti
Hot Roller Girl (uncredited) Hot Roller Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Dave Vandermeuse
Cowboy Lamda Brother (uncredited) Cowboy Lamda Brother (uncredited)   See fewer
Josh Waters
College Student on Campus Tour (uncredited) College Student on Campus Tour (uncredited)   See fewer
Nik Wilcox
Sychophant (uncredited) Sychophant (uncredited)   See fewer
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