Amen. (2002)
Not Rated
132 min | Biography, Crime, Drama

During WWII SS officer Kurt Gerstein tries to inform Pope Pius XII about Jews being sent to extermination camps. Young Jesuit priest Riccardo Fontana helps him in the difficult mission to inform the world.
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Release date
Jun 12, 2002 (United States)


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111 cast members
Name Known for
Mathieu Kassovitz
Riccardo Fontana Riccardo Fontana   See fewer
Ulrich Tukur
Kurt Gerstein Kurt Gerstein   See fewer
Ulrich Mühe
Doctor Doctor   See fewer
Michel Duchaussoy
Cardinal Cardinal   See fewer
Ion Caramitru
Count Fontana Count Fontana   See fewer
Friedrich von Thun
Gerstein's Father Gerstein's Father   See fewer
Antje Schmidt
Mrs. Gerstein Mrs. Gerstein   See fewer
Hanns Zischler
Grawitz Grawitz   See fewer
Erich Hallhuber
Von Rutta Von Rutta   See fewer
Burkhard Heyl
Director Director   See fewer
Angus MacInnes
Tittman Tittman   See fewer
Bernd Fischerauer
Bishop von Galen Bishop von Galen   See fewer
Pierre Franckh
Pastor Wehr Pastor Wehr   See fewer
Richard Durden
Ambassador Taylor Ambassador Taylor   See fewer
Monica Bleibtreu
Mrs. Hinze Mrs. Hinze   See fewer
Justus von Dohnányi
Baron Von Otter Baron Von Otter   See fewer
Günther Maria Halmer
Pastor Dibelius Pastor Dibelius   See fewer
August Zirner
Von Weizsäcker Von Weizsäcker   See fewer
Horatiu Malaele
Fritsche Fritsche   See fewer
Ovidiu Cuncea
Stephan Lux Stephan Lux   See fewer
Susanne Lothar
Alexandra Baltz Alexandra Baltz   See fewer
Alex Geringas
Helmut Franz (as Alexander Geringas) Helmut Franz (as Alexander Geringas)   See fewer
Theodor Danetti
Old Cardinal Old Cardinal   See fewer
Radu Bânzaru
Armin Peters (as Radu Banzaru) Armin Peters (as Radu Banzaru)   See fewer
Heinz Gerhard Lück
Old Monk Old Monk   See fewer
Marina Berti
La Principessa La Principessa   See fewer
Michael Mendl
Monsignore Hudal Monsignore Hudal   See fewer
Niels Hansen
Pastor Rebling Pastor Rebling   See fewer
Matthias Koeberlin
Decorated Officer (as Mathias Köberlin) Decorated Officer (as Mathias Köberlin)   See fewer
Nina Proll
Helga Helga   See fewer
Marin Moraru
Photographer Photographer   See fewer
Hinnerk Schönemann
Chess Player Chess Player   See fewer
Ion Haiduc
Controler Controler   See fewer
Dorina Chiriac
Berthe Gerstein Berthe Gerstein   See fewer
Cornelia Pavlovici
Berthe's Mother Berthe's Mother   See fewer
Cornel Ciupercescu
Berthe's Father Berthe's Father   See fewer
Robinson Reichel
SS Officer In Rome SS Officer In Rome   See fewer
Lilly Tukur
Adelheid Gerstein Adelheid Gerstein   See fewer
Charles Brian
Arnulf Gerstein Arnulf Gerstein   See fewer
Sophie Parea
Baby Gerstein Baby Gerstein   See fewer
Laurentiu Cizmas
Young Son Gerstein Young Son Gerstein   See fewer
George Ivascu
Tailor Tailor   See fewer
Ion Pavlescu
Monsignore Kaas Monsignore Kaas   See fewer
Rodica Lazar
Rachel Rachel   See fewer
Doru Badiu
Gerhard Gerhard   See fewer
