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  • Bodywork (2001)
  • R
    92 min | Crime
Bodywork (2001)
92 min | Crime

The luckless Virgil Guppy has been framed for murder and is now a fugitive. Aided by a dysfunctional family of thieves, unorthodox police procedure and some clever body work of his own, he sets out to clear his name.
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Updated Sep 4, 2001

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Sep 4, 2001 (United States)


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51 cast members
Name Known for
Hans Matheson
Virgil Guppy Virgil Guppy   See fewer
Charlotte Coleman
Tiffany Shades Tiffany Shades   See fewer
Wendy Cooper
Prostitute Prostitute   See fewer
Beth Winslet
Fiona Money Fiona Money   See fewer
Lynda Bellingham
Poppy Fields Poppy Fields   See fewer
Clive Russell
Billy Hunch Billy Hunch   See fewer
Michael Attwell
David Leer David Leer   See fewer
Peter Moreton
Buddy Lear Buddy Lear   See fewer
Peter Ferdinando
Alex Gordon Alex Gordon   See fewer
Jordan Maxwell
Dolittle Shades Dolittle Shades   See fewer
Grahame Fox
Danny Sparks Danny Sparks   See fewer
Frank Mills
Sydney Greengrass Sydney Greengrass   See fewer
Velibor Topic
Rudi Scott Rudi Scott   See fewer
Rachel de Thame
Pamela Anwar (as Rachel Colover) Pamela Anwar (as Rachel Colover)   See fewer
Tania Luternauer
Jo Jo Jones Jo Jo Jones   See fewer
Clive Kneller
Squeaky clean Squeaky clean   See fewer
Stewart Harwood
Fat man Fat man   See fewer
Jane Bertish
Solicitor Solicitor   See fewer
Willie Ross
Homeless man Homeless man   See fewer
Roger Frost
Bailiff Bailiff   See fewer
Roger Brierley
District judge District judge   See fewer
Simon Robson
Prosecutor Prosecutor   See fewer
James Vaughan
Pathologist Pathologist   See fewer
Dexter Moscow
Surgeon Surgeon   See fewer
Susan Derrick
Gynaecologist (as Sue Derrick) Gynaecologist (as Sue Derrick)   See fewer
Nat Lerner
Skinhead Skinhead   See fewer
Alan Jones
Store manager Store manager   See fewer
Jonny Emmett
Heavy (as Jonathan Emmett) Heavy (as Jonathan Emmett)   See fewer
Jonathan Stratt
Taxi driver Taxi driver   See fewer
P.J. Bickford
Policeman Policeman   See fewer
Simon Hunt
Policeman Policeman   See fewer
June Romain
Phone woman Phone woman   See fewer
Glenn Marks
Truck driver Truck driver   See fewer
Chris Green
Policeman Policeman   See fewer
Adrian Wolfson
Policeman Policeman   See fewer
Paul Berry
Stenographer Stenographer   See fewer
Jill Spurrier
Dock officer Dock officer   See fewer
Guy Winfield
Court usher Court usher   See fewer
Simon Fraser
Client Client   See fewer
Maureen Hecht
Bored knitter Bored knitter   See fewer
Danny Da Costa
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Jerome St. John Blake
Heavy Harry / Football commentator (as Jerome Blake) Heavy Harry / Football commentator (as Jerome Blake)   See fewer
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