Joan of Arc (1999–1999)
TV Mini-series | 180 min | Adventure, Biography, Drama

Spurred by divine voices and visions, fifteenth century teen Joan d'Arc leads French forces against the English.
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Updated May 16, 1999

Release date (First episode)
May 16, 1999 (United States)


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73 cast members
Name Episodes Known for
Leelee Sobieski
Joan d'Arc Joan d'Arc   See fewer
Chad Willett
Jean de Metz Jean de Metz   See fewer
Peter O'Toole
Bishop Pierre Cauchon Bishop Pierre Cauchon   See fewer
Neil Patrick Harris
King Charles VII of France / The Dauphin King Charles VII of France / The Dauphin   See fewer
Powers Boothe
Jacques d'Arc Jacques d'Arc   See fewer
Peter Strauss
La Hire La Hire   See fewer
Ted Atherton
Jean d'Estivet Jean d'Estivet   See fewer
Olympia Dukakis
Mother Babette Mother Babette   See fewer
Robert Loggia
Father Monet Father Monet   See fewer
Jacqueline Bisset
Isabelle d'Arc Isabelle d'Arc   See fewer
Shirley MacLaine
Madame de Beaurevoir Madame de Beaurevoir   See fewer
Jonathan Hyde
John Plantagenet, Duke of Bedford John Plantagenet, Duke of Bedford   See fewer
Maximilian Schell
Brother Jean le Maistre Brother Jean le Maistre   See fewer
Maury Chaykin
Sir Robert de Baudricourt Sir Robert de Baudricourt   See fewer
Jaimz Woolvett
Philip III, Duke of Burgundy (as Jaimz Wolvett) Philip III, Duke of Burgundy (as Jaimz Wolvett)   See fewer
Ron White
Jean de Dunois Jean de Dunois   See fewer
Matt Hoffman
Raymond Raymond   See fewer
Justin Peroff
Pierre d'Arc Pierre d'Arc   See fewer
Robert Haley
Georges de la Trémoille Georges de la Trémoille   See fewer
Chandra Engstrom
Young Joan Young Joan   See fewer
Cliff Saunders
Bertrand de Poligny Bertrand de Poligny   See fewer
David Nykl
Duke of Luxembourg Duke of Luxembourg   See fewer
Roby Sobieski
Young Pierre Young Pierre   See fewer
Ondrej Hartl
Jacquemine D'Arc Jacquemine D'Arc   See fewer
Mikulas Mara
Michel D'Arc Michel D'Arc   See fewer
Jared Wall
Young Emile Young Emile   See fewer
David Schofield
Gladsdale Gladsdale   See fewer
Liliana Komorowska
Emile's Mother Emile's Mother   See fewer
Josef Pejchal
Michel D'Arc Michel D'Arc   See fewer
Jirí Trnka
Old Jacquimine D'Arc Old Jacquimine D'Arc   See fewer
John Standing
Archbishop Archbishop   See fewer
Jirina Klinkova
Baby Joan Baby Joan   See fewer
Jan Unger
Claude Claude   See fewer
Ludek Jelen
Loire Father Loire Father   See fewer
Petr Smejkal
Loire Son Loire Son   See fewer
Galika Janova
Loire Daughter Loire Daughter   See fewer
Ross Manson
Victor Victor   See fewer
Thomas Valik
Domremy Messenger Domremy Messenger   See fewer
Daniel Rous
Sir Robert's Guard Sir Robert's Guard   See fewer
Zlatan Camo
Sir Robert's Page Sir Robert's Page   See fewer
Janet Lynch
Loire Village Woman Loire Village Woman   See fewer
David Fisher
English Guard 1 English Guard 1   See fewer
John Comer
English Guard 2 English Guard 2   See fewer
Richard H. Cutting
Captain Paul Captain Paul   See fewer
Daniel Brown
Chamberlain Chamberlain   See fewer
Klára Issová
Michael's Wife Michael's Wife   See fewer
David Dunbar
Christian Christian   See fewer
Jan Nemejovský
Assessor 1 Assessor 1   See fewer
Joel Kirby
Assessor 2 Assessor 2   See fewer
Rod Grover
Assessor 3 Assessor 3   See fewer
Rudolf Pellar
Assessor 4 Assessor 4   See fewer
Joel Sugerman
Priest in Square Priest in Square   See fewer
Rick Warden
English Chaplain English Chaplain   See fewer
Marek Valenta
Charles' Page 1 Charles' Page 1   See fewer
Hynek Cermák
Philip's Messenger Philip's Messenger   See fewer
Ivan Gübel
Male Refugee Male Refugee   See fewer
Robert Orr
Sergeant-at-arms Sergeant-at-arms   See fewer
Olga Kasalkova
Old Plague Woman Old Plague Woman   See fewer
Curtis Mathew
Bishop Bishop   See fewer
Dale Wyatt
Reims Noblewoman Reims Noblewoman   See fewer
Milan Sipek
Compeigne Messenger Compeigne Messenger   See fewer
Rozita Erbanová
Little Soup Kitchen Girl Little Soup Kitchen Girl   See fewer
Trey Eckles
Zealot 1 Zealot 1   See fewer
Kelsey Farmer
Child in Square Child in Square   See fewer
Avi Muyderman
Executioner Executioner   See fewer
Richard Trstan
Steward Steward   See fewer
Christopher Clarke
Orleans Lookout Orleans Lookout   See fewer
Rich Gold
Bishop in Square Bishop in Square   See fewer
Lida Engelov
Mother Superior Mother Superior   See fewer
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