Lilo & Stitch (2002)
85 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

A young and parentless girl adopts a 'dog' from the local pound, completely unaware that it's supposedly a dangerous scientific experiment that's taken refuge on Earth and is now hiding from its creator and those who see it as a menace.
Chris Sanders (based on an idea by) | Dean DeBlois
Casting Directors
Production Designer
Paul A. Felix (as Paul Felix)
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Release date
Jun 21, 2002 (United States)


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50 cast members
Name Known for
Daveigh Chase
Lilo (voice) Lilo (voice)   See fewer
Chris Sanders
Stitch (voice) (as Christopher Michael Sanders) Stitch (voice) (as Christopher Michael Sanders)   See fewer
Tia Carrere
Nani (voice) Nani (voice)   See fewer
David Ogden Stiers
Jumba (voice) Jumba (voice)   See fewer
Kevin McDonald
Pleakley (voice) Pleakley (voice)   See fewer
Ving Rhames
Cobra Bubbles (voice) Cobra Bubbles (voice)   See fewer
Zoe Caldwell
Grand Councilwoman (voice) Grand Councilwoman (voice)   See fewer
Jason Scott Lee
David Kawena (voice) David Kawena (voice)   See fewer
Kevin Michael Richardson
Captain Gantu (voice) Captain Gantu (voice)   See fewer
Susan Hegarty
Rescue Lady (voice) Rescue Lady (voice)   See fewer
Amy Hill
Mrs. Hasagawa (voice) Mrs. Hasagawa (voice)   See fewer
Steve Alterman
Actor (voice) Actor (voice)   See fewer
Emily Anderson
Woman (voice) Woman (voice)   See fewer
Jack Angel
Alien Guard (voice) Alien Guard (voice)   See fewer
Bill Asing
Man (voice) Man (voice)   See fewer
Erica Beck
Mertle's Friend (voice) Mertle's Friend (voice)   See fewer
Bob Bergen
Officer (voice) (as Robert Bergen) Officer (voice) (as Robert Bergen)   See fewer
Steve Blum
Hammerhead Guard (voice) (as Steven Jay Blum) Hammerhead Guard (voice) (as Steven Jay Blum)   See fewer
Rodger Bumpass
Man (voice) Man (voice)   See fewer
Cathy Cavadini
Fainting Girl (voice) (as Catherine Cavadini) Fainting Girl (voice) (as Catherine Cavadini)   See fewer
Jennifer Darling
Female Officer (voice) Female Officer (voice)   See fewer
Alexandra Deary
Woman (voice) Woman (voice)   See fewer
John DeMita
Actor (voice) Actor (voice)   See fewer
Judi M. Durand
Actress (voice) (as Judi Durand) Actress (voice) (as Judi Durand)   See fewer
Greg Finley
Actor (voice) Actor (voice)   See fewer
Jeff Fischer
Actor (voice) Actor (voice)   See fewer
Valerie Flueger Veras
Actress (voice) (as Valerie Flueger) Actress (voice) (as Valerie Flueger)   See fewer
Jess Harnell
Hawaiian Man (voice) Hawaiian Man (voice)   See fewer
Aszur Hill
Actress (voice) (as T. Aszur Hill) Actress (voice) (as T. Aszur Hill)   See fewer
Barbara Harris
Actress (voice) (as Barbara Iley) Actress (voice) (as Barbara Iley)   See fewer
Daamen J. Krall
Man #2 (voice) (as Daamen Krall) Man #2 (voice) (as Daamen Krall)   See fewer
Todd Kurosawa
Truck Driver (voice) Truck Driver (voice)   See fewer
Chloe Looper
Actress (voice) Actress (voice)   See fewer
Mickie McGowan
Computer Voice (voice) Computer Voice (voice)   See fewer
Kunewa Mook
Hula Teacher (voice) Hula Teacher (voice)   See fewer
Courtney Mun
Actress (voice) Actress (voice)   See fewer
Mary Linda Phillips
Coffee Owner (voice) (as Mary-Linda Phillips) Coffee Owner (voice) (as Mary-Linda Phillips)   See fewer
Patrick Pinney
Firefighter (voice) Firefighter (voice)   See fewer
Paige Pollack
Actress (voice) Actress (voice)   See fewer
David Randolph
Actor (voice) Actor (voice)   See fewer
Noreen Reardon
Actress (voice) Actress (voice)   See fewer
Debra Rogers
First Officer Ombit (voice) (as Debra Jean Rogers) First Officer Ombit (voice) (as Debra Jean Rogers)   See fewer
Susan Silo
Computer (voice) Computer (voice)   See fewer
Kath Soucie
Hawaiian Woman (voice) Hawaiian Woman (voice)   See fewer
Melanie Spore
Actress (voice) Actress (voice)   See fewer
Doug Stone
Ensign Getco (voice) (as Doug Store) Ensign Getco (voice) (as Doug Store)   See fewer
Drew Lexi Thomas
Actress (voice) Actress (voice)   See fewer
Miranda Paige Walls
Mertle Edmonds (voice) (as Miranda Walls) Mertle Edmonds (voice) (as Miranda Walls)   See fewer
Karle Warren
Actress (voice) Actress (voice)   See fewer
Ruth Zalduondo
Various Woman (voice) Various Woman (voice)   See fewer
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