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  • Kisaragi musô ken (1962)
  • 93 min | Action
Kisaragi musô ken (1962)
93 min | Action

The story concerns the efforts of seven master swordsman who join together to protect the new inexperienced Shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune from the evil plans of the Owari Clan's corrupt Lord.
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Updated Apr 8, 1962

Release date
Apr 8, 1962 (Japan)


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47 cast members
Name Known for
Kazuo Akatsuki
Lower officer A Lower officer A   See fewer
Utanosuke Arashi
Kamenosuke Kamenosuke   See fewer
Kôji Arima
Genbei (as Koji Arima) Genbei (as Koji Arima)   See fewer
Chiyonosuke Azuma
Yoshimune Tokugawa Yoshimune Tokugawa   See fewer
Kôtarô Bandô
Hyôko Yagyû Hyôko Yagyû   See fewer
Kensaku Hara
Hyôbu Tsuda Hyôbu Tsuda   See fewer
Kyôichi Hara
Samurai A Samurai A   See fewer
Kôshirô Harada
Bizen'nokami Yanagisawa Bizen'nokami Yanagisawa   See fewer
Masao Hori
Sagoemon Bekki Sagoemon Bekki   See fewer
Juro Hoshi
Han'nya no Gorô Han'nya no Gorô   See fewer
Utaemon Ichikawa
Tsukinosuke Ryûtan Tsukinosuke Ryûtan   See fewer
Tatsuya Ishiguro
Suruganokami Daidôji Suruganokami Daidôji   See fewer
Eijirô Kataoka
Gensabuô Bizenya Gensabuô Bizenya   See fewer
Jûshirô Konoe
Tekkan Gamô Tekkan Gamô   See fewer
Michimaro Kotabe
Yozaemon Amano Yozaemon Amano   See fewer
Kazutarô Kuni
Meakashi Sahei Meakashi Sahei   See fewer
Ryôji Kôzuki
Pupil B Pupil B   See fewer
Hiroki Matsukata
Itsutsume-kozô Itsutsume-kozô   See fewer
Seiji Môri
Ôuchi Ôuchi   See fewer
Ryûichi Nagashima
Taitô Ishida Taitô Ishida   See fewer
Kenji Nagata
Young samurai Young samurai   See fewer
Haruhiko Nakagawa
Tsugutomo Dainagon (as Ryûzaurô Nakamura) Tsugutomo Dainagon (as Ryûzaurô Nakamura)   See fewer
Shintarô Nasu
Lower officer B Lower officer B   See fewer
Shinnosuke Ogata
Akataki (as Shin'nosuke Ogata) Akataki (as Shin'nosuke Ogata)   See fewer
Ikuo Oka
Pupil A Pupil A   See fewer
Matsunojô Sasaki
Chabôzu Chabôzu   See fewer
Kôtarô Satomi
Sakon Takada Sakon Takada   See fewer
Hiroshi Satô
Chûzaemon Kizuka Chûzaemon Kizuka   See fewer
Sônosuke Sawamura
Tôbei Bizenya Tôbei Bizenya   See fewer
Heigo Shimada
Doorkeeping samurai Doorkeeping samurai   See fewer
Kôkichi Takada
Echizen'nokami Ôoka Echizen'nokami Ôoka   See fewer
Kinnosuke Takamatsu
Yamatonokami Kuse Yamatonokami Kuse   See fewer
Toshio Takane
Samurai B Samurai B   See fewer
Jôtarô Togami
Shozaemon Yagi Shozaemon Yagi   See fewer
Shin Tokudaiji
Jûbei Shinohara Jûbei Shinohara   See fewer
Tomisaburô Wakayama
Hayatomasa Tachibana Hayatomasa Tachibana   See fewer
Isao Yamagata
Izuminokami Mizuno Izuminokami Mizuno   See fewer
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