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  • The Point Men (2001)
  • R
    100 min | Action, Drama
The Point Men (2001)
100 min | Action, Drama

Some time after their botched operation to capture a known Palestinian terrorist, a team of Israeli agents starts to get killed off one by one. Their leader must get to the bottom of things before the killer(s) plan is complete.
Steven Hartov (novel "The Heat of Ramadan") | Ripley Highsmith (screenplay)
Casting Directors
Sue Jones | Monique van der Waals (as Monique Durlacher)
Production Designer

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Release date
Aug 23, 2001 (United States)


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48 cast members
Name Known for
Christopher Lambert
Tony Eckhardt Tony Eckhardt   See fewer
Kerry Fox
Maddy Hope Maddy Hope   See fewer
Vincent Regan
Amar Kamil Amar Kamil   See fewer
Nicolas de Pruyssenaere
Peter Hauser Peter Hauser   See fewer
Donald Sumpter
Benni Baum Benni Baum   See fewer
Maryam d'Abo
Francie Koln Francie Koln   See fewer
Oliver Haden
George Masoud George Masoud   See fewer
Hendrick Haese
Rainer Luckman Rainer Luckman   See fewer
William Armstrong
Harry Weber Harry Weber   See fewer
Martin Siegel
Gen. Ben-Zion Gen. Ben-Zion   See fewer
Marco Maes
Nabil Nabil   See fewer
Patrick Hastert
Thomas Skorzeny Thomas Skorzeny   See fewer
Guido Molinaro
Bavarian Bavarian   See fewer
Diana Wiersma
Nabil's Woman Nabil's Woman   See fewer
Saul Reichlin
Emil Zander Emil Zander   See fewer
Tobias Licht
Victor Kalmanovich Victor Kalmanovich   See fewer
Patrick Dean
Jamil El-Aziz Jamil El-Aziz   See fewer
Tristan Lignier
Terrorist A Terrorist A   See fewer
Hajib Razzak
Terrorist B Terrorist B   See fewer
Derek Kueter
Interrogator 1 Interrogator 1   See fewer
Ken Samuels
Chief of Security Chief of Security   See fewer
Ben Andrews
Israeli Security Officer Israeli Security Officer   See fewer
Jean-Luc Ristic
Interrogator 2 Interrogator 2   See fewer
Gilles Soeder
French Police Officer French Police Officer   See fewer
Michaël Morris
Dr. Engels Dr. Engels   See fewer
Peronella Van Kastel
Night Nurse (as Peronella V. Kastel) Night Nurse (as Peronella V. Kastel)   See fewer
Gary Cowan
Israeli Consul Israeli Consul   See fewer
Malcolm Turner
Police Captain Police Captain   See fewer
Jesse Joe Walsh
Old Man Old Man   See fewer
Ann Overstall Comfort
Baum's Wife (as Ann Overstall) Baum's Wife (as Ann Overstall)   See fewer
Robert L. Hall
Recptionist (as Robert Hall) Recptionist (as Robert Hall)   See fewer
Bruce MacEwen
Headquarters Captain (as Bruce McEwen) Headquarters Captain (as Bruce McEwen)   See fewer
Leslie Woodhall
Keynote Speaker Keynote Speaker   See fewer
Barbara Sarafian
Sigma Reporter Sigma Reporter   See fewer
Pieter Riemens
Salvic Gentleman Salvic Gentleman   See fewer
Christian Reiss
Security Officer Security Officer   See fewer
Michael Reuben
Chinese Proprietor Chinese Proprietor   See fewer
Christopher P. Kibbey
Rental Car Clerk Rental Car Clerk   See fewer
Julian Nest
Jeep Driver (as Julian Vincent) Jeep Driver (as Julian Vincent)   See fewer
Samir Bezzah
Soldier in Park Soldier in Park   See fewer
Serge Wolf
Israeli Doctor Israeli Doctor   See fewer
Atamna Ouidadi
Arab Boy Arab Boy   See fewer
Özkan Arslan
Cameraman (uncredited) Cameraman (uncredited)   See fewer
Denis Simonetta
Man on the street (uncredited) Man on the street (uncredited)   See fewer
Radica Vujicin
Cybille (uncredited) Cybille (uncredited)   See fewer
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