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  • The Laramie Project (2002)
  • TV-14
    TV Movie | 97 min | Crime, Drama, History
The Laramie Project (2002)
TV Movie | 97 min | Crime, Drama, History

The true story of an American town in the wake of the murder of Matthew Shepard.
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Moisés Kaufman (play) (screenplay) | Stephen Belber (play) (as Tectonic Theatre) (screenplay) (as Tectonic Theatre) | Amanda Gronich (play) (as Tectonic Theatre) (screenplay) (as Tectonic Theatre) | Greg Pierotti (play) (as Tectonic Theatre) (screenplay) (as Tectonic Theatre) & 7 more
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Jan 10, 2002

Release date
Mar 9, 2002 (United States)


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74 cast members
Name Known for
Kathleen Chalfant
Anonymous Female Rancher Anonymous Female Rancher   See fewer
Laura Linney
Sherry Johnson Sherry Johnson   See fewer
Peter Fonda
Doctor Cantway Doctor Cantway   See fewer
Jeremy Davies
Jedadiah Schultz Jedadiah Schultz   See fewer
Nestor Carbonell
Moisés Kaufman Moisés Kaufman   See fewer
Camryn Manheim
Rebecca Hilliker Rebecca Hilliker   See fewer
Andy Paris
Stephen Belber Stephen Belber   See fewer
Grant Varjas
Greg Pierotti (as Grant James Varjas) Greg Pierotti (as Grant James Varjas)   See fewer
Kelli Simpkins
Leigh Fondakowski Leigh Fondakowski   See fewer
Clea DuVall
Amanda Gronich Amanda Gronich   See fewer
Billie McBride
Waitress Waitress   See fewer
Bill Christ
Man on the Porch Man on the Porch   See fewer
Frances Sternhagen
Marge Murray Marge Murray   See fewer
Regina Krueger
Alison Mears Alison Mears   See fewer
Michael Emerson
Reverend Reverend   See fewer
Margo Martindale
Trish Steger Trish Steger   See fewer
Steve Buscemi
Doc O'Connor Doc O'Connor   See fewer
Christina Ricci
Romaine Patterson Romaine Patterson   See fewer
Greg Pierotti
Jon Peacock Jon Peacock   See fewer
Janeane Garofalo
Catherine Connolly Catherine Connolly   See fewer
John McAdams
Jonas Slonaker Jonas Slonaker   See fewer
Joshua Jackson
Matt Galloway Matt Galloway   See fewer
Michael K. Osborn
Murdock Cooper Murdock Cooper   See fewer
Anne Cloud
Kristin Price Kristin Price   See fewer
Mark Webber
Aaron McKinney Aaron McKinney   See fewer
Ben Foster
Aaron Kreifels Aaron Kreifels   See fewer
Lois Smith
Lucy Thompson Lucy Thompson   See fewer
Leslie Henson
Catherine Connolly's Partner Catherine Connolly's Partner   See fewer
Garrett Neergaard
Russell Henderson Russell Henderson   See fewer
Daniel Ahearn
Arraignment Judge Arraignment Judge   See fewer
Amy Madigan
Reggie Fluty Reggie Fluty   See fewer
Clancy Brown
Rob Debree Rob Debree   See fewer
Tom Bower
Father Roger Schmit Father Roger Schmit   See fewer
Steef Sealy
Bill McKinney (as Steve Sealy) Bill McKinney (as Steve Sealy)   See fewer
Pat Mahoney
Sgt. Hing Sgt. Hing   See fewer
Jim Hooley
Reporter #1 Reporter #1   See fewer
Jacquie Palisi
Reporter #2 Reporter #2   See fewer
Nancy Phillips
Reporter #3 Reporter #3   See fewer
Nelson Embleton
Anonymous Male Rancher Anonymous Male Rancher   See fewer
Craig Stout
Governor Jim Geringer Governor Jim Geringer   See fewer
Barbara Pitts
Sherry Aanenson Sherry Aanenson   See fewer
Dylan Baker
Rulon Stacey Rulon Stacey   See fewer
Stephen Belber
Anonymous Friend of Aaron McKinney Anonymous Friend of Aaron McKinney   See fewer
Noah Fleiss
Shannon Shingleton Shannon Shingleton   See fewer
Summer Phoenix
Jen Malmskog Jen Malmskog   See fewer
John Lodico
Conrad Miller Conrad Miller   See fewer
Bhavna de Montebello
Zubaida Ula (as Bhavana Kundanmal) Zubaida Ula (as Bhavana Kundanmal)   See fewer
Amanda Gronich
Zackie Salmon Zackie Salmon   See fewer
Mercedes Herrero
Pam Sears Pam Sears   See fewer
Bill Irwin
Harry Woods Harry Woods   See fewer
James Murtaugh
Reverend Fred Phelps Reverend Fred Phelps   See fewer
Richard Riehle
Henderson Trial Judge Henderson Trial Judge   See fewer
Terry Kinney
Dennis Shepard Dennis Shepard   See fewer
Lou Anne Wright
Judy Shepard Judy Shepard   See fewer
Ben Fuhrman
McKinney Trial Judge McKinney Trial Judge   See fewer
John Nance
Jury Foreman Jury Foreman   See fewer
Aimee Hazzard
Tuba player Tuba player   See fewer
Dawn E. Anderson
Angel (uncredited) Angel (uncredited)   See fewer
Carrie Anderson-Kincaid
Reporter (uncredited) Reporter (uncredited)   See fewer
Dave Aquino
Reporter (uncredited) Reporter (uncredited)   See fewer
Kevin Aviance
Self (archive footage) (uncredited) Self (archive footage) (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael Bravo
Orderly (uncredited) Orderly (uncredited)   See fewer
Lauren Bulloch
Reggie's Daughter (uncredited) Reggie's Daughter (uncredited)   See fewer
Bill Clinton
Self (archive footage) (uncredited) Self (archive footage) (uncredited)   See fewer
Teresa Cocas
TV Reporter (uncredited) TV Reporter (uncredited)   See fewer
Zach Cumer
Rev. Fred Phelps' Younger Son (uncredited) Rev. Fred Phelps' Younger Son (uncredited)   See fewer
Ellen DeGeneres
Self (archive footage) (uncredited) Self (archive footage) (uncredited)   See fewer
Nicholas DiNardo
Reverend's Son (uncredited) Reverend's Son (uncredited)   See fewer
Payton Dunham
Motel Clerk (uncredited) Motel Clerk (uncredited)   See fewer
Kaius Harrison
Chief Tolley (uncredited) Chief Tolley (uncredited)   See fewer
Vanessa Lunnon
Matthew's Friend (uncredited) Matthew's Friend (uncredited)   See fewer
Joey Naber
Extra (uncredited) Extra (uncredited)   See fewer
Jason Niedbalski
Extra (uncredited) Extra (uncredited)   See fewer
Stanley Roach
County Sheriff (uncredited) County Sheriff (uncredited)   See fewer
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