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  • Brat 2 (2000)
  • 122 min | Action, Crime, Drama
Brat 2 (2000)
122 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Arriving in Moscow, Danila discovers Konstantin dead and he sets out to avenge his death; a journey that leads him to Chicago and a whole new experience.
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Release date
Oct 2000 (United States)


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142 cast members
Name Known for
Sergey Bodrov
Danila Bagrov Danila Bagrov   See fewer
Irina Saltykova
Irina Saltykova Irina Saltykova   See fewer
Alexander Diachenko
Kostya / Mitya (as Aleksandr Dyachenko) Kostya / Mitya (as Aleksandr Dyachenko)   See fewer
Darya Yurgens
Dasha-Marilyn (as Darya Lesnikova) Dasha-Marilyn (as Darya Lesnikova)   See fewer
Gary Houston
Mennis Mennis   See fewer
Ray Toler
Ben - truck driver Ben - truck driver   See fewer
Aleksandr Naumov
Chief of Bank security Chief of Bank security   See fewer
Aleksandr Karamnov
Boris, Saltykova's Guard Boris, Saltykova's Guard   See fewer
Konstantin Zheldin
Taxi driver (Moscow) Taxi driver (Moscow)   See fewer
Dmitriy Orlov
Bandit (as Dmitriy Sborets) Bandit (as Dmitriy Sborets)   See fewer
Andrey Savostyanov
Ruddy-faced man (as Andrei Sevastyanov) Ruddy-faced man (as Andrei Sevastyanov)   See fewer
Bradley Mott
Fat man Fat man   See fewer
Arkady Zersky
Kuybyshev Kuybyshev   See fewer
A.C. Tony Smith
Gun seller (as A.S.Smith) Gun seller (as A.S.Smith)   See fewer
Oleg Vasilkov
Criminal Criminal   See fewer
Pavel Sholyansky
First Ukrainian First Ukrainian   See fewer
Yaroslav Mazuk
Second Ukrainian Second Ukrainian   See fewer
Christian Stolte
Policeman in Ukrainian village Policeman in Ukrainian village   See fewer
Dmitry Umetsky
Self (as Dmitri Umetsky) Self (as Dmitri Umetsky)   See fewer
Vladislav Opelyants
Self (as Vlad Opelyants) Self (as Vlad Opelyants)   See fewer
Rick Beach
Actor Actor   See fewer
Lili-Anne Brown
Actress Actress   See fewer
Jim Carrane
Actor (as Jimmy Carrane) Actor (as Jimmy Carrane)   See fewer
Yelena Demchenko
Actress Actress   See fewer
Alex Emanuel
Ukrainian Cop Ukrainian Cop   See fewer
Cliff Frazier
Actor (as Clifford T.Freizer) Actor (as Clifford T.Freizer)   See fewer
Aleksey Grishin
Actor (as Alexey Grishin) Actor (as Alexey Grishin)   See fewer
Darwin Harris
Germaine Germaine   See fewer
Loonne M. Hoz
Actress Actress   See fewer
David W.R. Inglis
Actor (as David Inglis) Actor (as David Inglis)   See fewer
Milauna Jackson
Actress Actress   See fewer
John Judd
Actor Actor   See fewer
Inna Kapnulina
Actress Actress   See fewer
Yanina Kogut
Actress Actress   See fewer
Eric Kohn
Actor Actor   See fewer
Monte LaMonte
Actor (as Monte Laforti) Actor (as Monte Laforti)   See fewer
Herb Long
Actor Actor   See fewer
Tom McElroy
Actor (as Thomas Edson McElroy) Actor (as Thomas Edson McElroy)   See fewer
Jane Mogilevski
Actress Actress   See fewer
Kevin Mukherji
Cabbie #2 Cabbie #2   See fewer
Bill Noble
Actor Actor   See fewer
Rick Ocker
Actor Actor   See fewer
Ron O.J. Parson
Actor (as Ron O.J.Parsons) Actor (as Ron O.J.Parsons)   See fewer
Roderick Peeples
Actor (as Rick Peeples) Actor (as Rick Peeples)   See fewer
Suzanne Petri
Actress Actress   See fewer
Irina Rakhmanova
Actress Actress   See fewer
Ray Rayou
Actor Actor   See fewer
Tania Richard
Actress Actress   See fewer
Yulya Rudneva
Actress Actress   See fewer
Charles Sans
Dr. Krane Dr. Krane   See fewer
Oksana Saprykina
Actress Actress   See fewer
Slava Schoot
Con artist Con artist   See fewer
Timeca M. Seretti
Actress (as Timeca Chandler) Actress (as Timeca Chandler)   See fewer
Owen Smith
Actor Actor   See fewer
Demetria Thomas
Actress Actress   See fewer
Ilya Utkin
Actor Actor   See fewer
Guy Van Swearingen
Police Officer Police Officer   See fewer
Jaromír Jágr
Self (uncredited) Self (uncredited)   See fewer
Aleksey Poluyan
Viktor Bagrov / Bandit / Okhrannik v shkole (voice) (uncredited) Viktor Bagrov / Bandit / Okhrannik v shkole (voice) (uncredited)   See fewer
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