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  • La culpa (1996–1996)
  • TV Series | Drama, Romance
La culpa (1996–1996)
TV Series | Drama, Romance


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Updated Aug 12, 1996

Release date (First episode)
Aug 12, 1996 (Mexico)


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100 cast members
Name Episodes Known for
Oscar Uriel
Alejandro Alejandro   See fewer
Manuel Ojeda
Mariano Lagarde Mariano Lagarde   See fewer
Tiaré Scanda
Isabel Isabel   See fewer
Raúl Araiza
Miguel Ángel Miguel Ángel   See fewer
Tony Marcín
Connie Connie   See fewer
Alma Muriel
Andrea Andrea   See fewer
Delia Casanova
Graciela Graciela   See fewer
Manuel 'Flaco' Ibáñez
Raúl Nava Raúl Nava   See fewer
Ana Martín
Cuquita Cuquita   See fewer
Alfonso Iturralde
Rafael Montalvo Rafael Montalvo   See fewer
Mario Iván Martínez
Dr. Castellar Dr. Castellar   See fewer
Bruno Bichir
Adolfo Adolfo   See fewer
Tina Romero
Lorena Lorena   See fewer
Alicia Montoya
Manuela Manuela   See fewer
Juan Verduzco
Director Universidad Director Universidad   See fewer
Bárbara Ferré
Claudia Claudia   See fewer
Paula Sánchez
Juana Inés Juana Inés   See fewer
Pedro Armendáriz Jr.
Tomás Mendizábal Tomás Mendizábal   See fewer
Janet Candiani
Actress Actress   See fewer
Eric del Castillo
Lic. Yllades Lic. Yllades   See fewer
Silvia Contreras
Conchita Conchita   See fewer
Ricardo D'León
Matías Matías   See fewer
Luis Reynoso
Justino Justino   See fewer
Monserrat Mora
Bebé de Nemoria Bebé de Nemoria   See fewer
Evelyn Solares
Vecina de Nemoria Vecina de Nemoria   See fewer
Marco Zetina
Dr. de la Fuente (1996) Dr. de la Fuente (1996)   See fewer
Seraly Morales
Secretaria Secretaria   See fewer
Carlos Ramírez
Lic. Marín Lic. Marín   See fewer
Adriana Strauss
Periodista Periodista   See fewer
Miguel A. Gandarela
Reportero Reportero   See fewer
Alejandra Murga
Comentarista Comentarista   See fewer
Rubén Gondray
Ministerio Público Ministerio Público   See fewer
Evangelina Martínez
Madre Elvira Madre Elvira   See fewer
Rafael Horta
Actuario Actuario   See fewer
Marco Antonio Novelo
Vigilante Vigilante   See fewer
Paola Flores
Portera Portera   See fewer
Lucía Muñoz
Religiosa Religiosa   See fewer
Adriana Barraza
Trabajadora Social Trabajadora Social   See fewer
Tara Parra
Presidenta Damas Voluntarias Presidenta Damas Voluntarias   See fewer
Alejandro del Castillo
Capitán de meseros Capitán de meseros   See fewer
Mónica García
Edecán (1996) Edecán (1996)   See fewer
Oscar D'Motta
Patrullero 1 Patrullero 1   See fewer
Samuel Gallegos
Patrullero 2 Patrullero 2   See fewer
Manuel Benítez
Octavio Octavio   See fewer
Flor Trujillo
Dra. Gómez Dra. Gómez   See fewer
Clarisa Rendón
Enfermera 1 Enfermera 1   See fewer
Ángeles López
Enfermera 2 Enfermera 2   See fewer
Gloria Solache
Enfermera 3 Enfermera 3   See fewer
Alea Yólotl
Recepcionista Recepcionista   See fewer
Jesús Betanzos
Policía 1 Policía 1   See fewer
Eduardo Von
Paramédico 1 Paramédico 1   See fewer
Armando Quiñones
Paramédico 2 Paramédico 2   See fewer
Roberto Meza
Paramédico 3 Paramédico 3   See fewer
Gustavo Cosain
Patrullero 3 Patrullero 3   See fewer
Alejandro Ávila
Judicial Judicial   See fewer
Cristina Camino
Vecina 1 Vecina 1   See fewer
Ángeles Yáñez
Vecina 2 Vecina 2   See fewer
Norma Guerra
Recepcionista Recepcionista   See fewer
Fabrizio Mersini
Periodista Periodista   See fewer
Miguel Valles
Profesor 1 Profesor 1   See fewer
Miguel López
Profesor 2 Profesor 2   See fewer
Rubén Morales
Ministerio Público Ministerio Público   See fewer
Brenda Zachaz
Secretaria Secretaria   See fewer
Gabriela Baig
Secretaria de Montalvo Secretaria de Montalvo   See fewer
Abril Campillo
Socorro Socorro   See fewer
Zoraya Ferret
Empleada del Hotel Empleada del Hotel   See fewer
Raúl Macías
Ratón Ratón   See fewer
Claudia Rojo
Argüello Argüello   See fewer
Óscar Morelli
Lic. Salgado Lic. Salgado   See fewer
Claudia Silva
Ivonne Ivonne   See fewer
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