Lyubov i yarost's primary photo
  • Lyubov i yarost (1979)
  • 114 min | War
Lyubov i yarost (1979)
114 min | War

Ravil Batyrov | Zivko 'Zika' Ristic (as Ziko Ristic)
Rumil Vildanov (as R. Vildanov)
Production Designers

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Updated Aug 10, 1979

Release date
Aug 10, 1979 (East Germany)


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43 cast members
Name Known for
Faruk Begolli
Aleksandr Dragovic (as Faruk Begoli) Aleksandr Dragovic (as Faruk Begoli)   See fewer
Almira Ismailova
Mushtari Mushtari   See fewer
Murad Radzhabov
Ismail-bek Ismail-bek   See fewer
Yunus Yusupov
Turakulov Turakulov   See fewer
Nazim Tulyahodzhayev
Barrak (as N. Tulyakhodzayev) Barrak (as N. Tulyakhodzayev)   See fewer
Khamza Umarov
Aman-aga (as Kh. Umarov) Aman-aga (as Kh. Umarov)   See fewer
Bakhtiyer Ikhtiyarov
Kary esaul (as B. Ikhtiyarov) Kary esaul (as B. Ikhtiyarov)   See fewer
Igor Klass
Rositskiy (as I. Klass) Rositskiy (as I. Klass)   See fewer
Les Serdyuk
Latyshev (as L. Serdyuk) Latyshev (as L. Serdyuk)   See fewer
Valeri Tsvetkov
Pamirov (as V. Tsvetkov) Pamirov (as V. Tsvetkov)   See fewer
Artyk Dzhallyyev
Chelovek s baranom (as A. Dzhallyyev) Chelovek s baranom (as A. Dzhallyyev)   See fewer
Khodzha Durdy Narliyev
Mirrakhidov (as Kh. Narliyev) Mirrakhidov (as Kh. Narliyev)   See fewer
Radzhab Adashev
Actor (as R. Adashev) Actor (as R. Adashev)   See fewer
A. Agzamov
Actor Actor   See fewer
Anvara Alimova
Actress (as A. Alimova) Actress (as A. Alimova)   See fewer
U. Aliyev
Actor Actor   See fewer
Demeter Bitenc
Actor (as D. Bitenc) Actor (as D. Bitenc)   See fewer
Bora Bozanic
Actor (as B. Bozanic) Actor (as B. Bozanic)   See fewer
Vesna Cipcic
Actress (as V. Cipcic) Actress (as V. Cipcic)   See fewer
B. Crnomarkovic
Aleksandr Dragovic Aleksandr Dragovic   See fewer
Branko Djuric
Actor (as B. Djuric) Actor (as B. Djuric)   See fewer
Yahyo Fayzullayev
Kharyulla (as Ya. Fayzullayev) Kharyulla (as Ya. Fayzullayev)   See fewer
Dragomir Felba
otets Aleksandra (as D. Felba) otets Aleksandra (as D. Felba)   See fewer
Cane Firaunovic
Actor (as C. Firaunovic) Actor (as C. Firaunovic)   See fewer
Dzhavlanbek Gafurbekov
Actor (as D. Gafurbekov) Actor (as D. Gafurbekov)   See fewer
Ranko Gucevac
Actor (as R. Gucevac) Actor (as R. Gucevac)   See fewer
B. Ivkovic
Actor Actor   See fewer
Sharif Kabulov
Soratnik (as Sh. Kabulov) Soratnik (as Sh. Kabulov)   See fewer
Dzhavlon Khamrayev
Actor (as D. Khamrayev) Actor (as D. Khamrayev)   See fewer
Dzhamal Khashimov
Basmach (as D. Khashimov) Basmach (as D. Khashimov)   See fewer
Farkhad Khaydarov
Basmach (as F. Khaydarov) Basmach (as F. Khaydarov)   See fewer
Shukur Kodzhayev
Actor (as Sh. Khodzhayev) Actor (as Sh. Khodzhayev)   See fewer
Maksud Mansurov
Actor (as M. Mansurov) Actor (as M. Mansurov)   See fewer
Z. Martinovic
Actor (as Z. Martinevic) Actor (as Z. Martinevic)   See fewer
Zakirzhan Muminov
Actor (as Zakir Muminov) Actor (as Zakir Muminov)   See fewer
Bratislav Slavkovic
Actor (as B. Slavkovic) Actor (as B. Slavkovic)   See fewer
Sagdi Tabibullayev
Actor (as S. Tabibullayev) Actor (as S. Tabibullayev)   See fewer
Rustam Turayev
Actor (as R. Turayev) Actor (as R. Turayev)   See fewer
Sabir Vakhidov
Actor (as S. Vakhidov) Actor (as S. Vakhidov)   See fewer
Rano Khamrayeva
Actress (uncredited) Actress (uncredited)   See fewer
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