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  • Freeway Rhapsody (2000)
  • 90 min | Comedy, Fantasy
Freeway Rhapsody (2000)
90 min | Comedy, Fantasy

The story of a man who tries to find one of his severed ears in an absurd accident.
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Kako Kelber (as Caroline Kelber)
Casting Directors
Pascale Schuler (as Pascale Schuller) | Stéphane Zito (extras casting)
Production Designer

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Updated Jun 15, 2000

Release date
Jun 28, 2000 (France)


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55 cast members
Name Known for
Aure Atika
Périnne Périnne   See fewer
Marie-France Pisier
Dr. Rouget Dr. Rouget   See fewer
Dominique Pinon
Jacky Carpe Jacky Carpe   See fewer
Marc Berman
Lécrevisse Lécrevisse   See fewer
Sophie Forte
CGPette CGPette   See fewer
Maïté Nahyr
Mme Sandre Mme Sandre   See fewer
Dominique Chevalier
Fernando (as Dominique Chevallier) Fernando (as Dominique Chevallier)   See fewer
Julien Cafaro
Fabrice Turbot Fabrice Turbot   See fewer
Christiane Bopp
Josie Turbot Josie Turbot   See fewer
Tamara Fritz
Julie Turbot Julie Turbot   See fewer
François Soule
Homme Xsara oreille Homme Xsara oreille   See fewer
Clémentine de Chabaneix
Femme Xsara oreille Femme Xsara oreille   See fewer
Emmanuel Depoix
Homme Xsara sandwich Homme Xsara sandwich   See fewer
Cécile Parès
Femme Xsara sandwich Femme Xsara sandwich   See fewer
Patrick Zard
Compagnon Obezine 1 Compagnon Obezine 1   See fewer
Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus
Compagnon Obezine 2 Compagnon Obezine 2   See fewer
Jan Rouiller
Pascal Merlan Pascal Merlan   See fewer
Lysiane Meis
Gendarme 2 Gendarme 2   See fewer
Jacques Brécourt
L'homme Suisse L'homme Suisse   See fewer
Jacqueline Piet
La femme Suisse La femme Suisse   See fewer
Jean-Paul Bonnaire
Gendarme 1 Gendarme 1   See fewer
Sophie Mounicot
Sophie Merlan Sophie Merlan   See fewer
Bruno La Brasca
Infirmier Infirmier   See fewer
Isabelle Sprung
Infirmière Infirmière   See fewer
Rémy Roubakha
Chef d'équipe Chef d'équipe   See fewer
Jean-Louis Cordina
Pupitreur Pupitreur   See fewer
Joseph Malerba
Pompier 1 Pompier 1   See fewer
Etienne Comar
Pompier 2 (as Étienne Comar) Pompier 2 (as Étienne Comar)   See fewer
Nathalie Mann
Femme décapotable Femme décapotable   See fewer
Patrick Brossard
Motard 1 Motard 1   See fewer
Thomas Waintrop
Motard 2 Motard 2   See fewer
Jean-Paul Pitolin
Le chauve Le chauve   See fewer
Mathieu Ducrez
Jackson Jackson   See fewer
Fabien Béhar
Docteur Fish Docteur Fish   See fewer
Thierry Bois
Pompiste Pompiste   See fewer
Laurence Pasquini
Femme caisse Femme caisse   See fewer
Michèle Comba
Dame caisse Dame caisse   See fewer
Marie-Stéphane Cattaneo
Adolescente Adolescente   See fewer
Philippe Roux
Père de l'adolescente Père de l'adolescente   See fewer
Jean-Pierre Clami
Homme sourd Homme sourd   See fewer
Hélène Hily
Femme sourde Femme sourde   See fewer
Laure Boussard
Traductrice muets Traductrice muets   See fewer
Juliette Boscheron
Enfant boutique Enfant boutique   See fewer
Joseph Comar
Enfant boutique Enfant boutique   See fewer
Salomé Agid
Enfant boutique Enfant boutique   See fewer
Valérie Lajo
Photo 3615 Photo 3615   See fewer
Barmak Akram
Voix borne Voix borne   See fewer
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