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  • Johnson County War (2002)
  • TV Movie | 240 min | Western
Johnson County War (2002)
TV Movie | 240 min | Western

The three Hammett brothers are caught in a conflict that escalates rapidly and the old farmers facing against new farmers who have settled in the green grasslands.
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Frederick Manfred (novel "Riders of Judgement") | Larry McMurtry (teleplay) | Diana Ossana (teleplay)
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Production Designer
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Updated Aug 24, 2002

Release date
Aug 24, 2002 (United States)


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47 cast members
Name Known for
Tom Berenger
Cain Hammett Cain Hammett   See fewer
Luke Perry
Harry Hammett Harry Hammett   See fewer
Burt Reynolds
Hunt Lawton Hunt Lawton   See fewer
Rachel Ward
Queenie Queenie   See fewer
Michelle Forbes
Rory Hammett Rory Hammett   See fewer
Adam Storke
Dale Hammett Dale Hammett   See fewer
Christopher Cazenove
Lord Peter Lord Peter   See fewer
Jack Conley
Jesse Jacklin Jesse Jacklin   See fewer
Silas Weir Mitchell
Mitch Slaughter Mitch Slaughter   See fewer
Fay Masterson
Clara Jager Clara Jager   See fewer
Ken Pogue
Wally Tascot Wally Tascot   See fewer
Blu Mankuma
Hambone Hambone   See fewer
Stephen Bridgewater
Dencil Jager Dencil Jager   See fewer
Adrien Dorval
Timberline (as P. Adrien Dorval) Timberline (as P. Adrien Dorval)   See fewer
Jimmy Herman
Sam-the-Wolfer Sam-the-Wolfer   See fewer
Henry Beckman
Gov . Barb Gov . Barb   See fewer
Ron Hartmann
Sen. Thorpe Sen. Thorpe   See fewer
Tim Koetting
Bat Waldy Bat Waldy   See fewer
Hal Kerbes
Irv Hornsby Irv Hornsby   See fewer
Paul Coeur
Claybourne Rodney Claybourne Rodney   See fewer
Tom Heaton
Sheriff Sine Sheriff Sine   See fewer
John F. Parker
Russell - of the 'Times' Russell - of the 'Times'   See fewer
Billy Morton
Ringbone Ringbone   See fewer
David LeReaney
Allen Stone Allen Stone   See fewer
Doug Lennox
Texas Ike Texas Ike   See fewer
Kirk Jarrett
Jimmy Albert Jimmy Albert   See fewer
Steven Shayler
First Bad Cowboy (as Steve Shayler) First Bad Cowboy (as Steve Shayler)   See fewer
Chris Ippolito
Nightherder Nightherder   See fewer
Tom Carey
Texas Cowboy Texas Cowboy   See fewer
J.C. Roberts
Tom - the Granger Tom - the Granger   See fewer
Joe Dodds
Homestead Father Homestead Father   See fewer
Peter Strand Rumpel
Telegraph Operator Telegraph Operator   See fewer
Shawn C. Orr
Texas Gunman (as Shawn Orr) Texas Gunman (as Shawn Orr)   See fewer
Rodger Yule
Bagpiper Bagpiper   See fewer
Dusty Bews
Casper Casper   See fewer
Tom Eirikson
Texas Charlie Texas Charlie   See fewer
Cameron MacDonald
Texas Cam (as Cam MacDonald) Texas Cam (as Cam MacDonald)   See fewer
Dan Heather
Danny Boy Danny Boy   See fewer
Bunk Duncan
Butcherknife Butcherknife   See fewer
Bud Klasky
Land Owner Land Owner   See fewer
Maria Hart
Homestead Mother (uncredited) Homestead Mother (uncredited)   See fewer
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