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  • Deterrence (1999)
  • R
    104 min | Drama, Thriller
Deterrence (1999)
104 min | Drama, Thriller

The President of the United States must deal with an international military crisis while confined to a Colorado diner during a freak snowstorm
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Rod Lurie (written by)
Larry Groupé (as Lawrence Nash Groupé)
Production Designer
Whitney Brooke Wheeler (as W. Brooke Wheeler)
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Release date
Mar 10, 2000 (United States)


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35 cast members
Name Known for
Kevin Pollak
President Walter Emerson President Walter Emerson   See fewer
Timothy Hutton
Marshall Thompson Marshall Thompson   See fewer
Sheryl Lee Ralph
Gayle Redford Gayle Redford   See fewer
Badja Djola
Harvey Harvey   See fewer
Sean Astin
Ralph Ralph   See fewer
Mark Thompson
Gerald Irvin Gerald Irvin   See fewer
Michael Mantell
Taylor Woods Taylor Woods   See fewer
Kathryn Morris
Lizzie Woods Lizzie Woods   See fewer
Ryan Cutrona
Agent Dexter Agent Dexter   See fewer
Joe McCrackin
Agent Williams Agent Williams   See fewer
J. Scott Shonka
Captain Coddington Captain Coddington   See fewer
Jim Curley
Admiral Miller (as James Curly) Admiral Miller (as James Curly)   See fewer
Rigg Kennedy
Howard Howard   See fewer
James Handy
Lancaster / President Buchanan Lancaster / President Buchanan   See fewer
Graham Galloway
George Carvelli / Jeter George Carvelli / Jeter   See fewer
John Cirigliano
Martin Keller Martin Keller   See fewer
Amit Mehta
Abu Hussein Abu Hussein   See fewer
Steve Loglisci
Nick Macario Nick Macario   See fewer
Kristen Shaw
Alexandra Alexandra   See fewer
Robert Harvey
Agent Hunter Agent Hunter   See fewer
June Lockhart
Secretary of State Clift Secretary of State Clift   See fewer
Roger Steffens
Daniel Golan Daniel Golan   See fewer
Leslie Zemeckis
Sylvia Charles (as Leslie Harter) Sylvia Charles (as Leslie Harter)   See fewer
Rod Lurie
John Desimio John Desimio   See fewer
Marc Frydman
Gestaing Gestaing   See fewer
Edward James Gage
Riley (as E.J. Gage) Riley (as E.J. Gage)   See fewer
Jack Angel
Secretary of Defense Secretary of Defense   See fewer
Rosemary Lord
Female Translator Female Translator   See fewer
Buckley Norris
Isaacson Isaacson   See fewer
Fred Ornstein
Rubenstein Rubenstein   See fewer
James Spies
Mark Stone Mark Stone   See fewer
Uzi Gal
Iraqi Ambassador Iraqi Ambassador   See fewer
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