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  • Klinkevals (1999)
  • 95 min | Drama
Klinkevals (1999)
95 min | Drama

Copenhagen over century ago: a mother sees her sisters getting ahead in life while she's stuck due to her husband's long stays at a mental hospital. At a picnic with her sisters and families, she dances Klinkevals with a handsome stranger.
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Production Designer

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Updated Oct 29, 1999

Release date
Oct 29, 1999 (Denmark)


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47 cast members
Name Known for
Mette Lisby
Juliane Jensen Juliane Jensen   See fewer
Pelle Koppel
Otto Jensen Otto Jensen   See fewer
Lars Simonsen
Simon Berggren Simon Berggren   See fewer
Bodil Jørgensen
Josephine Josephine   See fewer
Thomas Eje
Helbig Helbig   See fewer
Allan Svensson
Slagter Bengtson Slagter Bengtson   See fewer
Birthe Neumann
Madam Olsen Madam Olsen   See fewer
Claus Strandberg
Vicevært Nielsen Vicevært Nielsen   See fewer
Tinja Sterndorff
Madam Nielsen Madam Nielsen   See fewer
Anne Louise Hassing
Madam Birk Madam Birk   See fewer
Christiane Rohde
Madam Grøn Madam Grøn   See fewer
Allan Olsen
Peter Kjærdsgaard Peter Kjærdsgaard   See fewer
Krister Henriksson
Wilhelm Hansen Wilhelm Hansen   See fewer
Peter Schrøder
Trykkeriejer Knudsen Trykkeriejer Knudsen   See fewer
Maria Stokholm
Ingeborg (as Maria Wilton) Ingeborg (as Maria Wilton)   See fewer
Hans Henrik Voetmann
Snedkermester Thomsen Snedkermester Thomsen   See fewer
Pernille Schrøder
Julie Westermann Julie Westermann   See fewer
Sasia Mølgaard
Henriette Henriette   See fewer
Birgitte Raaberg
Syngepige, Bakkens Hvile Syngepige, Bakkens Hvile   See fewer
Ellen Hillingsø
Syngepige, Varieté Syngepige, Varieté   See fewer
Caroline M. Hansen
Syngepige, Barcelona Syngepige, Barcelona   See fewer
Sara Grabow Johsen
Syngepige, Barcelona Syngepige, Barcelona   See fewer
Lars Lunøe
Politimester Politimester   See fewer
Peter Aude
Betjent Betjent   See fewer
Lise Schrøder
Sygeplejerske Sygeplejerske   See fewer
Jesper Hyldegaard
Fængselsbetjent Fængselsbetjent   See fewer
Jan Hertz
Præst Præst   See fewer
Astrid Kruse
Lisbeth Lisbeth   See fewer
Solbjørg Højfeldt
Brevstemme (voice) Brevstemme (voice)   See fewer
Maya Barfoed
Actress Actress   See fewer
Maurice Blinkenberg-Thrane
Actor (as Maurice Blinkenberg) Actor (as Maurice Blinkenberg)   See fewer
Helle Fagralid
Actress Actress   See fewer
Lulu Jacobsen
Actress Actress   See fewer
Kenneth Jessen
Tjener på Bakkens Hvile Tjener på Bakkens Hvile   See fewer
Kenneth Petersen
Postbud Postbud   See fewer
Jim Lyngvild
Statist (uncredited) Statist (uncredited)   See fewer
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