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  • Perfect Game (2000)
  • PG
    Video | 99 min | Comedy, Family
Perfect Game (2000)
Video | 99 min | Comedy, Family

An eleven-year-old boy finds a way of overcoming life's obstacles with the help of a grumpy coach who aids him in having the best summer of his life.
John C. Guntzelman (as John Gunselman)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Apr 18, 2000 (United States)


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67 cast members
Name Known for
Edward Asner
Coach Billy Hicks Coach Billy Hicks   See fewer
Patrick Duffy
Coach Bobby Geiser Coach Bobby Geiser   See fewer
Cameron Finley
Kanin 'Canine' Crosby Kanin 'Canine' Crosby   See fewer
Tracy Nelson
Diane Crosby Diane Crosby   See fewer
Drake Bell
Bobby Geiser Jr. Bobby Geiser Jr.   See fewer
Orlando Brown
Marcel Williams Marcel Williams   See fewer
Shelley Malil
Coach Ravi Coach Ravi   See fewer
Chris Naoki Lee
Satoshi Miyake (as Christopher Lee) Satoshi Miyake (as Christopher Lee)   See fewer
Bryan Matsuura
Osamu Miyake Osamu Miyake   See fewer
Hayley Jannielli
Kelly (as Hayley Palmer) Kelly (as Hayley Palmer)   See fewer
Chelsea Parnell
Logan Crosby Logan Crosby   See fewer
Sara Paxton
Sydney Sydney   See fewer
Martin Spanjers
Brian Cudahy Brian Cudahy   See fewer
Peter Accosta
Ballplayer Ballplayer   See fewer
Kimberly Anderson
Young Girl Young Girl   See fewer
Sam Anderson
Steven Steven   See fewer
Evan Arnold
Ed Spangler Ed Spangler   See fewer
Mark Blankfield
Coach Ron Coach Ron   See fewer
Marvin Bos
Quartet Quartet   See fewer
Buchanan Britton
Ballplayer Ballplayer   See fewer
Martha Britton
Kelly's Mom Kelly's Mom   See fewer
Zachary Britton
Ballplayer Ballplayer   See fewer
Tom Brunansky
Dream Pitcher Dream Pitcher   See fewer
Gil Espinoza
Burly Umpire Burly Umpire   See fewer
Adrian Felan
Coach Rick Coach Rick   See fewer
Rob Roy Fitzgerald
Christopher Crosby Christopher Crosby   See fewer
Zachary Foster
Baseball Batter Baseball Batter   See fewer
Rubén González Jr.
Jesus Navas Jesus Navas   See fewer
Mark Grant
Dream Catcher Dream Catcher   See fewer
Kanin Guntzelman
Tall Kid Tall Kid   See fewer
Logan Guntzelman
Scorecard Girl Scorecard Girl   See fewer
Robert Harvey
Mayor Rico Mayor Rico   See fewer
Neha Vora Heidler
Concession Stand Patron #1 Concession Stand Patron #1   See fewer
Michael James Johnson
Tall Umpire Tall Umpire   See fewer
Antonia Jones
Store Babe Store Babe   See fewer
Bill Kirchenbauer
Coach Hank Coach Hank   See fewer
Jason Klein
Ballplayer Ballplayer   See fewer
Benjamin Lum
Hayato Miyake Hayato Miyake   See fewer
Chase Lunt
Pitcher Pitcher   See fewer
Rodney Madsen
Quartet Quartet   See fewer
Shannon McLaren
Suzette Suzette   See fewer
Linus Merwin
Snotty Kid Snotty Kid   See fewer
Troy Mockenhaupt
Catcher Catcher   See fewer
Armando Molina
Coach Harvey Coach Harvey   See fewer
Beans Morocco
Clerk at Batting Cages Clerk at Batting Cages   See fewer
Jesse Murphy
Quartet Quartet   See fewer
David Oredugba
Pitcher Pitcher   See fewer
Kai Oredugba
Taller Kid Taller Kid   See fewer
Eduardo Rodriguez Terry
Zapata (as Eduardo Rodriguez) Zapata (as Eduardo Rodriguez)   See fewer
Yolanda Snowball
Lelani Williams Lelani Williams   See fewer
Charles Spann
Catcher Catcher   See fewer
Trent Teebken
Wolf Batter Wolf Batter   See fewer
Jason Waters
Store Clerk Store Clerk   See fewer
Nick Wechsler
State Umpire State Umpire   See fewer
Charles White
Umpire Umpire   See fewer
Bill Wilson
Dream Umpire Dream Umpire   See fewer
Harry Wright
Catcher Catcher   See fewer
Phil Hawn
Little League Dad (uncredited) Little League Dad (uncredited)   See fewer
Spencer Kayden
Baseball Fan (uncredited) Baseball Fan (uncredited)   See fewer
Polli Magaro
Women in Audience (uncredited) Women in Audience (uncredited)   See fewer
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