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  • Best Actress (2000)
  • TV-14
    TV Movie | 91 min | Crime, Comedy
Best Actress (2000)
TV Movie | 91 min | Crime, Comedy

A Hollywood writer becomes embroiled while investigating into the lives of five fictitious actresses all nominated for the Academy Award for best actress.
Harvey Frost (as F. Harvey Frost)
Robert C. Cooper (as Robert Cooper) | John Kane (novel)
Casting Director
Production Designer
Tony Devenyi (as Anthony Devenyi)
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Updated Mar 19, 2000

Release date
Mar 19, 2000 (United States)


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51 cast members
Name Known for
Thomas Calabro
Ted Gavin Ted Gavin   See fewer
Jaime Pressly
Karen Kroll Karen Kroll   See fewer
Rachel Hunter
Fiona Covington Fiona Covington   See fewer
Anthony Head
Colin Truemans (as Anthony Stewart Head) Colin Truemans (as Anthony Stewart Head)   See fewer
Jordan Ladd
Amber Lyons Amber Lyons   See fewer
Elisa Donovan
Lori Seefer Lori Seefer   See fewer
Maria Conchita Alonso
Maria Katarina Caldone Maria Katarina Caldone   See fewer
Loretta Devine
Connie Travers Connie Travers   See fewer
Pam Hyatt
Shana Shana   See fewer
Ellen Dubin
Fatima Fatima   See fewer
Andrew Airlie
Eric Collins Eric Collins   See fewer
Patti Allan
Melissa Goldman Melissa Goldman   See fewer
Guy Fauchon
Philip (as Guy Fuchon) Philip (as Guy Fuchon)   See fewer
Heidi Kramer
Brianna Brianna   See fewer
Alissa Kramer
Tatianna Tatianna   See fewer
Edgar Davis
Claudio Claudio   See fewer
Fred Henderson
Doctor Mayerwitz Doctor Mayerwitz   See fewer
Sheelah Megill
Ida Gunkndiferson Ida Gunkndiferson   See fewer
Karen Holness
Jennifer Jennifer   See fewer
Andrew Johnston
Doug Littman Doug Littman   See fewer
Klodyne Rodney
Susan Sakowitz Susan Sakowitz   See fewer
Mar Andersons
Room Service Waiter Room Service Waiter   See fewer
Nina Roman
Woman #1 Woman #1   See fewer
Judith Maxie
Woman #2 Woman #2   See fewer
Frank C. Turner
Ralph Spivak, P.I. Ralph Spivak, P.I.   See fewer
Don MacKay
Morty Morty   See fewer
Renotcka Rzepczyk
Female Fan Female Fan   See fewer
Russell Roberts
Lionel Latham Lionel Latham   See fewer
Steve Kmetko
Steve Kmetko Steve Kmetko   See fewer
Dexter Bell
Pool Boy Pool Boy   See fewer
Sharon Reiner
Music Awards P.A. Music Awards P.A.   See fewer
D. Harlan Cutshall
Music Awards Director Music Awards Director   See fewer
Gil Hayward
Awards Director Awards Director   See fewer
Linnea Sharples
Production Assistant Production Assistant   See fewer
Gary Busey
Gary Busey Gary Busey   See fewer
Melissa Rivers
Melissa Rivers Melissa Rivers   See fewer
Marilyn Beck
Marilyn Beck Marilyn Beck   See fewer
Alan Van Sprang
Billy Walsh Billy Walsh   See fewer
Bif Naked
Bif Naked Bif Naked   See fewer
Michael Musto
Michael Musto Michael Musto   See fewer
Diane Ladd
Diane Ladd Diane Ladd   See fewer
Army Archerd
Army Archerd Army Archerd   See fewer
Rolonda Watts
Rolonda Watts (as Rolanda Watts) Rolonda Watts (as Rolanda Watts)   See fewer
Cindy Adams
Cindy Adams Cindy Adams   See fewer
Jules Asner
Jules Asner Jules Asner   See fewer
Nuno Antunes
Stagehand Stagehand   See fewer
Suzanne Sena
Suzanne Sena Suzanne Sena   See fewer
Terry Murphy
Terry Murphy Terry Murphy   See fewer
Todd Newton
Todd Newton Todd Newton   See fewer
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