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  • Fidel (2002)
  • TV Movie | 206 min | Biography, Drama
Fidel (2002)
TV Movie | 206 min | Biography, Drama

Fidel Castro rises to power in Cuba.
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Stephen Tolkin (screenplay by) | Georgie Anne Geyer (based on the book "Guerrilla Prince" written by) | Robert E. Quirk (based on the book entitled "Fidel Castro" by)
Checco Varese (as Francesco Varese)
Casting Directors
Production Designer
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Updated Jan 27, 2002

Release date
Jan 27, 2002 (United States)


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59 cast members
Name Known for
Víctor Huggo Martin
Fidel Castro Fidel Castro   See fewer
Gael García Bernal
Che Guevara Che Guevara   See fewer
Cecilia Suárez
Celia Sanchez Celia Sanchez   See fewer
Maurice Compte
Raul Castro Raul Castro   See fewer
Margarita Rosa de Francisco
Naty Revuelta (as Margarita d'Francisco) Naty Revuelta (as Margarita d'Francisco)   See fewer
Enrique Arce
Rafael Rafael   See fewer
José María Yazpik
Camilo Cienfuegos Camilo Cienfuegos   See fewer
Manuel Sevilla
Abel Santamaria Abel Santamaria   See fewer
Alejandra Gollas
Haydeé Santamaría (as Alejandra Gollás) Haydeé Santamaría (as Alejandra Gollás)   See fewer
Ernesto Godoy
Huber Matos Huber Matos   See fewer
Guillermo Diaz
Universo Sanchez (as Guillermo Díaz) Universo Sanchez (as Guillermo Díaz)   See fewer
Tony Plana
Gen. Fulgencio Battista Gen. Fulgencio Battista   See fewer
Mel Rodriguez
Calixto Morales Calixto Morales   See fewer
Bobby Plasencia
Faustino Perez Faustino Perez   See fewer
Reynaldo Rosales
Guillermo Garcia Guillermo Garcia   See fewer
Marco Bacuzzi
Secret policeman Secret policeman   See fewer
Juan Ignacio Aranda
Alberto Bayo Alberto Bayo   See fewer
Anne Betancourt
School Teacher School Teacher   See fewer
Marius Biegai
Aleksey Alekseyev (as Marius Viejai) Aleksey Alekseyev (as Marius Viejai)   See fewer
Roberto Bonelli
Agricultural Scientist Agricultural Scientist   See fewer
Ismael 'East' Carlo
Eddy Chibas (as Ismael Carlo) Eddy Chibas (as Ismael Carlo)   See fewer
Rey Christian
Guillermo Guillermo   See fewer
Roger Cudney
Ambassador Butler Ambassador Butler   See fewer
Hector Elizondo
Eddie Chibas Eddie Chibas   See fewer
Al Espinosa
Taxi Driver Taxi Driver   See fewer
Muriel Fouilland
Melba Hernandez Melba Hernandez   See fewer
Juan Pablo Gamboa
USA Ambassador in Cuba USA Ambassador in Cuba   See fewer
Ken Jenkins
Herbert Matthews Herbert Matthews   See fewer
Diego Jáuregui
Carabia Carabia   See fewer
Patricia Llaca
American Woman American Woman   See fewer
George Lopez
Chucho Osorio Chucho Osorio   See fewer
Isai Lopez
Rebel #2 Rebel #2   See fewer
Diego Luna
Renato Guitart Renato Guitart   See fewer
Honorato Magaloni
Aged Fidel Castro Aged Fidel Castro   See fewer
Adrian Makala
Juan Almeida Juan Almeida   See fewer
Jorge Malpica
Adrian Adrian   See fewer
Mario Iván Martínez
Prosecutor (as Mario Ivan Martinez) Prosecutor (as Mario Ivan Martinez)   See fewer
Roberto Medina
DR. Fernandez DR. Fernandez   See fewer
Pedro Mira
Ramiro Valdes Ramiro Valdes   See fewer
Toño Muñiz
Sergeant (as Antonio Muñiz) Sergeant (as Antonio Muñiz)   See fewer
Raúl Méndez
Rodriguez Rodriguez   See fewer
Fernanda Ostos
Waitress Waitress   See fewer
Pilar Padilla
Young Mother Young Mother   See fewer
Darío T. Pie
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Jorge Pérez Zamora
Nightclub Manager Nightclub Manager   See fewer
Juan Jose Miron Rodriguez
Sergeant at roadblock Sergeant at roadblock   See fewer
Gabriel Ronquillo
Rebel #1 Rebel #1   See fewer
Samantha Smith
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Marco Treviño
Boatbuilder Boatbuilder   See fewer
Amara Villafuerte
Huber's Wife Huber's Wife   See fewer
Juan Carlos Vives
Radio Announcer Radio Announcer   See fewer
Carmen Zapata
Old Woman Old Woman   See fewer
Jorge Zárate
Coronel del Rio Chaviano Coronel del Rio Chaviano   See fewer
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