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    Video Game | Action, Sport
WWF No Mercy (2000)
Video Game | Action, Sport

Over 70 characters, 10 venues, 7 different areas outside the arena, new weapons, a developing story mode, an extensive create-a-wrestler mode, and much more, deliver the most comprehensive and best wrestling game of the decade.

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Updated Nov 14, 2000

Release date
Nov 14, 2000 (United States)


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75 cast members
Name Known for
Steve Austin
Steve Austin Steve Austin   See fewer
Mick Foley
Mankind / Dude Love / Cactus Jack (voice) Mankind / Dude Love / Cactus Jack (voice)   See fewer
Dwayne Johnson
The Rock (archive sound) The Rock (archive sound)   See fewer
Paul Levesque
Triple-H Triple-H   See fewer
Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon (voice) Vince McMahon (voice)   See fewer
Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels Shawn Michaels   See fewer
Kurt Angle
The Ultimate Wussy The Ultimate Wussy   See fewer
Jason Arhndt
Joey Abs (removed) Joey Abs (removed)   See fewer
Chris Benoit
Chris Beniot Chris Beniot   See fewer
Steve Blackman
Steve Blackman Steve Blackman   See fewer
Matt Bloom
Prince Albert Prince Albert   See fewer
Gerald Brisco
Gerald Brisco Gerald Brisco   See fewer
Barry Buchanan
Bull Buchanon Bull Buchanon   See fewer
Stacy Carter
The Kat The Kat   See fewer
Chyna Chyna   See fewer
A.C. Connor
D'Lo Brown D'Lo Brown   See fewer
Michael Coulthard
Michael Cole Michael Cole   See fewer
Lillian Ellison
Fabulous Moolah Fabulous Moolah   See fewer
Solofa Fatu Jr.
Rikishi Rikishi   See fewer
Howard Finkel
Howard Finkel Howard Finkel   See fewer
Sho Funaki
Funaki Funaki   See fewer
Peter Gasparino
Pete Gas (removed) Pete Gas (removed)   See fewer
Eddie Guerrero
Eddie Guerrero Eddie Guerrero   See fewer
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy Jeff Hardy   See fewer
Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy Matt Hardy   See fewer
David Heath
Gangrel (removed) Gangrel (removed)   See fewer
Earl Hebner
Earl Hebner (referee) Earl Hebner (referee)   See fewer
Mark Henry
Mark Henry Mark Henry   See fewer
Bob Howard
Hardcore Holly Hardcore Holly   See fewer
Devon Hughes
D-Von Dudley D-Von Dudley   See fewer
Brian James
The Road Dogg The Road Dogg   See fewer
Chris Jericho
Goldilox Goldilox   See fewer
Dennis Knight
Mideon (removed) Mideon (removed)   See fewer
Brian Lawler
Grand Master Sexay Grand Master Sexay   See fewer
Jerry Lawler
Jerry 'The King' Lawler (archive sound) Jerry 'The King' Lawler (archive sound)   See fewer
John Layfield
Bradshaw Bradshaw   See fewer
Michael Lockwood
Crash Holly Crash Holly   See fewer
Mark LoMonaco
Buh Buh Ray Dudley Buh Buh Ray Dudley   See fewer
Dean Malenko
Dean Malenko Dean Malenko   See fewer
Michael Manna
Stevie Richards Stevie Richards   See fewer
Linda McMahon
Linda McMahon Linda McMahon   See fewer
Shane McMahon
Shane McMahon Shane McMahon   See fewer
Stephanie McMahon
Stephanie McMahon Stephanie McMahon   See fewer
William Moody
Paul Bearer Paul Bearer   See fewer
Jacqueline Moore
Jacqueline Jacqueline   See fewer
Sean Morley
Val Venis Val Venis   See fewer
Pat Patterson
Pat Patterson Pat Patterson   See fewer
Jay Reso
Christian Christian   See fewer
Jim Ross
Jim Ross (archive sound) Jim Ross (archive sound)   See fewer
Glenn Ruth
Thrasher (removed) Thrasher (removed)   See fewer
Perry Saturn
Perry Saturn Perry Saturn   See fewer
Jose Seldano
Essa Rios Essa Rios   See fewer
Ken Shamrock
Ken Shamrock Ken Shamrock   See fewer
Ron Simmons
Farooq Farooq   See fewer
Davey Boy Smith
The British Bulldog The British Bulldog   See fewer
Al Snow
Al Snow Al Snow   See fewer
Monty Sopp
Billy Gunn Billy Gunn   See fewer
Trish Stratus
Trish Stratus Trish Stratus   See fewer
Scott Taylor
Scotty Too Hotty Scotty Too Hotty   See fewer
Ray Traylor
The Big Boss Man The Big Boss Man   See fewer
Chaz Warrington
Mosh (removed) Mosh (removed)   See fewer
Paul Wight
Big Show (removed) Big Show (removed)   See fewer
Charles Wright
The Godfather The Godfather   See fewer
Takao Yoshida
Taka Michunoku Taka Michunoku   See fewer
Mae Young
Mae Young Mae Young   See fewer
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