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  • On the Beach (2000)
  • TV Movie | 195 min | Drama, Sci-Fi
On the Beach (2000)
TV Movie | 195 min | Drama, Sci-Fi

After a global nuclear war, the residents of Australia must come to terms with the fact that all life will be destroyed in a matter of months.
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Nevil Shute (novel) | John Paxton (1959 screenplay) | David Williamson (teleplay) | Bill Kerby (teleplay)
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Release date
May 28, 2000 (United States)


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72 cast members
Name Known for
Armand Assante
Cmdr. Dwight Towers Cmdr. Dwight Towers   See fewer
Rachel Ward
Moira Davidson Moira Davidson   See fewer
Bryan Brown
Dr. Julian Osborne Dr. Julian Osborne   See fewer
Jacqueline McKenzie
Mary Davidson Holmes Mary Davidson Holmes   See fewer
Grant Bowler
Lt. Peter Holmes Lt. Peter Holmes   See fewer
Allison Webber
Jenny Holmes Jenny Holmes   See fewer
Tieghan Webber
Jenny Holmes Jenny Holmes   See fewer
Steve Bastoni
First Officer Neil Hirsch First Officer Neil Hirsch   See fewer
David Ross Paterson
Chief Wawrzeniak (as David Paterson) Chief Wawrzeniak (as David Paterson)   See fewer
Kevin Copeland
Sonarman Bobby Swain Sonarman Bobby Swain   See fewer
Todd MacDonald
Radioman Giles Radioman Giles   See fewer
Joe Petruzzi
Lt. Tony Garcia Lt. Tony Garcia   See fewer
Craig Beamer
Crewman Reid Crewman Reid   See fewer
Jonathan Oldham
Crewman Parsons Crewman Parsons   See fewer
Trent Huen
Crewman Samuel Huynh Crewman Samuel Huynh   See fewer
Donni Frizzell
Crewman Rossi Crewman Rossi   See fewer
Jonathan Stuart
Crewman Burns Crewman Burns   See fewer
Sam Loy
Seaman Sulman Seaman Sulman   See fewer
Charlie Clausen
Seaman Byers Seaman Byers   See fewer
Robert Rabiah
Cook Gratino Cook Gratino   See fewer
Marc Carra
Cook Walmsey Cook Walmsey   See fewer
Rod Mullinar
Admiral Jack Cunningham Admiral Jack Cunningham   See fewer
Felicity Boyd
Lt. Ashton Lt. Ashton   See fewer
Bill Hunter
Prime Minister Seaton Prime Minister Seaton   See fewer
Charles 'Bud' Tingwell
Professor Alan Nordstrum (as Charles Tingwell) Professor Alan Nordstrum (as Charles Tingwell)   See fewer
Kate Kendall
Jenny Albani Jenny Albani   See fewer
Heather Mitchell
British Anchorwoman British Anchorwoman   See fewer
Nicholas Hammond
U.S. President U.S. President   See fewer
Bruce Hughes
Press Secretary Press Secretary   See fewer
David Tredinnick
U.S. Analyst U.S. Analyst   See fewer
Antonia Murphy
Dinner Woman Dinner Woman   See fewer
Adam McKee
Dinner Man Dinner Man   See fewer
Michael Fry
School Teacher School Teacher   See fewer
Jennifer Castles
Post Mistress Post Mistress   See fewer
Peter Mendoza
Boat Builder Boat Builder   See fewer
Alyce Platt
Sharon Towers Sharon Towers   See fewer
Madeline Cenedese
Angela Towers Angela Towers   See fewer
Darren Casha
Cal Towers Cal Towers   See fewer
David Argue
Jimmy Nofly Jimmy Nofly   See fewer
Tom Considine
Hospital Doctor Hospital Doctor   See fewer
Mark Pennell
Pharmacist Pharmacist   See fewer
Warwick Begg
Overcliff Father Overcliff Father   See fewer
Sandra Murphy
Overcliff Mother Overcliff Mother   See fewer
Carlie Murphy
Overcliff Girl Overcliff Girl   See fewer
John Murphy
Overcliff Boy Overcliff Boy   See fewer
Robert Lowe
Submarine Guard Submarine Guard   See fewer
Rachel Valentyne
Café Girl Café Girl   See fewer
Christian Bell
Café Guy #1 Café Guy #1   See fewer
Martin Copping
Beans (as a different name) Beans (as a different name)   See fewer
Julie Day
Screaming Woman Screaming Woman   See fewer
Naomi Ramos
Girl in Lane Way Girl in Lane Way   See fewer
Jorge Onasis
Guy in Lane Way Guy in Lane Way   See fewer
Nina Godinbo
Girl with Dog Girl with Dog   See fewer
Michael Carman
U.S. Anchorman U.S. Anchorman   See fewer
Frederique Fouche
French Interviewer French Interviewer   See fewer
Christopher Cummins
Interviewer (as Chris Cummins) Interviewer (as Chris Cummins)   See fewer
Trent Baker
Journalist #1 Journalist #1   See fewer
Stephanie Chen
Journalist #2 Journalist #2   See fewer
Simon Lyssiotis
Homeless Youth Homeless Youth   See fewer
Davini Malcolm
Australian News Anchor Australian News Anchor   See fewer
Chris Sutherland
Skateboarder Skateboarder   See fewer
Steve Syson
Navy crewman Navy crewman   See fewer
Bassem Abousaid
Passerby (uncredited) Passerby (uncredited)   See fewer
Sholom Gelt
Boy with sister (uncredited) Boy with sister (uncredited)   See fewer
Joel Angus King
Navy Crewman (uncredited) Navy Crewman (uncredited)   See fewer
Pascal Mercay
Gang Leader (uncredited) Gang Leader (uncredited)   See fewer
Nicholas Simmons
Marine (uncredited) Marine (uncredited)   See fewer
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