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  • The Tunnel (2001)
  • 150 min | Drama, History, Thriller
The Tunnel (2001)
150 min | Drama, History, Thriller

During the Cold War, Germany was divided into two states - East and West. This epic story tells about their dramatic connections.
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Release date
Nov 3, 2001 (United States)


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56 cast members
Name Known for
Heino Ferch
Harry Melchior Harry Melchior   See fewer
Nicolette Krebitz
Friederike 'Fritzi' Scholz Friederike 'Fritzi' Scholz   See fewer
Sebastian Koch
Matthis Hiller Matthis Hiller   See fewer
Alexandra Maria Lara
Charlotte 'Lotte' Lohmann Charlotte 'Lotte' Lohmann   See fewer
Claudia Michelsen
Carola Langensiep Carola Langensiep   See fewer
Felix Eitner
Fred von Klausnitz Fred von Klausnitz   See fewer
Mehmet Kurtulus
Vittorio 'Vic' Castanza Vittorio 'Vic' Castanza   See fewer
Heinrich Schmieder
Theo Lohmann Theo Lohmann   See fewer
Uwe Kockisch
Oberst Krüger Oberst Krüger   See fewer
Karin Baal
Marianne von Krausnitz Marianne von Krausnitz   See fewer
Dorothea Moritz
Hermine Hermine   See fewer
Wolf-Dietrich Sprenger
Fotograf Grüner Fotograf Grüner   See fewer
Sarah Kubel
Ina Lohmann Ina Lohmann   See fewer
Ruth Glöss
Mutter Fritzi Mutter Fritzi   See fewer
Gode Benedix
Herbert König Herbert König   See fewer
Simon von Parys
William Ogilvie William Ogilvie   See fewer
Christine Harbort
Frau Meckel Frau Meckel   See fewer
Luis Lamprecht
Ewald Mezger Ewald Mezger   See fewer
Shaun Lawton
Gerald McLoud Gerald McLoud   See fewer
Uwe Zerbe
Friedrich Meyer Friedrich Meyer   See fewer
Hans Nitschke
Trainer Harry Trainer Harry   See fewer
Rüdiger Kuhlbrodt
Funktionär 1 Funktionär 1   See fewer
Jürgen Haug
Funktionär 2 Funktionär 2   See fewer
Arno Reckers
Hallensprecher Hallensprecher   See fewer
Frank-Michael Köbe
Stasi-Mann Stasi-Mann   See fewer
Wilhelm Manske
Kaderfuhrer Kaderfuhrer   See fewer
Roland Renner
Amtsarzt Amtsarzt   See fewer
Sylvie Niemann
Schliesserin (as Sylvie Rogawski) Schliesserin (as Sylvie Rogawski)   See fewer
Heidrun Bartholomäus
Uniformierte Uniformierte   See fewer
Reiner Heise
Grenzer 1 Grenzer 1   See fewer
Sebastian Kautz
Grenzer 2 Grenzer 2   See fewer
Christoph Glaubacker
Grenzer 3 Grenzer 3   See fewer
Nico Link
Grenzer 4 Grenzer 4   See fewer
Jonas Hartmann
Grenzer 5 Grenzer 5   See fewer
Lars Löllmann
Grenzer 6 Grenzer 6   See fewer
Pier Niemann
Grenzer 7 Grenzer 7   See fewer
Jakub Zindulka
Grenzer 8 Grenzer 8   See fewer
Petr Motloch
Grenzer 9 Grenzer 9   See fewer
Rainer Sellien
Georg Himmrich Georg Himmrich   See fewer
Tino Blazejewski
Helfer Rudiger Helfer Rudiger   See fewer
Matthias Zelic
Helfer Alfons Helfer Alfons   See fewer
Holger Gronemann
Helfer 3 Helfer 3   See fewer
Thomas Keiper
Helfer 4 Helfer 4   See fewer
Manfred Rasch
Helfer 6 Helfer 6   See fewer
Bernd Kuntzel
Helfer 7 Helfer 7   See fewer
Thorsten Gesser
Helfer 8 Helfer 8   See fewer
Frank Engster
Franzose Franzose   See fewer
Actor Actor   See fewer
Antje Straßburger
Schaffnerin Schaffnerin   See fewer
Anja Taschenberg
Junge Musikerin Junge Musikerin   See fewer
Dieter Dost
Wirt (uncredited) Wirt (uncredited)   See fewer
Monika Reineck
Ostfrau am Brandenburger Tor (uncredited) Ostfrau am Brandenburger Tor (uncredited)   See fewer
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