Costin Anghel
Barcia Trelles Barcia Trelles   See fewer
Alexandru Repan
First Cardinal First Cardinal   See fewer
Ion Siminie
Majordome Majordome   See fewer
Florin Kevorkian
Stenographer Priest Stenographer Priest   See fewer
Natasa Raab
Blond Lady At Fontana's Blond Lady At Fontana's   See fewer
Andriana Andronache
Woman At The Church Woman At The Church   See fewer
Andrei Finti
Parish Priest 1 Parish Priest 1   See fewer
Andrei Boncea
Parish Priest 2 Parish Priest 2   See fewer
Zoltan Butuc
Priest 1 Priest 1   See fewer
Laurentiu Bobalca
Priest 2 Priest 2   See fewer
Nicolae Calugarita
Nation Society President Nation Society President   See fewer
Karina Bobe
Woman 1 Woman 1   See fewer
Christine Georgescu
Old Woman Old Woman   See fewer
Cici Caraman
Woman 2 Woman 2   See fewer
Lucia Maier
Woman 3 Woman 3   See fewer
Andrei Duban
Camp Officer Camp Officer   See fewer
Andrei Gheorghe
French Officer French Officer   See fewer
Bogdan Uritescu
French Sergeant French Sergeant   See fewer
Fred Wesson
American Officer American Officer   See fewer
Cornel Vulpe
Swedish Guard Swedish Guard   See fewer
Petre Moraru
Prosecutor Prosecutor   See fewer
Mihai Niculescu
Civilian 1 Civilian 1   See fewer
Mircea Stoian
Civilian 2 Civilian 2   See fewer
Geo Dobre
Civilian 3 Civilian 3   See fewer
Viorel Comanici
Civilian 4 Civilian 4   See fewer
Mihai Calin
Civilian 5 Civilian 5   See fewer
Emil Hostina
Sergeant Sergeant   See fewer
Bogdan Florea
Young Sergeant Young Sergeant   See fewer
Alex Jitea
SS Officer 1 (as Alexandru Jitea) SS Officer 1 (as Alexandru Jitea)   See fewer
Marian Râlea
SS Officer 2 (as Marian Rálea) SS Officer 2 (as Marian Rálea)   See fewer
Florin Busuioc
SS Officer 3 SS Officer 3   See fewer
Florin Dobrovici
SS Officer 4 SS Officer 4   See fewer
Eugen Cristian Motriuc
SS Officer 5 (as Cristian Motriuc) SS Officer 5 (as Cristian Motriuc)   See fewer
Alin Panc
SS Lieutenant 1 SS Lieutenant 1   See fewer
Pavel Bartos
SS Lieutenant 2 SS Lieutenant 2   See fewer
Dorina Lazar
First SS Officer's Wife First SS Officer's Wife   See fewer
Anca Sigartau
Second SS Officer's Wife Second SS Officer's Wife   See fewer
Oana Ioachim
Third SS Officer's Wife Third SS Officer's Wife   See fewer
Tamara Popescu
Fourth SS Officer's Wife Fourth SS Officer's Wife   See fewer
Nicolae Borza
Chief Doctor Chief Doctor   See fewer
Adrian Plopeanu
Doctor 1 Doctor 1   See fewer
Daniel Iordan
Technician Technician   See fewer
Dan Astileanu
Truck Driver Truck Driver   See fewer
Mihai Razus
Swiss Guard Officer Swiss Guard Officer   See fewer
Doru Stan
Fontana's Chauffeur Fontana's Chauffeur   See fewer
Rodrig Andrisan
Black Cardinal and Jew Prisoner (uncredited) Black Cardinal and Jew Prisoner (uncredited)   See fewer
Diana Angelson
Catholic Woman (uncredited) Catholic Woman (uncredited)   See fewer
Sergiu Cepleanu
Nazi Officer / Prisoner (uncredited) Nazi Officer / Prisoner (uncredited)   See fewer
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