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  • Bloom (I) (2003)
  • R
    113 min | Drama, Romance
Bloom (I) (2003)
113 min | Drama, Romance

Adapted from James Joyce's Ulysses, Bloom is the enthralling story of June 16th, 1904 and a gateway into the consiousness of its three main characters: Stephen Dedalus, Molly Bloom and the extraordinary Leopold Bloom.
James Joyce (novel)
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Updated Sep 24, 2003

Release date
Apr 16, 2004 (Ireland)


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58 cast members
Name Known for
Stephen Rea
Leopold Bloom Leopold Bloom   See fewer
Angeline Ball
Molly Bloom Molly Bloom   See fewer
Hugh O'Conor
Stephen Dedalus Stephen Dedalus   See fewer
Neilí Conroy
Driscoll Driscoll   See fewer
Eoin McCarthy
Blazes Boylan Blazes Boylan   See fewer
Alvaro Lucchesi
Buck Mulligan Buck Mulligan   See fewer
Maria Hayden
May Dedalus May Dedalus   See fewer
Aideen McDonald
Veiled girl Veiled girl   See fewer
Pat McGrath
Butcher Butcher   See fewer
Mark Huberman
Haines Haines   See fewer
Kenneth McDonnell
Armstrong Armstrong   See fewer
Hugh MacDonagh
Schoolboy Schoolboy   See fewer
Andrew McGibney
Colm / Newsboy Colm / Newsboy   See fewer
Dan Colley
Bannon Bannon   See fewer
Donncha Crowley
Father Coffey Father Coffey   See fewer
Ronnie Masterson
Postmistress Postmistress   See fewer
Britta Smith
Martha Martha   See fewer
Paul Ronan
Lenehan Lenehan   See fewer
Alan Devlin
Simon Dedalus Simon Dedalus   See fewer
Phelim Drew
Martin Cunningham Martin Cunningham   See fewer
Ronan Wilmot
Virag Bloom Virag Bloom   See fewer
Peter Dix
Man in macintosh Man in macintosh   See fewer
Peadar Lamb
Editor Editor   See fewer
Sarah Jane Drummey
Dilly Dedalus Dilly Dedalus   See fewer
Dearbhla Molloy
Mrs. Breen Mrs. Breen   See fewer
Jenny Maher
Mina Purefoy Mina Purefoy   See fewer
Eoin MacDonagh
Goldberg Goldberg   See fewer
Howard Jones
Young Bloom Young Bloom   See fewer
Peter Gaynor
Russel Russel   See fewer
Russel Smith
Eglington Eglington   See fewer
Seamus Walsh
Blindman Blindman   See fewer
Mal Whyte
Librarian Librarian   See fewer
Jack Lynch
Bookseller Bookseller   See fewer
Patrick Bergin
The citizen The citizen   See fewer
Tom Bye
Man in pub Man in pub   See fewer
Colman Hanley
Jackey Jackey   See fewer
Conor Delaney
Madden Madden   See fewer
Charlie Bonner
Pvt. Compton Pvt. Compton   See fewer
Alexander Downes
Pvt. Carr Pvt. Carr   See fewer
Eamon Rohan
Paddy Dignam Paddy Dignam   See fewer
Caoileann Murphy
Young Molly Bloom Young Molly Bloom   See fewer
Dermot Moore
Mr. Stanhope Mr. Stanhope   See fewer
Steve Simmonds
Molly's father Molly's father   See fewer
Maurice Shanahan
Capt. Groves Capt. Groves   See fewer
Justin C. Cohen
Bystander Bystander   See fewer
Mick Fitzgerald
Fishmonger Fishmonger   See fewer
Adam Fox Clarke
Rudy Bloom Rudy Bloom   See fewer
Raymond Kean
Man in brothel Man in brothel   See fewer
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