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  • Harrison's Flowers (2000)
  • R
    130 min | Drama, Romance, War
Harrison's Flowers (2000)
130 min | Drama, Romance, War

When a Newsweek photojournalist disappears in war-torn Yugoslavia, his wife travels to Europe to find him.
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Isabel Ellsen (book) (screenplay) | Élie Chouraqui (screenplay) | Didier Le Pêcheur (screenplay) | Michael Katims (screenplay collaboration)
Bruno Coulais | Cliff Eidelman (version: USA)
Casting Directors
Cathy Sandrich Gelfond (as Cathy Sandrich) | Amanda Mackey (as Amanda Mackey Johnson)
Production Designer
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Release date
Mar 15, 2002 (United States)


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44 cast members
Name Known for
Andie MacDowell
Sarah Lloyd Sarah Lloyd   See fewer
Elias Koteas
Yeager Pollack Yeager Pollack   See fewer
Brendan Gleeson
Marc Stevenson Marc Stevenson   See fewer
Adrien Brody
Kyle Morris Kyle Morris   See fewer
David Strathairn
Harrison Lloyd Harrison Lloyd   See fewer
Alun Armstrong
Samuel Brubeck Samuel Brubeck   See fewer
Caroline Goodall
Johanna Pollack Johanna Pollack   See fewer
Diane Baker
Mary Francis Mary Francis   See fewer
Quinn Shephard
Margaux Lloyd Margaux Lloyd   See fewer
Gerard Butler
Chris Kumac, Photojournalist Chris Kumac, Photojournalist   See fewer
Scott Anton
Cesar Lloyd (as Scott Michael Anton) Cesar Lloyd (as Scott Michael Anton)   See fewer
Dragan Antonic
Chetnik Chetnik   See fewer
Marie-Béatrice Bernert
Austrian Woman Austrian Woman   See fewer
Antony Boehm
Freddy Freddy   See fewer
Predrag Bjelac
Doctor in Vukovar Doctor in Vukovar   See fewer
Kurt Cramer
CNN Journalist CNN Journalist   See fewer
Nicole Estabrooks
Journalist 4 Journalist 4   See fewer
Simon Francis
Layout Technician Layout Technician   See fewer
Milan Gargula
Katzman Katzman   See fewer
Rich Gold
Journalist 1 Journalist 1   See fewer
Bela Grushka
Nina Portnoy Nina Portnoy   See fewer
Jessica Horáthová
HTV Interviewer (as Jessica Horvathova) HTV Interviewer (as Jessica Horvathova)   See fewer
Amy Huck
Cybil Cybil   See fewer
Corey Johnson
Peter Francis Peter Francis   See fewer
Joel Kirby
Michael Michael   See fewer
Rianne Kooiman
Newsweek Journalist Newsweek Journalist   See fewer
Ljiljana Krstic
Old Woman (as Liliana Krstic) Old Woman (as Liliana Krstic)   See fewer
Gregory Linington
Journalist 2 Journalist 2   See fewer
Deborah Michaels
Journalist 3 Journalist 3   See fewer
Slobodan Milovanovic
Base Commander Base Commander   See fewer
Sasa Nikolic
Chtlomac (as Sasa Nikolitch) Chtlomac (as Sasa Nikolitch)   See fewer
Zivko Petrov
Nustar Peasant Nustar Peasant   See fewer
Dragan Radivojevic Lav
Sniper (as Dragan Radivojevic) Sniper (as Dragan Radivojevic)   See fewer
Michael Rogers
Canadian Cameraman Canadian Cameraman   See fewer
Joel Sugerman
Nelson Nelson   See fewer
Dale Wyatt
Mistress of Ceremony Mistress of Ceremony   See fewer
Goran Radakovic
Serbian Soldier Serbian Soldier   See fewer
Andrew Blanchard
TV Reporter (uncredited) TV Reporter (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael Cella
Awards guest (uncredited) Awards guest (uncredited)   See fewer
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