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  • Madison (2001)
  • PG
    94 min | Drama, Sport
Madison (2001)
94 min | Drama, Sport

A story about a man's personal struggle to victory in the 1971 Madison, Indiana hydro-plane regatta.
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Release date
Jan 23, 2001 (United States)


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67 cast members
Name Known for
Jim Caviezel
Jim McCormick Jim McCormick   See fewer
Jake Lloyd
Mike McCormick Mike McCormick   See fewer
Mary McCormack
Bonnie McCormick Bonnie McCormick   See fewer
Bruce Dern
Harry Volpi Harry Volpi   See fewer
Paul Dooley
Mayor Don Vaughn Mayor Don Vaughn   See fewer
Brent Briscoe
Tony Steinhardt Tony Steinhardt   See fewer
Mark Fauser
Travis Travis   See fewer
Reed Diamond
Skip Naughton Skip Naughton   See fewer
Frank Knapp Jr.
Bobby Humphrey Bobby Humphrey   See fewer
Chelcie Ross
Roger Epperson Roger Epperson   See fewer
Byrne Piven
George Wallin George Wallin   See fewer
William Shockley
Rick Winston Rick Winston   See fewer
Richard Lee Jackson
Buddy Johnson Buddy Johnson   See fewer
Kristina Anapau
Tami Johnson Tami Johnson   See fewer
Vincent Ventresca
Walker Greif Walker Greif   See fewer
Cody McMains
Bobby Epperson Bobby Epperson   See fewer
Carl Amari
Jake Merrill Jake Merrill   See fewer
Len Foley
Bill Kittle Bill Kittle   See fewer
Jane Galloway Heitz
Audrey (as Jane Heitz) Audrey (as Jane Heitz)   See fewer
Kathleen Ewing
Bank Secretary Bank Secretary   See fewer
Laura Whyte
Bonnie's Mom Bonnie's Mom   See fewer
Bernie Landis
Lyle Dayhoff Lyle Dayhoff   See fewer
Dean Biasucci
ABC Reporter ABC Reporter   See fewer
Bob North
Keith Keith   See fewer
Emily Salutric
Racing Girl #1 Racing Girl #1   See fewer
Brie Larson
Racing Girl #2 Racing Girl #2   See fewer
Will Bindley
Racing Boy #1 Racing Boy #1   See fewer
Cully Smoller
Racing Boy #2 Racing Boy #2   See fewer
Roger Wolski
Angry Citizen Angry Citizen   See fewer
W.E. Bindley
Sideburns Sideburns   See fewer
Don Youngblood
Another Man Another Man   See fewer
Fran Williamson
Offended Woman Offended Woman   See fewer
Chris Dennis
Man in Crowd Man in Crowd   See fewer
Don Keaton
Businessman Businessman   See fewer
Sharon Bishop
Darlene Darlene   See fewer
Greg Thomas
Construction Worker Construction Worker   See fewer
Joy Ellison
Bonnie's Friend Bonnie's Friend   See fewer
Tony Steinhardt
Hydroplane Fan Hydroplane Fan   See fewer
Denise Dal Vera
Housewife #1 Housewife #1   See fewer
Gabrielle Evans
Housewife #2 Housewife #2   See fewer
Mercedes Blanco
Autograph Seeker Autograph Seeker   See fewer
Peter Marmentini
Crew Guy #1 Crew Guy #1   See fewer
Zack Rosenfield
Crew Guy #2 Crew Guy #2   See fewer
Cynthia Elterman
Miami Race Registrar Miami Race Registrar   See fewer
Sue Dennis
Chicago Race Registrar Chicago Race Registrar   See fewer
John Adrian Riley
Captain (as John Riley) Captain (as John Riley)   See fewer
Jan Lucas
Woman in Crowd Woman in Crowd   See fewer
James Fields
Davy Snyder Davy Snyder   See fewer
John Mellencamp
Adult Mike McCormick (voice) Adult Mike McCormick (voice)   See fewer
Marcus Daniel
Fan Boy Fan Boy   See fewer
Olivia Francessca
Bud Girl Bud Girl   See fewer
Seth Pennington
Young Boy Young Boy   See fewer
Richard Stiller
Miss Budweiser Crew #1 Miss Budweiser Crew #1   See fewer
Niko El Santo Zavero
Businessman Businessman   See fewer
Christopher Francis
Regatta Spectator (uncredited) Regatta Spectator (uncredited)   See fewer
Corey Large
Johnson (uncredited) Johnson (uncredited)   See fewer
Roy McAllister
Waiter Bell of Louisville (uncredited) Waiter Bell of Louisville (uncredited)   See fewer
Jane Rulon
Woman in Restaurant (uncredited) Woman in Restaurant (uncredited)   See fewer
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